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  1. Since this place is such a trove of info, does anybody (Steve, ahem, cough...cough...) have a picture of said script badge?
  2. Now for sale on Los Angeles CL for $35K....looks like a good buy?
  3. Once you get the parts you will still need somebody to rebuild it. I suggest that you find that person, and let them find the parts.
  4. The car did not sell...reserve not met.
  5. Seriously...what you have here is the most knowledgeable website about 2002's, staffed by the most knowledgeable 2002 people... You've asked for help, but haven't given us information to help us help you... Do you really want help? I, (and I am sure Steve) are most interested in the 'rust free' part...
  6. Well, he did say "am about to buy".
  7. Advise you put this request in the 2002 and other '02 forum, which is where it belongs. This forum is for the rarer ti's.....
  8. Steve has a good point...lug nuts bottomed out on the stud if the taper is still spinning. Probably should take a close look at the studs, or, better yet, replace the studs.
  9. vice - immoral or wicked behavior vise - metal tool with movable jaws both definitions from the net
  10. With me, it's not just the wife that over packs. Recently did 25 days in Europe and took twice what we needed...still learning, after all these years.
  11. It's amazing what these cars will hold. Parents, brother and I spent three weeks touring Europe, with plenty of room to spare. Dad kept sending bro and I out to compile break-in mileage while he drank the local suds.

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