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  1. wow zac. congrats on finishing school and moving to texas. i'm glad to see you still have the car and working on it. actually, not sure if you remember me from way back when...lol
  2. so here's the GSL-SE EM. the items highlighter are where i would pull the wires for the 12v Ignition, Clutch Switch (although it's been told to me i could just ground this and not have to use the clutch to start the car), and Neutral Switch: here's the wiring for the MAP, since i do not have the F harness of the REW, I could simply get the 2 wires from the EM harness and G/Y would go to pin 1O on the PowerFC: the one that's confusing to me at the moment is the CAS. reading the instructions on installing a PowerFC into an FC, the FC CAS "G" wire is the G+ signal while "R" is the NE+ signal. but looking at the pinout for the FC ECU, it looks like it should be the "L" and "W" wires. here's the pic (background is the REW CAS wiring, middle is the FC CAS wiring, and foreground is the FC CAS pinout on the ECU): and here's another section from the PowerFC into an FC guide that also adds to my confusion: "Remember, on the CAS side, the red and the green wires are signal wires, where as the two black wires are ground. On the harness side, the colour will change! Now we need to look at the black white wire (the should join the red, green on the CAS wiring) and not for the red green, at the red green on the loom side is connected to the ground (the two black wires on the CAS)."
  3. hi guys, it's been a while since i've visited this forum since i no longer have the 02 but this community has always been very helpful to me in the past so i come here looking for help one more time. i am looking for someone who is really good at reading wiring diagrams to make sure i'm understanding/deciphering some diagrams correctly. if you'd be willing to help, can you email me please at craaaazzy at gmail. thanks.
  4. am back in a bmw finally. not an 02 but one of my favorite wagons: also painted the rx7 and made a custom wing for it:
  5. hi guys, although i don't have an 02 any longer, i still keep an eye out for them. saw some nice ones this past sunday. not my pics so hopefully they stay up for u guys to see. there were 2 widebody's there (a white one and a red one). can't find pics of them but here is one in the background: i'll try to locate pics of the other as well since i've seen a pic of it and will update later. here's my friend's rx3: and my widebody rx7:
  6. thanks VMSETHAN, never seen those tools before, pretty nice. i looked at both eastwood and harbor freight and it's just not wise for me to buy a tool i will probably use only once. as for supplies and templates, i haven't bought anything just yet as i was still trying to figure out how to build the plug. i know you bolted your down to the body itself which is what i am trying to avoid myself. i'd like to use the existing hardware on my sunroof so i may be able to pop it off easily, thus i would need the aluminum angle stock to keep the shape. sorry to clutter your build thread. shoot me an email and i can send you some pics of what i am talking about. thanks. -fred
  7. Can u tell me the technique used to shrink the aluminum angle? Am interested in order to do lexan as a sunroof plug. Doable for a backyard mechanic or requires someone of your ability to accomplish? Thanks.
  8. hi guys, got a set of new sun visor clips sitting on my shelf. don't need these any more. pickup only since i don't have the time to go to the post office and it's probably cheaper for you to order them directly from blunt (while you order other parts). anyone local to me can come by and have em. i'm located in alpharetta, ga. fred
  9. Wow Zac, u must be having a great time. Wish I had that chance when I was younger. Enjoy and looking forward to more updates.
  10. shoot me reasonable offer for the caliper. just taking up space in the garage right now.
  11. no i never figured it out before i ended up selling it. what i did was to pour an ounce of gas into the bowl and it would start right up if it sat for a week or longer.

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