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  1. Oops! Critical piece of info missing! Sorry! I don't have it with me on-hand, but I'd have to guess around 390-400mm or so.
  2. Personal steering wheel as previously used in a 2002. No horn button unfortunately but they are readily available on ebay and the like. Comes with hub to attach to an '02, although the horn contact looks to be glued into place via previous owner. It has a manufacture date of 3/71 I believe on the wheel. Lots of patina on this wheel! Leather has no rips, and the metal spokes look to be in good shape, albeit a bit scuffed. Any questions, feel free to direct message, or post in the thread. Priced at 200$, buyer covers shipping, etc.
  3. Selling a used gauge pod housing that came with my car when I purchased it. Good shape, made of fiberglass. Very sturdy. Will sell for 60$ shipped to the US.
  4. Out of curiosity, how far off are the mounting points? Does it place the hood too far back on the car, or forward, etc?
  5. Bump it up! The car is still here, and I really want to move it. Willing to entertain offers, willing to sell as a roller, etc etc etc... Lets get this thing sold!
  6. Bump it up for the new year! Any offers? I hate to suggest it, but if one were to be interested in the bare shell w/cage, that could be a possibility as well... Food for thought.
  7. Totally agree! Awesome score! Keep us updated on the project.
  8. Hey buddy! Thanks man! Yeah it sure does... a turbo under the Christmas tree would be a welcome addition haha. I actually have had my new car for over a year now (e46), but storage is starting to become an issue, and one of these cars needs to go sooner or later Thanks! Yes sir, right on the money! More of a personal preference touch along with the steering wheel... it's not for everyone! This wouldn't be a pleasant car to drive on the street. Too noisy, stiff, geared really short, and just generally unfriendly (ingress, egress, etc) But mechanically: complete lighting system, wiper system, hvac system, some necessary gauges... Too much work for no gain, IMO.
  9. Kind of surprised that this forum out of all the places I've posted this car has had the least amount of action... Guess I should have taken up the offer on that sketchy consignment service that called me recently LOL! Ah well... Good excuse to bump the thread up. Enjoy some more in-car footage!
  10. Didn't this car have a thread on here at one point (before the forum got reformatted)? I remember reading about it because of the paintjob which I believe was rustoleum. Glad to see it saved and living on! Nice job!
  11. Bump it up with some in-car footage!
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