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  1. 71 just nearing 5 year completion of restoration, relocating outside of country forces me to sell. Rebuilt engine, transmission , and differential Ireland Engineering stage 2 lowering shocks with Bilstein sport shocks powder coated rear subframe with all new grommets and bearings/seals all new rear brake drums and shoes. Re vulcanized dash(just dashes) reupholstered front seats, new door cards. Aardvark panels. Stock air cleaner re-installed . new 320i radiator, rebuilt heater box and lots of other new parts Blaupunkt bavaria S radio
  2. where did you get it? W & N is offering refunds
  3. All it takes is 2 people who have to have the car who can drive an auction up to astronomical realms. I bought a 1700'sFrench Olive urn about the size of smart car at auction a while back. It had a huge crack in it and cost me $200. I used almond caulk and then shrink wrapped it to pull the crack closed. It was by no means an invisible fix and was disclosed when I went to sell it at another auction. 2 Guys bid up to $2400, I couldn't keep a straight face. Weird shit can happen at auctions
  4. I purchased 2 NOS roundie taillights from a guy in Amman, Jordan that came in disintegrating original boxes. He had sourced them from a BMW dealership.
  5. It's interesting to see this thread come back up. I purchased a Blaupunkt Bavaria S from a radio shop in London. (Chromelondon) I believe it was standard equipment in a Euro 320i. It has had a Din jack installed with a small box that I can plug my iPhone into.
  6. refurbishing the heater box is not that difficult and when you're through you have a very rewarding sense of accomplishment
  7. Discount Code: 25WUN More information see below ... Newsletter 16th January 2019 OIL PUMP ! Dear Mr. Chappelle, After a long time now available in our online shop. And only for a short time with a INTRODUCTION PRICE. OIL PUMP COMPLETE INCL. SPROCKET fits for BMW 1502, 1600-02, 1602, 1802, 2002, ti, tii, turbo - all years of manufacturing BMW 1500, 1600, 1800, 1800ti, 2000 ti, tilux, tii - all years of manufacturing BMW 2000 C, CA, CS - all years of manufacturing BMW E12 - 518, 518i, 520/4, 520i - all years of manufacturing You need 1 for each carOur introduction price: 279,95 €/each incl. VAT, plus shipping - valid until 13 February 2019 (regular price: 309,95 €/each) To the product ... ATTENTION! You will get this price NEVER again. Only valid until 13 February 2019. * Discount Code: 25WUN Just fill in on Your online order the following discount code 25WUN in the field coupon code, press the button REDEEM VOUCHER and 25 Euro discount will be deducted from your order value. The discount can be deducted from the invoice only if you have fill in the discount code online. This code is only valid 1x per customer and for an order higher than 250 Euro. Does not apply to gift coupons. The voucher is valid until Tuesday, 5 February 2019 (23.59 h CET) included.
  8. My 71 came with Piano tops and a 121 head. I believe there 2 types of piano tops. One with a much lower profile and one with a much higher profile
  9. Restoration Design buys stuff from Walloth and Nesch and just jacks the price up
  10. If you would name the parts, prices and vendor location. I bet some of us could find you a better deal with cheaper shipping. Heck, even Walloth and Nesch offer a flat rate from Germany of $49. And this includes some fairly large and bulky parts
  11. The entire drive train can be shifted aft to get more fan clearance.
  12. Still looking for clarification on the 71 emissions/tuning sticking in the right hand box by the windshield

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