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  1. You were faster than me Mark .... Love that photo
  2. Have you perhaps any old picture of what they looked like ? Would be interesting to see, because I build a Gr.2 to period I (77-81), and they are approved in that period.
  3. Someone who can help me with the M10 cylinder head bolt pattern dimensions, relative to the cylinders, so I can make a torque plate ? Drawings/Cad or something that might be helpful ?
  4. Longer shaft.....It explains it. Yeah ... I know .... I mounted the cylinder head on the the milling machine, then measured it up so it was straight in the machine. Then I measured the camshaft position in the cylinder head, so I found the center point.
  5. Looks good ... clever with the aluminum pice behind the cover, and wire lock on the front. You don't want any nuts come loose, and fall into the engine .... I think copy that solution .... hope it's OK ? The drive adapter looks short in my eyes .... how does it look mounted in the engine ?
  6. This is how I did..... On the back of the adapter, I turned a guide diameter that fits in the cam sprocket. The tachometer is not a genuine Smiths, is a copy. Maybe I replaces it with a genuine one, if I find one for a good price ... one with a tell tale had been nice to have ?
  7. Here is my old. Will buy a new lighter for my new engine building.
  8. 19 rows oil cooler and 2 liter oil catch tank on my car
  9. I agree with kbmb02...Nice of you to sharing photos from your car Mark. Always nice to see. PS. By the way, Mark ... I answered you on facebook about the question you had about Gr. 2 dashboard. If you missed it
  10. On the Group 2 race car in the 70's, they reinforced the trailing arm below with a 2mm sheet. You can see it in the homologation documents 5258 to BMW 2002 Gr.2. I have just done this operation with my trailing arms for my Group 2 race car, which I'm building.
  11. All struts that I have seen sold as Alpina struts had the tubes without the edge. Therefore, I have always believed that Alpina had its own designe on the tube. But It may be as you say W. It probably depends on the production year.The tube with edge, is probably most likely a newer design. But why, changed the Bilstein the design on the tubes ... and when ? The only one who could answer this, is probably Bilstein themselves
  12. You mean the threaded pipe would be thicker. Therefore, it differs in the taper ? They are certainly a few mm larger. But then I'll will give you something to think about Wolfgang These were sold on Ebay a few years ago.... These I found on the internet somewhere.
  13. And there were two different spindles. Tii and what I call Alpina's with negative camber. Have heard that BMW made these special spindles to Alpina. I have not seen an strut that had a tii spindle with negative camber. But maby, there exists.... Alpina's strut´s had some other designs on their taper down at the spindle. 1. Green, Street - 20 mm shorter than the standard solid spring cup 2. Yellow Rally - the original length of the spring cup 3. Red, Racing - 20 mm shorter than the standard solid spring cup 4. Red, Racing - with threaded pipes Bilstein made these for Alpina as Whs.de wrote before. Tii vs Alpina spindle Alpina vs Bilstein taper.
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