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  1. Thank you sooo much for posting this....next best thing than being there! Didn't get jack done this afternoon, though.😁
  2. Instead of windex or soap, go down to your local tire place and get some of the goo they use to mount the tires to the wheel. Puts the other stuff to shame...
  3. Always fun to find forgotten stash! I had a very nice day when I restacked my garage roof....
  4. Ted, I can't read the green values at all, but an mostly interested in the 'speed versus RPM' values. Can you tell me those two values? Thanks for the info, very revealing.
  5. Very nice work, Jake. Like your style...
  6. I'll take em...Pm'd
  7. Got mine from W&N, no problem, had it in stock.
  8. Hmmm.... I've seen pictures of squares with the seam covers, but you know how that goes.... Interesting variations on the reinforcements...will have to take another look at mine.
  9. Thanks all.... The Jaymic product looks round, while the original is U shaped with voids in the 'legs'.
  10. Can't find a part # for these...my car was repainted under warranty and it appears that the seam covers were not returned to their place. There are two each side, one above the gusset that trunk support mounts to (longer?), one below (shorter?). Light in color. the seam in question is where the "inner wheel house" and the "wheel arch outer" meet inside of the trunk. Thanks
  11. Any particular reason that you've ignored my two communications with you?

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