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  1. oldguy

    Carbon Fiber Hood FIRE SALE - price reduced

    I buy it now if you can help with freight to jacksonville,fl. My next trip to cali though won't be for a long time
  2. oldguy

    M10 new pistons custom forged

    $400 cash in hand take em with whatever rod length they have.
  3. 1500 for a bell housing is gonna be a tough pill to swallow..
  4. goodson will have your valve top cutter but I'm with Toby.. for the price of the cutter you could buy the installation tool to air hammer in new guides and prob some guides. Yeah sure you'll need to get the seats recut but really don't go cheap.
  5. This is what Sir Mix-A-Lot was talking about all those years ago
  6. I don't believe in the rules they were allowed to utilize the twin cam heads of schnitzer. It had to be a production based engine. IIRC.
  7. oldguy

    Weber air flow - valid or hooey

    If we all listened to toby, we'd be fast and poor. It does make a better sound though... so much louder and we all know louder is faster... ask any 600cc super bike street pilot. In all do respect though if you look at the converging and flip it around (make it diverging), Porsche actually use a diverging intake manifold runners on newer 911 turbos to cause the air charge to cool due to change in pressure and increase in velocity about 6" prior to port entry. They claim it's better for the turbo cars by generating a few degrees of reduction in IAT. Not sure I buy it. But people have been playing with intakes and slide rulers for a long time now.
  8. oldguy

    Sleeved cam lobes?!?!

    It looks like a hard face welded camshaft that was not chamfered and cleaned up when they welded it. That's the overhang. The grind marks and the abnormal lobe profile also agree with this.
  9. I've got a factory turbo manifold that I could part with. Hard to call that junk
  10. oldguy

    dinan turbo manifold

    I'll give you $150 + freight for it. I know it's less than you want but it's gonna take a lot of machine work to make it work. Flanges on both ends. Plus some porting.
  11. oldguy

    weber parts

  12. oldguy

    IE parts -

    still loves ireland for parts....
  13. IMHO 2618 should not be used in street car applications. 4032 works fine for street/competition. 2618 is a stronger better choice but only when we prefer strength over longevity and can hold tighter than normal operational temperatures. I used to hot hone blocks receiving 2618 slugs. Mahle has been producing their own custom blend of 4032 called M142 which pushes the competitive edge even further and brings 4032 expansion but malleability of 2618. I mean if you wanted to get fancy, you could get them to make a set of race pistons but I think they run about $200 a hole with a min order of 8. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20080245335A1/en