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  1. You need to be under the sleeve to access the pins. Maybe the "bulge" is to hold the sleeve closed. We need a pic of the other side of the sleeve to see what he did. Will it rotate?
  2. NMNA but ???
  3. andyleonard

    Steering column bearing

    Try to get some grease on the bearing next time you're in there. It's kind of a self-centering cone kind of thing. Needs the preload.
  4. andyleonard

    Alpina diff cover threading

    Mine had it's own personal fill plug in there with a head so large I had to grind it down to clear the seam. Not sure what the pitch is, but it came with the cover. Good luck.
  5. andyleonard

    high performance ?

    Lucian, When the clutch was working properly, was it OK? Or did it always slip with the trailer?
  6. andyleonard

    Zigzagging guibo

    This. You have 1/4" of freeplay in the slots at the diff which should solve your problem. If I've had everything apart, before I put it back on the ground I loosen it all, motor, trans, CSB, diff...and start and run the car gently in gear to settle everything. Then as above.
  7. andyleonard

    Scale Model 1600

    I missed the coiled garden hose the first time around.... I'm gonna have buy this kid a beer.
  8. andyleonard

    Stahl Header resurrection

    Mine was $210 for ceramic coating. Looks great but chipped when mounting flange nuts. Go with the Jet Hot.
  9. andyleonard

    M30 4 barrel carb intake manifold

    Post in the general discussion. Parts for sale is dead. Probably came off a taxi.
  10. andyleonard

    Stahl Header resurrection

    Ideally, yes. Not in this application without hitting the floor.
  11. andyleonard

    Stahl Header resurrection

    This, horizontal toward passenger side. Clears 245 with a Stahl.
  12. andyleonard

    Scale Model 1600

  13. andyleonard

    Scale Model 1600

    One of my boys just made a model of his brother's 1600. Pretty cool.
  14. andyleonard

    To Lube or not?

    1981 Blue Book for a 245 says to pack the groove in the release bearing with grease - back when that part was probably metal. I've seen galled and worn guide tubes from no lube, so I put anti-sieze inside the bearing and a dab - since I've got the brush in my hand - on all 4 touch points. Then I rub my head and tummy and turn around 3 times. Haven't had one fail yet.
  15. andyleonard

    Battery Isolation Switch

    When I moved the battery to the trunk I ran the cable down the left side and popped up through the floor behind the driver's seat under the edge of the rear carpet and used a race car shutoff with the removable key. Solves the problem and adds security. Open the door, lift the corner of the carpet, turn the key.