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  1. 134alb

    1972 2002tii For Sale $5250

    I am interested. Pls. contact me at sp@telluridefinancial.com Thanks
  2. Looks like a nice car. Email sent from Telluride.
  3. 134alb

    1972 2002 in Denver $1500

    Hi, I'm interested, but can't seem to find any way to contact you sp@telluridefinancial.com
  4. 134alb

    1972 BMW 2002tii on eBay

    If you don't mind traveling, I have a 1973tii that I purchased from a member of this forum. It has always been a wesetrn car, is the original color & very well maintained. Priced pretty close to the car you are discussing & ready to go.
  5. 134alb

    FS: Hirschmann style Jewel Tips!

    Hi, I bought a tulip tip from you several weeks ago. My antenna mast has a black (rubber?) tip on it now. What's the best way to remove the current tip & put on the new one? Thanks
  6. I'll take the alloy wheel center caps
  7. 134alb

    FS: Red Tip Replicas

    I'll take one of each too. sp@telluridefinancial.com
  8. Help! I found a nice used set of 13" factory alloys. Now I need center caps and lug nuts. The part # for the center cap is 36131108344. Used would be great...Thanks
  9. 134alb

    1973 2002 tii for sale

    Can you give me some idea of what amount you are trying to get for the tii, if sold & not traded? Thanks
  10. Still looking for 3 or 4 nice used 5-spoke alloys. Reproductions or Factory OK....can't afford to pay $175 to $200 each for new. Thanks
  11. I'LL TAKE IT. Now if I can just figgure out how to contact you.
  12. 134alb

    WTB, Factory Alloy Wheels 13X5

    The last ones pictured are the ones that I'm after. But can't afford to pay close to $200 each for new ones. Does anyone have a used set for sale? Thanks
  13. I need three nice used ones (the ones with 5-spokes) Thanks[/img]
  14. 134alb

    WTB, Factory Alloy Wheels 13X5

    Still looking for some nice used ones.
  15. Roger's Tii has them new for $257.95 each, but I don't want to pay that much, so I'm looking for a nice set of used ones. Only need 3, but I'll buy 4 Thanks