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  1. Glenn, I have a fuel tank. I am in Indiana. If you still need one and I am close to where you are.
  2. Hello, 

    Just wanted to see if the Tii motor was sold.


  3. Are you looking for the early 78-79 style ? I have a pair. Message me for details Thanks, Pat
  4. Gordon, If you don't mind using chrome cap lug nuts and you have the clearance. These are 2009-2012 Honda Accord, Acura TSX alloy wheel lug nuts Correct thread pitch 12mm x1.50 for standard lugs. Should be able to get them new through Honda or local salvage yard. Just checked they are about 4-5 bucks each new. Get one see if they match the radius on your wheels . Good luck.
  5. I would like to buy

    2 trim pieces 

    1. Indy02


      Please send money order.

      Pat Kikendall

      6179 E Co Rd 100 S

      Avon In 


      I will ship as soon as I receive funds.

      If you have any questions contact me.





  6. I have reproduced the early seat release covers out of billet aluminum. These replace the original plastic ones. They are polished and have vinyl inlays just like the factory ones. Cost is 45.00 a pair plus 3.00 shipping.
  7. Left and right turn signal assemblies. Selling as a pair. 110.00 each 10.00 shipping for both. Email me with any questions. Thanks Location: Indiana
  8. Shaun, don't know if you found anything yet. I am in Indianapolis. i may have what you need and also i am very close. Thanks, Pat
  9. Mike if it you don't need a perfect one. I have an extra I can send you for the price of the small box. Let me know. I may have purchased the last new one about a year ago. So my local dealership parts guy told me.
  10. Steve, The picture is exactly what I was looking for. I had a suspicion they were wrong. Thanks to all !! Now I can get busy making the proper adjustments.
  11. Anyone have any idea or pictures showing the correct routing for the seat belt receptacle for 73-76 type seat belts? The pictures show how they are now. I have them routed low under the seat hinges. Just wondered if they should angle up more and over the top of the seat hinge. Hoping someone might have a brochure or a original car to compare with. Thanks, Pat
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