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  1. Yep, I've been running well since. But yes, plastic floats can sink too—not just pin-holed brass floats. Check 'em if you're chasing your tail like I was.
  2. Sounds like you solved this, but figured I’d add my experience for anyone else dealing with a dripping carb. My 40 DCOEs were purchased new and were pooling and dripping from both carbs for different reasons for the first couple months of running them. I discovered that the front carb had a slightly twisted Venturi because the set screw on the side of one of the throats was not seated correctly out of the box. That was an easy solve once I noticed what was happening. The rear carb was a bit more frustrating and leaked way worse. I’ll spare you with all of the details and attempts to remedy this including several phone calls with the supplier. It turned out that the rear carb had heavier plastic floats than the front carb. I weighed it with a postal scale and found it to be almost double the weight of the non-leaking carb. It was either saturated with fuel, or just heavier for some other reason. Not sure. But I replaced it and my problem was solved. Just because they are new, doesn’t mean that something can’t be wrong with them.
  3. Thanks, Brian!
  4. Looking for a good used pair of rear brake backing plates. The adjuster nut on both of mine are stripped and seized and will not allow proper brake adjustment. Any condition of shoes is fine-will replace anyway. I'm in Oakland/San Francisco if you happen to be local. But shipping is OK too. Thanks -Kile
  5. I'm the hunt for the "clear" fender mounted relay sockets/receptacles (Not the relays themselves) Looking for 3, but will take whatever you have, name your price. Photos attached of what I'm looking for. Thanks! -Kile
  6. Wolf has the two-piece spare tire well posted above and Restoration-design as well as W&N have the full tray with well. http://www.restoration-design.com/store/product/BMW420
  7. Thanks, Larry— They are chromes from the Fuji Velvia line in 120 format. And I was using a Mamiya RB67 that day.
  8. Nick, unfortunately posters will not be available at the show… but please do share these digital versions with anyone who may be interested in attending. Thanks guys!

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