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  1. I have had similar issues, I have to shut off my phone and restart and that seems to fix it.
  2. Any chance you can share your vacuum curve?. I think my settings work well for fuel economy, I just need to get the idle smoothed out.
  3. I have a stock mechanical fuel pump. I think the higher compression needs less advance from what I have read. I had the BB set at 1400, I have since moved that to 1600. Is there an advantage to stretching out the curve? Could the surging be from a vacuum leak?
  4. I have it set to 20 at 800 rpm, I tried 16 then 18 but it seemed better at 20. It does not seem to like more than 20. The fluctuation is roughly 100 rpm on the dashboard but I don't see the tach move. The engine is a complete rebuild with 29000 miles on it with 9:51:1 pistons and a stock cam with a 32/36 jetted with the settings that are posted on the board.
  5. Thanks Ed. So would I set a point that is higher at say 900 for idle and then drop it down a bit at 1000? Or should I just have the vacuum set to begin at 900 to pick up the additional advance?
  6. I noticed something odd when I was watching the dashboard while idling. The advance and the rpms are fluctuating on the dashboard but my tach on the car shows the idle is steady. Any one encounter this? I have been messing around with the curve to improve the idle but can't seem to get it smooth and I'm wondering if this fluctuation is a clue as to why.
  7. I posted this in one of the other 123 ignition threads and I tried to find additional information on their website with no luck. I can't seem to get the vacuum advance to work, that is really my only complaint, everything else works great.
  8. It took some playing around. It forces you to add extra points to the map and you can't just adjust a vacuum value, it will only populate the save button if you change the degrees of advance. They have some bugs to work out on that map function. Everything else works great. I've posted on the 123 forum asking if that vacuum advance shows up on the advance gauge, I'm striking out every where.
  9. I think I have read through just about every thread on the forum about the 123 ignition, I still can't find any mention of whether the additional vacuum advance will show up on the gauge. The information everyone has posted is very helpful if I am able to confirm that the advance is being applied. I'm trying to read through the 123 forum but that is a little tough since I have to use Google translator.
  10. Are you seeing the additional advance on the gauge when you are in the vacuum range you set up?. I'm testing to see what works best but I can't do anything with the vacuum until I can verify it is actually kicking in. I did find that for my particular car I needed much less advance as I was pinging until I dropped it down to 28 degrees at 3200 rpm. Everything is stock on a complete rebuild with the exception of the 32/36 and the ireland 9:5:1 pistons.
  11. Need some help with setting up the vacuum advance and was hoping to pick everyone's brain. I recently installed the Bluetooth version and after getting the mechanical advance set where I want it I am starting to set the vacuum. I recorded where the gauge on the 123 dashboard is reading the vacuum at for cruise, idle, etc and decided to set the advance at 4 degrees at 54 kpa and 4 at 81kpa. I went out for a drive but I am not seeing the additional advance pop up when I am in that vacuum range (I am above the 1500rpm threshold) should I see the additional advance showing on the dashboard? Thanks
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking around for a set of doors for my 68. Let me know if you come across anything.
  13. Does anyone have any experience using Tirerack.com's wheel fitting guide for specific cars? I ask because their site is saying that a wheel that is 15x8 et 25 with a 5.47 backspacing (with 195-55-15) will fit on a 2002 however, from what I am reading in this thread and the stance thread, that should not fit without a spacer and fender work. What is even more confusing is when I search under a Miata instead of a 2002, it gives options that are 15x7 et35 with 5.35 backspacing (195-50-15). Is the concern whether or not it hits the fender at that point? If I am staying stock ride height can I just measure the clearance before I hit the inside lip of the fender and figure it out that way?
  14. Yeah I cable tied the line so that it hugged the fire wall as much as possible and was as high up as possible. I still have the overflow problem, just can't figure it out. I haven't had any idle issues. Thanks for the info on the jetting, I have a few other things to sort out before I pick up the sync link but from the sound of it, it sounds like everyone is enjoying theirs.
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