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  1. Is it cool to just kind of show up for this? I am just seeing this post now and the starting line is about 5 min from my house.
  2. These should fit on a 1974 or so 2002 til - correct?  I live in Houston (77007) and would pay for shipping.  IF you still have them     Thanks


    832 434 3113

    1. d25guild


      Yes, they will fit - except your DOT bumpers probably won't afterwards. I suspect that isn't a problem for you. One other FAQ'er in front of you. Hold tight to Monday. 

    2. JWT


      Ok, no worries.  I will put the euro bumpers on, I have them already.  I am gathering the parts up for a 74' build that I am working on and I have an E30 M3 and have always loved these box flares on the 02'......in fact.....moreso than on the E30! haha....appreciate it.  

    3. d25guild


      Right on. These flares look far better on a square tail light car. 

  3. OK, looking for an update on who folks are using for paint & body work these days in the Bay Area. The old links to websites are toast. Thanks in advance.
  4. Auto Analysts in SF. Ask for German. Tell him Brendan Way sent you. Known him and his family around 30 years. They are an OG BMW family. He and his uncle just did my suspension a couple weeks ago.
  5. Buyer backed out. They won't fit his Touring. Bump. Also listed on Facebook. Priority will always go to FAQ'ers.
  6. Since I keep getting asked about size, here is the quote from Korman's website.... (yes, they provide more room than Alpina style and Turbo.) "Lightweight Fiberglass Parts Fiberglass provides several advantages: light weight for quicker acceleration and cornering, special shapes for customized appearance, and no rust. Our fiberglass is hand laid and carefully reinforced for stiffness. It is finished in a smooth gel coat and ready to wet sand and paint. The Alpina Style Flares present a smooth rounded appearance. The Schnitzer Style is more angular and similar in appearance to the E30 M3 factory fender flares. Both types are wider, allowing the installation of larger tires and wheels. Depending on offset, ... 8.5"-9.0" rim width is possible with the Schnitzer Style Flares."
  7. Circa 2004 Korman Schnitzer box flares, never mounted and the air dam still has the bubble wrap (most of it) on it. Some very minor defects that are nothing a very small amount of resin can’t fix. Prefer local pickup. Shipping at buyer’s expense.
  8. Looking for driver side arm rest (black), screw(s) for door handle, flag/little window crank, a door lock tumbler, that little 1" plug that goes in the pedal box.
  9. If you have any of the knobs for the small front window, screws for door handles, black driver side arm rest or a single door lock tumbler you might be willing to sell, I'm all over it. -Brendan
  10. I paid the "Oakland Tax" (thief ripped apart my center console to get at my stereo) a few years ago in my beloved '91 325ix, my financial situation has finally improved enough that I'm considering replacing it. Is it more trouble than it is worth? (And, yes, I ran a search and nothing came up) Thanks in advance, -Brendan
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