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  1. Today our NK turns 50! Fun seeing Brian's car in proximity to build. Soon the NK will be receiving some fun parts :)
  2. Great updates, fun seeing the progress!
  3. Thanks for sharing these updates! Always a great feeling bringing a car back to life!
  4. After following the very popular "What did you do to your 2002 today?" thread over the last year. I'd love to see this for the NKs, albeit at maybe a slower rate. This week our NK said goodbye to its garage-mate, we sold our other project car. Now we'll be focusing back on the NK and I'll be happy to share updates. Patrick
  5. No longer in need of the wheels, thanks. Greetings, looking for a set of original steel wheels for a four door Neue Klasse. Looking for the 14 inch set, preferably with a set of the dog bowl wheel covers. We are located near Los Angeles, CA and will pay for shipping. Please message here, thanks much!
  6. I have this set local, in Thousand Oaks. Can reduce price to $200, wheels, covers, and tires all ready to go.
  7. I would really like to keep any shipping to within the United States. If you have a contact local to me who can pick them up for you, that would work.
  8. I've found a local one and picked it up. Thanks danco_ for the tip and thank you Paul!
  9. Sold, thank you. For sale is a set of Southern California original set of wheels, tires, and hub caps. My in-laws bought this set recently hoping they'd fit on the 2000 Neue Klasse, but they don't. The NK needs the 14 inch. These came off a 2002. Good original set of four wheels, 13x4.5 in. with older 175/80R13 all season tires mounted. The tires have tons of tread on them and were kept very fresh, no age is showing on the side walls. The hub caps are also included and again are in good working condition. $250 and located near Thousand Oaks, CA.
  10. Thanks for the tip, I'll check in with him.
  11. No longer needed, I've picked up a local transmission. Greetings, I'm in the middle of restoring a 1969 2000 Neue Klasse for my mother-in-law and I'm looking for an automatic transmission in good working order. I'd like to weigh sourcing a replacement transmission against getting the current trans rebuilt. Since the ZF 3HP12 was used widely, hopefully I'll have some good options. The current trans in the car works, but is leaking out of every seal. The car sat idle and outside for a number of years in a hot and dry climate. Also, trying to make this restoration as budget friendly as possible. We are open to either option. While I'm searching, if anyone has the trim plate for the transmission level selector, we are in need of that for the interior center console. Much appreciated, Patrick
  12. PDWebb


  13. Cool, thanks for the heads up. I saw the craigslist add, good to see it is the same car.
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