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  1. @02princessLisa yep, DM me. Pick up would either be in Mountain View (weekday) or SF (evenings/weekend).
  2. Thanks for the insight @bigcitrus. Casey Motorsports has actually worked on the '72 previously, so I'll definitely reach out to them to answer the more detailed wiring and swap questions. I really like the idea of the m20, so appreciate your confirmation that it's been good to you.
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping to get in touch with some Bay Area m20 swapped 02 owners to pick your brains and hopefully go for a ride.. My '72 needs a rebuild, and I'm looking into some other options before jumping in. Thanks in advance!
  4. Spotted a good looking '72 tii this morning (12/5) around 8am on 80E somewhere between El Cerrito and Fairfield, haha, it was early. Red with gold basketweaves, lower than stock, sweet ride. I gave you a polite honk and thumbs up in my gray Explorer. Anybody here?
  5. 13x6 et13 205/60/13 Bilstein Sports, H&R springs, rolled fenders Lots of rub, all over.
  6. I'm in the East Bay, but could probably be convinced to head down that way for a good drive...It would have to be a Sunday for me though.
  7. Spotted heading East on Hwy 4, just past the 680 interchange. Where's it going? Looked like a pretty straight car overall.
  8. I'll probably head out, now that the Niners aren't in the big game...
  9. @heist, you're not allowed to post anymore pics...LOL! Killin' it! Looks great.
  10. Super clean car, I saw it on the freeway a while back. Double02 did the 5spd (backwards) swap, so I'm sure they'd have some good info if wanted.
  11. SWEET!! Looks great, and excellent idea with the tubing.
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