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  1. I should add it has the 121TI head which by date stamps I'm very confident is the original head for the block, also by being very confident this motor has never been rebuilt.
  2. Thanks Brian, I'll be sure to stress that on sale.
  3. For sale is my extra 1969 M10 2.0 motor that was originally in a June 1969 build Neue Klasse. I pulled this motor out of my 1969 Neue Klasse for a fresher rebuilt M10. This 1969 M10 ran okay when pulled, always started right up and never had any problems, however it smoked quite a bit. My assumption was the valve seals are tired. Other than the smoke, ran fine! Because I found the local fresh M10, it was much easier to swap that in than rebuild this motor. In the last couple years I put on a new water pump. $500 Local pickup only, just northwest of Los Angeles, CA in Moorpark, CA. Send me pm or post here if interested. I have the motor on an engine stand, I have an engine hoist, and both can be added for an extra $150. Thanks, Patrick
  4. Today is the final day of the auction, fingers-crossed!
  5. Hello everyone, Want to share I've listed my 1969 Neue Klasse on BringaTrailer as a no reserve auction. Want to thank you all for all your insight, help, and support as I've been working on the car. A few of you have seen the car in person and one of the very cool things I discovered about it is the rare quick-ratio steering box on it. I just made the trip to Monterey and back in August in the NK, had it at Legends https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1969-bmw-2000-neue-klasse-sedan/ Happy to answer any questions you have and please spread the word, Patrick
  6. Bump for lowered price and beginning correspondence with BringATrailer to list the car.
  7. Was great fun seeing the car there in person and I took a few pics in the paddock to learn more on your build Will help in my 69 NK project. Patrick
  8. Thanks Chris, good tips! Let's all coordinate next year :)
  9. Drove the NK up to Monterey and back for Legends and some time at Laguna Seca! The only hiccup was while leaving Legends on Friday. Great fun spending some time with the NK crew. Hope everyone made it home safely. Looking forward to the next show. Chris, what might we be able to do to have all the NKs on display at Legends next year? So many people ask about the car and don't even know it was ever made. Would also give a big thumbs up to the history of the car and to the NKs who are racing at Laguna Seca. My NK in the display area and was great fun checking out #17 in the paddock. Patrick
  10. Monterey Car Week bump. I’ll be there in my Neue Klasse if any has questions. Also contact me directly for the next couple weeks. Thanks, Patrick
  11. It'll be a great gathering, fun to see all the cars, and yes, registered for display. We are planning on heading up from the Thousand Oaks area Thursday morning. See you there Chris! What car are you bringing?
  12. Who is making the trip to Monterey next week? This’ll be our first trip north in the old NK! Planning on Legends on Friday. Hope to see a few of you there! Patrick
  13. These are great updates and welcome home Brian, enjoy the car time. And the Ring, some fun memories there! Took a few weeks, this week wrapped up a motor swap with a fresher M10. Will make the drive to Monterey next week less smokey! Pulled your original motor Brian, it’s resting on a stand now. Patrick
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