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  1. I will be joining and I think Lewis Zehmer (E30) and Johnathan Shiu (my old E30) will be joining us. See you tomorrow AM. Thanks for coordinating. -MC
  2. Hi Jim, I am planning to caravan to the Vintage again with you. I don't check this board very often, so could you please email me the details separately? Much thanks. Marc
  3. I did some research on this a while back and posted it on the FAQ. If you do some searching you will find a post from me about an MB Tex vinyl product that closely resembles saddle. It is a product intended for Mercedes Benz vehicles from the same era. I have an original saddle brown interior in my Agave 1973 2002 and had an interior shop closely match the MB Tex to my interior to help a friend out. I think I found the substance of my prior post. See below:
  4. I have a nice set of 4 NK steel wheels with four dog dish (Bavaria) hubcaps. The wheels have been media blasted and sprayed silver. The dog dish hubcaps look nice. They do not have tires mounted. They have some pitting along the inner bead area. I have not attempted to see whether they hold air because I never ended up mounting tires and using them. I think they will hold air, but since I haven't tried myself... I don't really know. At worst you might need to apply a little filler to the bead area and sand. Selling them cheap and would like them to go to a good home. Please direct message me if you are interested. Local pick up only in Maryland. SOLD
  5. I saw a thread where you were looking for a set of NK steel wheels.  I have a set of 5 NK steel wheels.  4 of them have been sand blasted and resprayed silver.  They come with a set of 4 x dog dish hubcaps.  1 of the steel wheels is rusty and was not sand blasted... but could be refinished and used as a spare.  If you are interested, email me directly at [email protected]  I am located in Maryland.  I have pictures.



  6. I saw this article this morning posted here: http://bmwbuilds.com/bmw-to-no-longer-supply-parts-for-old-bmws/ Do you think this is an April fools day joke or something? BMW To No Longer Supply Parts For Old BMW’s By BMWbuilds | on 1st April 2015 | 0 Comments | 2,769 views Details of a new parts policy by BMW HQ emerged this week which aims to effect all BMW’s over 7 years old. The plan involves reducing, and ultimately eliminating parts available to old BMW’s thereby encouraging BMW owners to buy new BMW’s more frequently. BMW’s Head of Sales Pauline Yorlegg was quoted as saying; “BMW make cars to last and we are very proud of the fact that 20+ year old BMW’s are still heavily active on our roads today. Such BMW owners are happily driving these old BMW’s however we have 1000’s of new BMW’s rolling off the production line every year that they wont buy and we are ultimately losing out on new sales. We had to explore all options with regards to finding a solution to this issue.” BMW’s new plan outlines that once your BMW reaches its 7th birthday only safety components/parts such as suspension, indicator bulbs, and braking will be available from BMW for a period of one further year. Once your BMW is over 8 years old then no further replacement parts will be available from BMW and customers are advised to visit your local dealer as soon as possible to check out the range of new BMW’s available. A parts manager from a BMW dealership who wished to remain anonymous commented; “I’m relieved this new policy is being introduced. Over the last few years my job had become extremely tough. These E30 and classic boys just stroll into the dealership expecting me to pull a replacement carpet from the shelf that was made over 25 years ago, you’d swear I was Houdini! I have had to take time of work due to the stress of dealing with their ‘Christmas lists’ of replacement parts which led to the breakdown of my marriage and my wife running off with an Audi parts manager.” The above policy is not due to come into effect in 12 months from today. BMWbuilds.com is in no way affiliated with BMW AG or any of the BMW group of companies. BMW is a registered trademark of BMW AG. The above story is in direct relation to date of publication.
  7. Hey Jim, You might want to try calling Al Unowitz - He was able to remove a deep scratch in my front window from where the previous owner had allowed metal from the wiper assembly to drag across the front window. It took some work, but he got it to completely disappear. I had tried the Bon Ami method and some other attempts to no avail. -Marc THE WINDSHIELD REPAIRMAN, INC. ~ Specialists in the Repair of Stone-Damaged Windshields ~ Over 25 Years of Service! ~ Over 100,000 Successful Repairs! Call: (301) 42-GLASS (301) 424-5277 - (800) 214-0490 e-mail:[email protected] P.O. Box 1860 - Germantown, Md. 20875 Mobile Service Coverage Area "We Repair the Glass and Make Your Windshield Last!"
  8. Here is my cover - which came on the car and I like:
  9. You can't twist the rotor already off, but you can get pretty close. You can walk the rotor all over the shaft and it spins on the shaft freely. I feel certain that this was the cause of my zero oil pressure. I asked Blunt and he had never heard of such a failure. It appears the that the rotor is pressed on at the factory (heat pressed?). Anyway, I am glad this happened when pulling out of the garage rather than on the way to the Vintage. Oh and to answer your question - yes the little spacer you referenced earlier was properly located behind the pump sprocket on the shaft.
  10. Hey Jim - thanks for your suggestion. I just called Steve and he had ordered the cork one. We switched it the paper oil pan gasket.
  11. A few pics from my day yesterday. Thanks for the replies. If anyone has had the inner rotor fail on the shaft, I would be interested in knowing. I resprayed my oil pan today. Parts on the way - thanks Blunt!
  12. Nope, its not an E21 pump. It is pump depicted in the real oem diagram I posted above. I ordered pretty much every part available from Blunt and will be rebuilding it. I am pretty sure the failure was the inner rotor/shaft combo, but I will be rebuilding the bypass relief valve anyway.
  13. The inner rotor is spinning on the shaft... thus it is no longer tightly pressed and fit tightly to the shaft (e.g., the pump is not seized). Because the shaft is not able to drive the rotor... oil is not being pumped. I looked at the parts diagram and it seems to me that the shaft and rotor come already pressed as one assembly... so I will not need to press fit them together. I will confirm this Blunt, but the image shown for the part on Turner motorsports site also shows the shaft and rotor already pressed together and as one part. I see no ability to order the shaft and inner rotor separately. This is also what the real oem diagram suggests - do you agree? See part no. 6: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=2552&mospid=47140&btnr=11_2582&hg=11&fg=30

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