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  1. Yes, but not just English Tii’s. Regular 2002 Tourings apparently included the 140mph speedo as well.
  2. Old post but I’m just adding for future reference. Confirming that my ‘73 RHD Touring came with a 140mph speedometer from factory as Les noted of his. (Note: boy racer bezels not from factory. Heh)
  3. If still available I’ll take them. Thanks
  4. Yep, I've been running well since. But yes, plastic floats can sink too—not just pin-holed brass floats. Check 'em if you're chasing your tail like I was.
  5. Sounds like you solved this, but figured I’d add my experience for anyone else dealing with a dripping carb. My 40 DCOEs were purchased new and were pooling and dripping from both carbs for different reasons for the first couple months of running them. I discovered that the front carb had a slightly twisted Venturi because the set screw on the side of one of the throats was not seated correctly out of the box. That was an easy solve once I noticed what was happening. The rear carb was a bit more frustrating and leaked way worse. I’ll spare you with all of the details and attempts to remedy this including several phone calls with the supplier. It turned out that the rear carb had heavier plastic floats than the front carb. I weighed it with a postal scale and found it to be almost double the weight of the non-leaking carb. It was either saturated with fuel, or just heavier for some other reason. Not sure. But I replaced it and my problem was solved. Just because they are new, doesn’t mean that something can’t be wrong with them.
  6. This is a double post from the event page, but thought I'd post here as well. I've shared some of this years artwork already, but if you're not on instagram, then here ya go. I've mentioned this in the past, but some people have spoken up with interest in a separate run of the posters, in a non-event specific format. Continuing to gauge interest for a modified version of this years as well. Let me know. Looking forward to seeing everyone in May 🏁☀️
  7. Thanks, Brian!
  8. Well, you’re still in the denial phase—we will sit tight and wait another 4 years for this thread to be ressurected with your confession and plan for trim resolution. Kidding. Car looks great. Those grills are doing all the work anyway. Very nice.
  9. Ha, great to see this thread revived from the depths. Although bad decisions, lost opportunities and missed connections don’t technically count. C’mon I wanna see some hood scoops, or some side exit exhaust holes people are now filling—the stuff that comes back to haunt you from your misguided youth!
  10. I can only speak from my success, there is not a magic formula that I can give you. I can say that for me, one of the biggest issues was the pesky cable linkage. I made a new linkage that used the stock throttle rod and it has made a big difference for me. Secondly, and actually, most notable, is the carburetor itself. The 45DCOE that comes with the kit is a 45DCOE 152. This 152 carb has 3 progression holes. There is a lot of discussion out there on this particular carburetor and its tendency to want to bog down between the idle to main jet transition. The symptoms you describe are spot on between higher RPMs as well. I replaced it with the 152G. This carb has a fourth progression hole and changed things dramatically. I was able to get a best lean idle that had a smooth transition into the main circuit. People tend to overcome that bog by placing in a massive idle jet which is a little but like cheating to get more fuel into the idle circuit as you throttle into your main jet. I have the 284 cam and ireland shorty headers. Block is stock with later piano tops. IE mech distributor (but looking to try this 123 soon) For the DCOE 152G I'm running the 36 venturi. 32 seems pretty small for this setup. 60f9 Idle 155 Main with a 180 air corrector. 50 pump jets Angled stacks with UNI foam filters 36 degrees advance at 3000 RPMs I'm confident that the 4th progression hole made the biggest difference for me.
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