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  1. Happy to share a bit more progress. Patched the rear passenger floor. Funny this is the single spot of the whole underside of the car. I believe because of a bad window seal and water channeled there. Not pretty, but not bad for hand forming. First picture shows the area after teasing out the weakened metal. Second the cuts and third the final product. Patrick
  2. Enjoy Chris, and thanks for sharing the note on the original single solex! Brian, thanks for the encouragement!
  3. This has been over the course of several weeks! Goal this year is the metal work on the NK and I discovered as I was removing the interior to tackle the one spot in the floor, the driver seat mounts were cracked. Plan was to straighten everything out, weld up the cracks, and then a reinforcement plate on each side. Not pretty, but it'll hopefully be nice and strong. First pair of pictures show the cracks after a little initial straightening. Second pair the cracks welded. Third pair the reinforcement plates welded on. Next, that spot in the floor. Patrick
  4. Keeping it and pushing forward on some of the metal work. OP, they do come up and good luck, a much enjoyed car. Patrick
  5. Happy New Year everyone! Closed out 2018 with weekend drives of the NK, a visit to the Conejo Valley cars and coffee. 2019 plans, start the metalwork on the NK! What are your NK New Year resolutions? Patrick
  6. Here is the NK at the SoCal BMW Vintage today.
  7. Took the NK to the SoCal BMW Vintage meet, always fun to see all the cars.
  8. PDWebb

    WTB NK Sedan 14x5 steel rims, set of 4

    Great seeing these come available, but no I"m not. I know others are so as soon as you post to the for sale section, I imagine they will be snatched up.
  9. Thanks rey949 for the supportive feedback, the NKs really do have a dynamic that surprised me. The auto trans has also been a pleasant surprise, much peppier than I initially anticipated.
  10. Happy to update we are keeping the NK! Patrick
  11. PDWebb

    NK Bilsteins

    This may sound a bit odd, I don't remember who gave me the tip, I went with Bilstein HD rears for the E3/E9 which required me to swap out the lower mounting studs. For the studs I went with a pair of 14 mm x 72 mm Porsche wheels studs (Yes it has a tiny bit of vintage 911 in the NK). I ground down a bit the ribbing where the studs pressed in, worked like a charm and I didn't have to modify anything else. I've paired Bilstein HD inserts for the E3/E9 in the front too.
  12. The day finally arrived, new rims and tires! Very happy I decided to go with the E30 steelies and good bye to the bottlecaps. Elected to go with 185/70/14.
  13. Thanks for sharing all the swap info and updates! Not sure if this helps, our 69 NK auto has the four bolt flange, pictured in the blue crate, guibo up front at trans.
  14. PDWebb

    NK Beauty pictures!!

    Great thread! It’ll be handy for reference points too.