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  1. I'm sorry. I wasn't aware of that rule (I haven't been on the forum very long). I received several emails on it last night and had already responded to them. Edit: Just so I know for next time, when I post an ad in the parts for sale section, should I have mentioned that first comment in the 'parts for sale comments' section gets it? I guess this was easier when the for sale post & comments were all one and the same.
  2. Thanks for the interest all, I got inundated with emails and PM's on these and have a sale pending. I think it's fairest to do this on a first come first served basis, if the buyer backs out I'll move down the list. thank you.
  3. SALE PENDING Bought these from Harry a few months back, but the car is gone so I no longer need them. I've never taken them out of the packaging, and they've been stored indoors the whole time. These are the versions with the seals/covers. Asking $75 shipped for the pair, shipping to the continental US via USPS flat rate box. Please email me at [email protected] if interested.
  4. Hoping I can get some advice from the collective wisdom here please. Could anyone recommend a good bodyshop familiar with 02's in Florida or the southeastern states? I've been in touch with three or four shops which have been recommended to me, but so far none of them have seemed interested in working on the car. To start with, I need a frame check, probably a little pulling of sheetmetal if not frame rails on the frame machine (this is really important to me that the shop really knows their stuff on this part), then I'll need a new nose and floorpan fitted. After that I need to get the car back to do some mechanical work, then I'll need more bodywork and ultimately paint. High quality work is more important to me than outright lowest price, but budget isn't unlimited. I'm not sure if the car's age makes it undesirable to work on, if i'm calling the wrong kinds of shop but so far nobody will return my calls. Any suggestions or recommendations would be much appreciated.
  5. This is what the manual has on it, never done this myself: http://imgur.com/a/utouI
  6. I've taken my pedal box apart to get it cleaned up and rebuilt. After inspecting the parts, I noticed two things: 1. The clutch pedal return spring (the coil spring that fits over the pivot) has worn deep grooves into the pedal's pivot section. I'm thinking I should replace this to be on the safe side, but is this fairly normal? 2. The brake pedal has the metal block/clevis attached to it. I wanted to get the pedals blasted and powdercoated, and ideally I'd like to remove this part first. I see it listed as a separate piece on the BMW parts diagram, but it appears to be pressed on. Any tips on whether or not to remove this part? I read the pedal box rebuild guide which was very helpful in taking it all apart, but didn't specifically mention these two areas. thanks very much for any insight.
  7. I'm fairly new to this too, so some of my information might be inaccurate. I went through the spoiler & flares search myself a few months back so I'll share what I learned. Yep, you can still get the front spoiler from BMW. I can't tell what it's made of though. It's smooth on both sides so I think it's either some kind of fiberglass with gelcoat on both sides, or maybe plastic. I don't think it's ABS as it's not very 'bendy'. The quality and finish of the part seems very good. I wasn't able to find a set of ABS flares which were exact turbo replicas, they all seemed to have that extra lip on the outer edge. As I'm sure you found out the full set of turbo flares is not available from BMW at the moment; one of them (I think it's the front left) has been on backorder for over a year. I've checked with mobile tradition a few times over the last few months and supposedly it's still planned, they just need to find a supplier. Jaymic in the UK sells a set of turbo replica flares; they are fiberglass and have gelcoat on the outside only (I'm told the genuine flares have a smooth finish on both sides, like the front spoiler). This is what I went with for my car. They molded them from a genuine set of flares, and the quality is good. Not quite to the level of the genuine air dam, but once the bodywork & paint is done I think they will be indistinguishable from the real thing. If you do find some ABS flares which are authentic turbo replicas, would you mind coming back to tell us the source please?
  8. I was able to cancel my order, and can get it from the dealership. They confirmed that they would not mind sending it back if it didn't fit well. I'll try and remember to post pictures of the new panel and the fitment. Thanks again for all the help, you guys saved me from a potentially costly mistake here.
  9. Makes sense, I guess that way they can see how the old one went together. I'll leave it alone! Thanks Mike.
  10. Thanks Mike. My car has had the nose replaced once before (from an accident). I am planning to have the bodyshop measure it all up on the frame bench and pull it if necessary. It sounds like the nose panel is no cancel/no return and with the information you guys have given me here, I think I will be better off cancelling it and paying the extra at the dealer. I think I will take off the old nose, assuming I can come up with some sort of bracing.
  11. Where was it out of alignment please Mike? I ordered it online today (cost savings too large to pass up vs. local dealer). I will probably leave the replacement to a body shop, although I guess I could remove the old nose and test fit beforehand. If you've got any tips on which areas to check specifically, I would really appreciate it.
  12. Hmm. Thanks. Assuming this nose is still available, I will have to figure out what's the best way to buy it. I can get it mail order for a decent price but if it's damaged sounds like I'm in for a lot of headaches.
  13. I'm fairly sure I have the right part number here, but would appreciate it if anyone could confirm or deny if this is right & if it'll fit my car please. I'm looking for the late model euro nose panel, and the part # I have is 41331828984 I'm not sure if there's any variations on this part that I need to be aware of, my car is a US spec 1975 2002, 12/74 build date. thanks very much for any advice.
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