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  1. I'd be willing to let these go for 700$... Just want the garage space back
  2. New Year bump! Willing to consider offers! Let me know!
  3. Sorry man, just saw your post. Everything in my list is brand new and never used. Please send me a PM on what you'd like specifically (seals, with or without lock strips, etc)
  4. Door handle gaskets and pedal foam are gone. Brand new fuse box lid (12 fuse) to add to the list.
  5. Out of curiosity, what head gasket had you planned to use with an 86mm bore? That is a dream M20 setup you've got there! Kind of wish I had a car that could use all of this
  6. Hey guys! I didn't even know there was a Canadian section on this site! How cool! Sadly, I've sold both of my 2002s this past year, and I have some new parts kicking around that maybe somebody here in the group could use? Just looking to get my money back out of them at this point. All are ordered from the dealer, so OEM parts. 1x front windshield seal 1x rear window seal 2x window lock strips chrome 1x foam insulation around the pedal box 1x early model round shift boot 2x front sway bar rubber bushings 1x complete set of door handle gaskets 2x door latch buffer caps (those funny corn shaped things) Shoot me a PM if anything is of interest. Cheers!
  7. Awesome builds! Thanks for sharing!
  8. If I still had a 2002, I'd be all over this! What a cool wheel. Perfect size too. GLWS!
  9. I have a friend that could bring it along on his trip back to Montreal if you're interested I believe he is planning to make the trip within the next few weeks.
  10. Hey guys, Selling a Limited Slip Diff I took out of my car before I sold it a few months ago. Later E21, 6 bolt side flanges. Housing was painted by me about ten years ago and still looks relatively fresh. Clutches seemed to lock up okay, but the bearings were on the noisy side. I actually didn't even notice it was all that bad until I swapped in the open diff into the car to sell... and noticed the change of frequency inside the car while driving. It is still totally usable as is, but it's up to the next owner if they feel it's necessary. The diff will NOT come with a rear cover. I am willing to ship, as long as shipping costs are covered by the buyer. Looking to get 500$ USD, OBO. Any questions, feel free to post, or PM. Thanks!
  11. I did this with cheaper vinyl and highly regretted it, as said above^^ it did not stick to the sides, and eventually returned back to it's natural state of flat. The corners especially, looked horrible. Definitely spring for the more expensive product for this job!
  12. Thanks guys. My friend has some Kosei K1s in that size... well, et 22, but nearly the same thing. PM me if you'd like his contact info
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