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  1. A quick pic of my roundie... I haven't had much progress on it lately. It runs well after I put on my spare rebuilt head and built a custom exhaust for it with a Stahl header. Upgraded to an electric fuel pump and an electric fan on the radiator. I installed a set of racing seats after building some custom sliders. I think I finally have a line in a decent hood locally! Fixed some of the small areas of rust on the vehicle with cutting out the bubbled areas and welding in new metal. Next step after the hood will be to shave the belt line trim holes. After that it will be paint. Still lots of work to do.. but this car has been in my 'family' for 15 years.. and I have owned it for 7 so what's another year? Haha! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Oh.. anyways.. an update on my 2002. I'm trying to get it ready for SOWO. The car runs and drives just fine except for the fact that it smoked a bit on decel; so I decided to pull the head and get it rebuilt (4 days before SOWO). Been working on building this shop car.. just finished it (suspension, wheel fit, single headlight conversion (2002 headilght buckets). It's not a 2002 but E21...
  3. I think that Black 02 on Stancenation is pretty cool.. the bodywork could be a bit better for a black car and I think that the rear of that car has been hit. Most 2002s that get hit dead on in the rear usually makes the whole rear end sag pretty badly. Other than that... I think it's unique and hell.. it's another 2002 that's been saved from the junkyard. so thumbups!
  4. I did not get to see the video but after seeing your deleted video comment and following the comment afterwards.. I was intrigued to see what your car looked like. I found a build thread on it and it is a really good looking car. I can tell you put a lot of hard work and effort into it. You are proud of your work.. I get it. Kudos man! Don't worry about the naysayers.. we all have free will to stop watching any video in it's entirety with a simple click of a mouse button.
  5. Haha.. it's ok guys.. this car is not even close to being my daily driver. It really doesn't even need to be that functional. Building this for fun. Between my friend and I, we've owned this car for nearly 15 years now and it's always been the redheaded stepchild to the other 6 cars.
  6. Rebuilt the front coilovers yet again with even shorter than Mk1/A1 GTI strut inserts this time. The ground level to the front air dam is about .25". Still have another 3" of coilover thread to wind down. It's definitely a little too low, with the wheels it hits the flares just turning a little bit.
  7. Serious rolling of the front and rear fenders for stock body.. but with turbo flares I would recommend cutting. I fit 15x7.5 ET25 on my 2002 and the rears rubbed with 195/50/15 and the front tires would touch the rear of the fenderwell at lock. This is what I did to my 2002 with turbo flares to clear my wheels/tires: It was nice that it also removed the rust from my rear wheel wells as well. Two birds with one stone.
  8. Hi, What part of town are you located? I would be possibly interested in the hood, windshield (if good) and rear window moulding (if available). Thanks! Eugene
  9. I bought it from BMW a few years ago along with the fender flares.
  10. Here are a couple quick shots of my 71 roundie that is a work in progress.
  11. is this air dam group buy project still viable?
  12. thanks for your offer. i won't be able to attend vintage this year and it's a bit of a drive for those pieces at the moment (super busy). i will definitely keep you in mind if i'm not able to find some a little closer. thanks! Eugene.
  13. Hello, I am looking to purchase a hood and trunklid for my 2002. Doesn't really matter the year as long as they are straight and relatively rust free. Please contact me via email: [email protected] or reply to this thread. Thanks! Eugene.
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