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  1. Yeah, now that vehicles are being built so much bigger than they once were, due to safety and other concerns, we tend to forget how small our '02 sedans really are. That is, until you are right next to a humongous truck. Blocks the sun for a few minutes...
  2. My wife captured a shot of this red square-tail light for me on 2/18, having followed the car down Route 1 north of Vero Beach. Not many '02s in this area. Anyone here?
  3. LJtii


    Unrestored car with 80% original paint. (Doors were repainted below trim to remove dings years ago.) 137,000 miles. Recaro seats. Original engine. California car until I moved to FL in 5/17. Excellent condition throughout. I bought this car in 2/00 in the parking lot of a Von's supermarket in La Jolla, CA. I had left the owner a note under the windshield wiper, which said something to the effect that "If you decide to sell this car, please call me," with my phone number. As I was walking away, a woman behind me yelled, "Hey - did you just leave a note on my car?" The owner had come out of the supermarket and apparently saw me put the note on her windshield. So we talked, and I explained my interest in 2002s. Did not mention I already owned 2 of them, or maybe she would have thought I wasn't quite right in the head. She said the timing was good, as she had just taken a new job and was being given a Japanese work car. So how much was I willing to pay? I thought a moment and made an offer of $6500, a perfectly reasonable price at that time. She replied she would enjoy speaking with her BMW guru in Santa Barbara, who maintained the car for her, before she agreed to my offer. That night she called and said that although he suggested a figure closer to $8k might be more appropriate, she would accept my offer if I would buy the car right away. She showed up with the car at the same parking lot the following day, and I paid her the $6500 and left with the car. Timing is everything. The person who sold me her car was Janice A. Nichols of Santa Barbara. She told me her cousin (?) had bought the car new, babied it for a number of years, then fell ill, and put it into storage in the Santa Barbara area. It stayed there until he passed away some 17 years later. She was left the car in '95. So she asked around as to BMW mechanics, found one, and had the car properly exhumed, including a rebuild of the original engine. She said she only drove it occasionally. When I bought it, the car was sufficiently dirty that it was impossible to gauge the condition of the paint. I could easily see the dent in the leading edge of the driver's door where she said the wind caught it after the door-check broke and crinkled the metal slightly. Once I managed to give the car a thorough detailing, it was evident that the paint was original and in very nice shape. Since then I have had the dent in the driver's door repaired, as well as a few dings in the passenger door. The paint work was limited to the lower section of both doors, below the trim, and was blended into the quarter panels. Otherwise, the car remains as I bought it, but for tires, batteries, and the small parts that are required on a recurring basis. It retains the Recaro seats and factory alloys that were on it when I got it, and sees occasional driving on clear days. I still love it.
  4. Don't know if he told you, but Keith Martin loves 2002s. He bought one from me about 6 years ago - a '73 Tii in its original color of Turkis. He's quietly looking for another one, if he can find a great deal, as he gave up the Turkis car when he and his wife split. Now she's showing it.
  5. Mark, I hope you will pass along my best regards to Bill. He'll recall my Turkis '73 that he rebuilt as well as my Turbo and Malaga Tii. I no longer live in the region and miss the activity there.
  6. It's always tough to figure how anyone really thinks they'll sell a car for over $25K with no more than 3 photos.
  7. Yet they let in a replica Cobra. Go figure...
  8. Ha. I bought the one just sent to British Iron a number of years ago off eBay, just because it seemed prudent to pick one up in case I ever wanted to install it. Never did. Also bought a front one, and it is hanging on the garage wall next to where the rear one used to. I suspect it's feeling lonely.
  9. Yep. And I remember selling my Polaris one for $27,500. Seemed like a good idea at the time...
  10. British Iron, I bought the bar through eBay about 15 years ago, having looked for the best one I could find. It was represented as NOS, and certainly appeared like it was just that. Glad you like it!
  11. Just to be clear, I of course ignored the lowball offer and have been talking just to British Iron.
  12. Title might lead one to think this just happened. Nope. This was my first 2002 shortly after I bought it in NJ back in 1976. It was Verona with the tan upholstery that had fabric (like corduroy) inserts. Kept if for a couple of years & sold it when I got married. (Still don't recall why I figured that was a good idea; wife enjoys driving a manual transmission). At least I still have her, and she has allowed another 5 2002s to join the family over the years.
  13. Nah. That freeze looks like it's under, not over.

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