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  1. Haha, sorry I misread your question. I was thinking why does this guy want to know what brand the roof rack bars are? There arent any markings on the strut bar that i have seen to identify it. I bought it here on the faq a long time ago and dont remember if it was ever mentioned.
  2. If you're interested, Email me with your zip so i can figure out shipping. [email protected] Local Pickup if you are in San Diego. Front Strut Brace, $60 plus shipping. Needs some cleaning. Yakima Gutter Roof Rack with 58" cross bars, no keys but all are unlocked. $50 plus shipping. Schrick 292 Cam, NOS never installed. $400 plus shipping
  3. Hello FaQers, Ive got a bunch pinch welt left over from my recent repaint. It is double edged and reinforced with aluminum. I used it for all of the interior door and roof areas as well as in the trunk. Let me know how much you need. $0.90/ft plus shipping. Or if you are in San Diego we can meet up. Here are some pics of what I have.
  4. A hair dryer or heat gun would work too, but watch out that you dont melt it if you use the latter.
  5. Some left over used parts after my recent repaint. Email me if interested [email protected] Everything is in Clairemont San Diego. Front Windshield $20 Body Trim $10 Location: Clairemont, San Diego
  6. I went through something similar on a 71 chevy truck. The symptoms were really weird. If the truck was in park it would run perfectly. In Park, I could also rev it up as much as i wanted and it sounded great. No problems. BUT as soon as it was in gear and i attempted to hit the gas to drive it would sputter and pop and was completely undriveable. The most I could do was idle/drive it back to where i wanted to park. I started with vacuum leaks, and fixed those. Next was re-tuning the Carb and checking fuel filters and pressure. I used a vacuum Gage to diagnose and fix everything i could find. Btw everyone should have a vacuum gage, its crazy how many problems can be diagnosed using one. I was literally running out of options and the symptoms prevailed. It just wouldnt run under load so to speak. Next I was checking the spark plug wires. I did this by misting the wires with water and then running a grounded screwdriver along the wires (but not touching them) with all the lights out looking for jumping sparks. There was some faint jumping so I replaced the wires. Next was checking the spark at the end of each wire lead. There was spark and almost every wire's spark was alternating between blue and yellowish so there was a spark but I was expecting a strong blue spark each time. In came a new coil and i went to check the spark again. This time it was still looking exactly the same as before BUT it was now making an very distinct "Snap-Snap-Snap" sound each time it fired. It turns out that my coil was taking a crap. As soon as i replaced it all was great again.
  7. I used a couple of pieces of brass shim stock wrapped around the joints and that managed to take up just enough slack for things to tighten up. I may try a slightly thicker piece to get it just right. For now though I am ready to take it out and see how it sounds.
  8. The spacing is perfect between the two hangers so its easy to line up.
  9. I had them cinched down as far as they could go and it just wasn't enough. I will shoot some pics today. Edit. I tried extra washers and it still didnt clamp. It looks like the center brace around the jacking screw is too wide and is stopping the clamp from closing enough. I may try a strip of shim stock and wrap it around the outer pipe. Or I may just go and get it welded up. Im not sure yet. Here are some pics:
  10. Guess what showed up this afternoon..... I couldnt resist so as soon and the kids passed out I was throwing on my Wrench N It clothes. I jacked the car up and tore the old exhaust out, this was the hardest part. The new exhaust slipped together effortlessly. Front to back there are enough joints and overlap so that everything can shift or twist without falling apart. I had the system all lined up in 30 or so minutes. I only have one problem that kept me from finishing it all at once and that is that some of the clamps don't quite cinch enough to keep things from slipping and twisting. Either the tolerances are a little too liberal on the joints or Im just missing something in how to use them properly. The only clamp out of 3 that worked was the S bend pipe from the muffler out the side exit. So the job isn't done just yet. Regardless, even though some things are still loose I fired it up and all I can say is that it sounds NICE! I'm looking forward to taking it out for a spin Its a night and day difference from the old system that had a worn out rattly muffler and was also missing the resonator. Its all throaty now and makes the car idle much much quieter and smoother. Im glad I pulled the trigger.
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