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  1. I have a used vacuum advance distributor and a set of Bosch plug wires. I bought the dizzy to get my 2002 started (was sitting for a couple years before i bought it and had no distributor) and it worked great, but I don't think the advance works. Once I got everything cleaned up I ended up getting an IE mech adv dist. And this has been sitting in my garage since then(2 years) 50$ shipped I also have a brandish new set of Bosch 7mm plug wires, again to get my car started but once I got everything figured out I bought the 8mm wires. I maybe ran 20 miles on these wires but they're just a little dirty from sitting in my garage for the last 2 years. 25$ shipped Lastly 4 exhaust studs brand new, free I can package together or separate, no big deal
  2. both the exhaust and wheels are sold but the manifold is still for sale. willing to accept any offer. based on the dimensions of the other boxes and weights id guess its about 20-25 shipping
  3. wheels and turbo mani are spoken for but the intake mani is still up.
  4. Just cleaning out the garage and going a different direction. pm me for more info. paypal only please. thanks for looking Turbo header for T3/T4 turbo set up- $150+shipping 318 intake manifold- $80+shipping Factory 13" wheels with tires- $100+shipping
  5. hmm i dont have much of anything good right now, i have a 318 intake manifold i was going to use to switch to fuel injection but im just gonna stay carbed if you want that or a distributor if you need it, im not sure on the part number but i used it to get my car running a while back before i switched to a mech advanced one. new bosch spark plugs to go with it maybe a couple hundred miles on them..i was planning on selling all this stuff eventually once i got around to taking pics and stuff but if any of that sounds good let me know, if not i could send you some cash(paypal) -Jim
  6. Just the rear springs, im not looking to spend an arm and a leg, i just want to swap back to stock height in order to better fit my wheels. if anyone wants to trade for my current rear springs they're cut 1.5 coils. just send me an email. thanks
  7. nice, very simple, very effective, very inexpensive...i like it
  8. i was just going to toss mine or sell them but i decided to keep them but depressurize the shocks to suck in the bumpers closer to the body and i think it looks pretty good, i want to eventually modify them to make them flush to the body. just so other ideas for ya
  9. yea i switched to the ie mech with the pertronix like points eliminator and it was the best 180 i spent. im sure my stock vac diz was fine and just needed new points but this was for a brand new diz and no points for the fraction of a the price of a new vac distributor. either way my car has never ran as smooth. im also stock with the 32/36 that i rebuilt and did cd's suggestion for jets and what not. car starts soo easy now, like a half a turn on the key when its run daily
  10. my only thought is remove the tank and have a radiator shop boil it and clean it for you and reinstall. also a new filter but im sure you've got that covered
  11. i ordered one of these shirts like 2 months ago and i wear it all the time, probably my most favorite shirt
  12. i've driven by there a few times. i was really interested in their 91 m5 they had for sale for awhile. it was a beautiful car but it was just to over priced for what i was willing to pay for a nearly 20 year old car. they are a good company though
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