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  1. Any photos of the interior you can share?
  2. And a lurking Canadian Ti owner chimes in (finally time to let it go huh?). I don't think geography is too much of a hurdle for the right buyer and the right car. I sold my 67 Alfa Giulia Sprint Ti a few years back and the deal took less than a week for the buyer in CA to see my ad, send me the funds to the day I drove the Alfa into the back of a vehicle transporter. Good luck with the sale Mike.
  3. What else are you looking for Ti wise? Are you restoring a real Ti? or just looking to dual-carb an '02. I have a ton of parts that might be of interest if you're working on the real deal.
  4. I need help here: I have a brand new door panels with new chrome and weatherstrip, but want to transfer the chrome and weatherstrip to another door panel. I know there are supposed to be 4 clamps installed, but not sure how they come off. Does anyone have photos, videos, documentation on this so I don't kill my door panels? 51 21 6 454 229 (door weatherstrip inner) 51 21 6 440 181 (inner chrome trim left) 51 21 6 454 231 (clamp for door/window trim) Thanks for any help. Jim
  5. Wasn't this car for sale about 12 years ago in Seattle? I remember getting the contact info from one of the Seattle guys that came up to one of our Spanish Banks gatherings and thought that I should know about my Ti's twin in the Emerald City. I'll be really interested to see if this sells for 23k. I could only imagine that restoring one properly would be crazy expensive - then again who would be crazy enough to restore a 70ti? :-) The money pit gets deeper by the day
  6. All my models are in storage, but there were a four different 1/20 models tat I have found Entex, Bandai - one of these maker had two different 02 models - plus I have one made by ArI or Arii. There are old 1/43 cast models by Chocolate Jaques
  7. The official name of the color is Colorado Yellow, I'm positive I've seen that on BMW color guides and literature - maybe even on my Ti sales brochures. And its definitely yellowy compared to Inka - I describe my car as a dusty pumpkin color.
  8. There are tons of other differences, but the Kienzle dash clock, different speedo would be obvious. I've owned 2 different Ti's (real ones) and both had front clip snorkel - it wouldn't have had it originally, but obviously the front clips had been replaced. Jim Colorado 70 Ti (VIN#1684740) LSD, Getrag 235/5 + sunroof
  9. That might make sense since the 235 syncros are Porsche style - I'll check through my parts diagram again - thanks
  10. Long time lurker here (2nd post) looking for some help identifying some bits that came packed 4 in a plastic bag. I got this bag along with a tapered roller bearing for a Getrag 235 CR 5-spd. I was told that these ring thing bits were tranny parts, but can't figure out what they are - definitely not piston rings :-) Any ideas?
  11. Out of the loop for sometime with my toys and first post here after lurking for sometime - I've owned 2 real Ti's (so many re-badged fakes running around) and in the process of finishing the restoration of my Colorado Ti (Sunroof, Getrag 235/5 and LSD), but yeah definitely 40s. I hope to have it on the road again this Summer after being in the works for almost 9 years.

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