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  1. What tire size are you running on your 15x7 et 25 rims? 

  2. Well why didn't your "Friend" post on this sticky. I've never done work on parts for a 356. Wow you guys really need to find something else to do! I DONT make rel money from this Sticky. This is a service that I provide for FAQ members. If you want to pay full fees for chroming, I recommend Aardvark at $500 minimum per bumper.
  3. If you are willing to ship it I may take it off your hands. Email me
  4. Rechromed bumpers and brackets would cost you $1250 from me. A year ago i was selling this package for around 1K but now bumpers are becoming scarce.Yes I have the parts. This price will only go up BTW.
  5. If you want to see a picture of what it looks like just go to my "Sticky" above. I also have a set of front and rear bumperettes from a 73. Center $175 Bumperettes $150
  6. I'm interested in the sunroof seal if that deal falls through
  7. Try posting them on S14.net. Oh and double the price. Those guys are used to getting screwed. BTW I charge a 10% consultant fee.
  8. I can chrome them for much less than that and they'll look better and last longer.
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