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  1. Kris - I sent you a PM yesterday for more info. Can you get back to me? Thanks, Jim
  2. I'm looking for a clean swan neck mirror (2nd version) for my 2002ti - This is the version that mounts in the same spot as the trapezoid mirrors the uses the front screw, not the earlier threaded stud version that sit just behind the leading door edge ahead of the vent window. PM me if you have one - thanks
  3. Did you ever have any luck finding one?
  4. Does anyone know of a good supplier for a replacement mirror for my restoration. The mirror is the long stalk swan neck that would have been stock on the Ti and earlier euro cars. I found this: https://www.internetglassnetwork.com/ssl/bmw/2002.htm but the pricing seems a bit on the speedy side. Have anyone dealt with this company or know of someone else that makes or stocks these? Any instructions floating around on how to re and re the mirror glass off the unit? Thanks Jim
  5. where was your gift to simplify when I posted? Lol. Chassis ledge, yes to the rest too. Technically, it’s a long block I guess, but maybe I should just strip iit down.
  6. I'm downsizing and might have my 2002 ti engine, VIN ID tag and body VIN (engine bay metal that stamped into body for sale. Would this be easy to sell? its from Granada that was beyond saving, so I parted for my own Ti and have this left over. I'm in Vancouver, Canada Yes, it's a real Ti - I know these cars in and out.
  7. Any photos of the interior you can share?
  8. It looks nice on your set-up! Thanks again for sharing
  9. Looks great! How did you refinish your instrument cluster bezel rings? I restored a few clusters with electroplated plastic that I didn't end up installing (went with the silver stock finish) but damn this looks sharp and matches nicely with the lower dash chrome. I'm guessing it would be a ton of work trying to chrome the bezel on the Kienzle clock - but that would look amazing. Jim in Vancouver 70ti
  10. Great idea Peter, I've been really inactive for sometime but my interest is back. I still have my 70 Colorado Ti that's in the final stages of restoration and will definitely share photos when the car is done or when I dig up some photos that I can share.
  11. And a lurking Canadian Ti owner chimes in (finally time to let it go huh?). I don't think geography is too much of a hurdle for the right buyer and the right car. I sold my 67 Alfa Giulia Sprint Ti a few years back and the deal took less than a week for the buyer in CA to see my ad, send me the funds to the day I drove the Alfa into the back of a vehicle transporter. Good luck with the sale Mike.
  12. What else are you looking for Ti wise? Are you restoring a real Ti? or just looking to dual-carb an '02. I have a ton of parts that might be of interest if you're working on the real deal.
  13. I need help here: I have a brand new door panels with new chrome and weatherstrip, but want to transfer the chrome and weatherstrip to another door panel. I know there are supposed to be 4 clamps installed, but not sure how they come off. Does anyone have photos, videos, documentation on this so I don't kill my door panels? 51 21 6 454 229 (door weatherstrip inner) 51 21 6 440 181 (inner chrome trim left) 51 21 6 454 231 (clamp for door/window trim) Thanks for any help. Jim
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