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  1. malagalaga


  2. Hi all, Got a big star crack right in the line of sight in my '02. I'm hesitant to just take it to Safelite or the like. Can anyone recommend a good shop that can replace, put in new seal, etc? Anywhere in Denver metro is fine - just don't really want to go to Boulder or something just for a windshield. Thanks!
  3. I think the cylinders should be good - but I really don't have a way to verify. I don't have the keys, unfortunately. mtnmike198 - please shoot me an email. bmw1600dfw AT gmail Thanks!
  4. Dave, yep. Let me shoot you a private message here - or feel free to shoot me an email bmw1600dfw AT gmail It would also be great for me to meet some of the local '02 owners in Denver!
  5. Price:: 30 Location: : Denver, CO Pair of well above average door handles. They show no pitting and the chrome is shiny. No keys, but they are matching - so you could probably get keys made (I think you can actually get a key from BMW somehow - the codes for the locks are the same). $30 + shipping
  6. Price:: 150 Location: : Denver, CO Cleaning some stuff out... These are very good condition door panels from a 74-76. The driver's has a small cut, as you can see. The passenger's is uncut entirely. "Chrome" strip will need to be replaced. The chrome trim at the top (the real chrome!) is in good shape. Backs are tired but I guess could be used. They are going to make shipping expensive, however - I would rather remove the backs and roll these up. You can buy excellent new backs from Aardvarc and I think a few other places now. Armrests and chrome trim included. I only have five screws, but the others should be easy to source from a hardware store. $150 plus shipping.
  7. I'd love one of these prints... please count me in! This brings up an interesting idea... you could do a black color name (like the factory underhood stickers) under each car! Just a thought...
  8. Thanks all. As I'm very much an amateur, can anyone recommend a good mechanic? I'm moving to the Platt Park area.
  9. I don't believe a paint shop will have the right formula for BMW 006. Your best bet is to have paint color-matched to either a correct Sahara car (there's bound to be one near you!) or to a part of your car that has not seen the sun. The underside of the trunk lid is usually good for this.
  10. Thanks all. Tom, I think I'll just call Air Care... seems like the safest bet. My car is generally fine, but it does burn and puff a little on decel. I wonder if the altitude will exacerbate that. I'll probably just drag the '02 up to Denver and evaluate when I get here.
  11. To me, this reads as vehicles 1981 and older have a two-speed idle test (not sure exactly what that is?). Am I mistaken? http://www.dmv.org/co-colorado/smog-check.php#Exemptions-amp-Requirements-
  12. Hi all, My '73 and I will be relocating to Denver in a few weeks for work. We're moving to Denver county and I'm a little nervous about the emissions inspection. My car burns a little oil and puffs smoke on decel. Should I be concerned? I do certainly care about the environment, but I'm not sure how stringent the test is. Thanks!
  13. With all due respect, I don't understand how you could think the stickers indicate any sort of interest in identifying WITH that group. The German translates to: "I do not belong to the Baader-Meinhof Group." Similar stickers were routinely placed on 02s in Germany in the '70s since the they had an odd affinity for using our cars.
  14. Answered my own question - it's Gill Sans. I'm having this (attached) printed on a 3x5 sticker for under $5 from makestickers.com. One is bold and one is semi-bold. I like the smaller size. We'll see which one looks better; I'll cut the sticker in half.
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