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  1. DO you still have this. I"m trying to do a triple dcoe conversion on my Bavaria thanks, eric
  2. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/emeryville-1971-bmw-2002-survivor-e10/7022201644.html
  3. Please see photos at: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/emeryville-1971-bmw-2002-survivor-e10/7022201644.html Offered for sale is my 1971 Bmw 2002 aptly named Babar. Although rough around the edges this car is a California blue plate survivor with original Agave Paint. I have owned the car for around 15 years and enjoyed the hell out of it. I’m selling as a result of a newly purchased Bavaria, and an incoming 77 911s project from my father. Has the original headliner, rear seat, door panels, carpet Replaced the engine and it has an E12 head Converted to E21 5-speed E21 LSD Dual 40 DCOE Webers on Korman intake with UNI Pod filters 1980s period Recaros (not 320is) I believe they are LSA models E30 14” Basketweaves on spacers Bilstein shocks and struts Eibach progressive springs Tii struts with E21 hubs E12 calipers with braided lines and Vented Rotors Tii Brake booster Tii Distributer E21 rear drums ST sway bars S14 starter IE radiator and pusher fan mounted on the front Euro Blinkers Battery relocated to trunk This car did many amazing things for me and usually got me where I was going. While this car has needs, it is a perfect machine to enjoy and hang sideways on some rallys. It would be important to keep it inside as the rust will only get worse. I refrained from restoring it so I could enjoy it without concern. Parts - Extra stuff can go with this car. a nice nose from a 74 that I thought could patch under the nose. 2 nice rockers cut from a car. Funky rear quarter panel Heater box TII trailing arms Misc BS in boxes It has been lightly tapped in the passenger rear (damn Prius). Has a little wave in the quarter panel. This car comes with some rust 1. passenger rear wheel arch 2. Passenger Rear Rocker 3.Passenger side above and below quarter window 4. Under original battery location in the nose. Blower motor doesn’t function (have a spare box to rebuild)
  4. Looking for a passenger side rear bumper corner thanks eric
  5. looking for a price shipped to 94608 for the heater valve rebuild kit you guys make. 02hvkit thanks eric
  6. I'm in oakland and headed to the SF not 49 drive tomorrow. Can I swing by afterward to check it out. thanks eric 510 551-6598
  7. Thanks for your info guys. I don't have a part number on the new switch, but the numbering is different. the listed numbers you gave match my old switch, but there are differences on the one to install. original new 2 x 30 15 56 30 57 56 58 a 58b 58 b 58l 58 l 58k 58 r 58r blank = gray 58s I tried to match the original numbers and switch the remaining around. tried to go by placement new vs old. Rheostat is on different side so I matched those. I never got headlights or instrument cluster. Assumed I just made a bad ebay purchase, so I called 2002 AD and they are sending me (fingers crossed) the appropriate switch. Same cost @ $45, so I'll just moan and bitch for a couple of days. Anyone know if the din codes I listed are correct for the 72-6 switch? I could try to resell on ebay. thanks eric
  8. My dimmer function wasn't working anymore on my 71 switch. Took it out and the rheostat wire was undone. Took switch apart and it was over before it started. I bought a switch on ebay for a later car and the wiring is obviously different. I could really use a photo or a color coding on what to do to make my wires work on the newer switch. I looked up previous posts and the wire numbers. Currently can't get the headlights on or the dimmer switch to illuminate the panel. Any help would be appreciated. thanks eric
  9. Have a pile of parts with nowhere to put them. I'm in alameda, CA 94501. Hood Trunk lid glove box differential (open) driveshaft wtih guibo pedal box steering box bilstein shocks and struts with bearings - HD 4 speed tranny Rear Defrost window various little bits. Come by and make an offer on any or everything 510 551-6598
  10. Give me a call, always better not to ship 510 551-6598
  11. Selling parts from a non tii 74 I took apart. Here's what I've got. $150 bilstien HDs front and rear $40 Steering Box $40 Stock 4 speed $40 Good Driveshaft $40 Trunk lid - primered black and trim holes welded $50 Hood primered black and trim holes welded Give me a shout out if you need something thanks eric 510 551-6598
  12. I'd like the passenger quarter panel. If no one takes the early tail, I'll take that as well. I can arrange for pick up on the items. JUst to verify, is there any filler or rust on these. Thanks eric 510 551-6598
  13. I'm a High School Auto Shop Teacher in Alameda, and my project 1970 BMW 2002 needs a motor. I can pick it up today. Let me know. 510 551-6598. thanks eric
  14. This tranny was just taken out for a 5 speed swap. It is in great working order and shifted crisp with no grinding. It came from Double 02 Salvage in Hayward a few thousand miles ago, so I can't verify the mileage. Come pick it up for $75. Will consider shipping. thanks eric 510 551-6598
  15. I'm wondering whether any parts are interchangeable between a 76 4 speed and a 3 piece 5 speed transmission. I need to do a rebuild on a 5 speed and am going to need all of the syncros and bearings. My 76 box was great. Just wondering whether I can save the money on parts like the syncros and bearings. If not, does anyone have a good recommendation for transmission parts. It looks like bav auto has the syncros. Any leads would help. Maybe even someone has a great 5speed box they want to get rid of. Thanks, eric
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