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  1. "If the horn pin is added"...my late '74 has the retractable pin on the wheel, and the contact strip is on the steering shaft surround. So I am a bit confused...
  2. Great thread....I'll try to find my 'tii by the river fly fishing' pics...
  3. I thought the pictures of the "compression test" proved absolutely nothing.
  4. Holy Grails are still available NIB for $205....
  5. Same goes for the $41.25 quick ratio steering! The two would run you close to 10 grand these days...
  6. Climbing the (empty) hill, heading south. Well done.
  7. Stitched door cards? Observing, not requesting....
  8. otisdog


    Well, since folks are still reading this a week later....W&N also said that they've never seen a 10:1 oem piston for the E12 head....
  9. otisdog


    W&N says this part number CR = 9.5:1
  10. otisdog


    Can you give us a little more info on these? I run the number on OEMBMW and get a 'specified part number was not found'. Thanks
  11. Was at the 2010 Monterey Historics when he got pronged by another driver at turn 2. I had taken a picture of his Porsche the previous day. Unforgetable. As Toby mentions above, to live through that era as a racing driver was to really beat the odds.
  12. Still think you wussed out by buying the air cleaner....should've moved the engine. Air cleaner came out nice....
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