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  1. It looks like there aren't enough takers on this idea. Maybe if I print out a concept prototype more would find it appealing. I think 2302ti is going to be the first since that is what Grice and I were talking about. I think he has a 2.3. 2.2? Grice?
  2. Heh. Well while I'm not sure BMW ever really used the 'R' designator, the oversight of the 'M' badge might be a sin of some sort. 2002M? M2002? I'll stick those in as well. 2002F is waaaaay below 2002J in my book!
  3. Having seen Clay's recent foray into getting old style 1600 rear badges made up for a bunch of folks, I was wondering if people of other 2002 pursuits would want a custom rear badge for their own cars. I remember having discussions with Clay and Grice about making some badges for all of the various engine swaps that are common for 2002s. If you have gone through all of the trouble to make your '02 perform the way you want, we figured the cheeky finally would be to change its rear badge to reflect what is under the hood, but in a way that looks period. There are a number of engines people swap into these cars and a number of fuel systems, so I want to see which badges might be popular enough to get a group buy similar to what Clay has done with the 1600 badges. The common displacements I can think of in '02s include 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5 and 2.7. And then there are the suffixes ti and tii. Of course, there are some way out there mods like this 3.0 twin turbo swap I saw on BMW blog. That has a 3002ttii badge :D. I am pretty sure with the modern marvel of 3D printing I can manage to make just about any badge someone would like. However, the economies of scale would only allow the truly popular ones to be made into aluminum. That way the cost of making the initial pattern can be distributed.
  4. Price:: 50 Location: : Washington, DC Front and rear windshields for sale. Both are free from scratches but the front is a little sandblasted. Local pickup only. I don't want to take the chance on shipping glass. PM if interested.
  5. I have a set of Chamonix doors in a complete or nearly complete state (windows, regulator etc. all installed). The sheet metal itself isn't the best, a little rusty and dented. If you re in the area and looking for some door / window parts, make be a reasonable offer and you can cart them away from my NW DC garage. I am not willing to ship the doors since packing them will be an epic event and the $$$ to ship even more so. Sorry to inconvenience anybody. Please PM me if you are interested. I'll get some photos of the doors on this posting by 1000 Eastern today. EDIT: The doors are quite heavy and I am unable to actually remove them from my attic without assistance. If someone is interested in the doors or parts which may be contained within them, send me a message.
  6. This sounds exactly like a bent axle or hub flange. Which is weird because you have replaced both of those items. Now the question is did you ever have both of them replaced at the same time? Ie parts from set A were never on the car?
  7. Ah, you see? Someone always has a solution!
  8. Your last image brings to mind 1 more project. Somehow you should put a 5th gear into the shift pattern on the dash. I know the knob has it, but, you know, for completeness.
  9. Don't try for an N47 Diesel. It's gonna cost a bit more than $5K
  10. People are putting android tablets (primarily nexus tablets) into dashes like its the best thing since cocaine. Its probably pretty close. They are managing wireless charging and bluetooth hookup so you can take your tablet out of the car too. The best part is with android auto-esque apps, you can disply whatever OBD-II information you want (or if you have MegaSquirt, you can use their android app and display any gauges or tune from the tablet.)
  11. For an EFI conversion of my Opel, I started to investigate a bunch of Bosch Distributor curves. I'm not sure if anyone will find this useful, but here are all of the '02 curves plotted against each other.
  12. Where does the shoulder end / the threads start on the provided bolt? They may have been trying to get a full bolt diameter through the entire assembly and use an off-the-shelf bolt.
  13. You can make your own hard lines if you find it ends up being easier. Get the appropriate sized tubing, a 37* flare tool, some tube nuts and tube sleeves and you'll have an AN hard line. Jay
  14. Has anyone mapped a cone yet? I now have access to all of the tools necessary to map one. Producing a CAD file after measuring it will be trivial afterwards.
  15. Just to bring in an FYI. What stopped me from doing this is I was told I wouldn't be allowed to import the motor to the USA. Sad day and I didn't have the energy to pursue it further after moving off to college. Maybe by the time I am done with school I can start up this pursuit again. I have driven the 1 series cars (116d and 123d) in Germany and they are phenomenal.

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