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  1. Anybody know of somebody who owns an Alpina A4 2002tii in the Seattle area?
  2. According to the pdf in the first post, on page 9 - USA spec tii's from VIN 2760630 have the pointy front 'bumperettes'. These would be pre 8/72 production cars. I have a 3/72 tii with those exact 'pointy' bumperettes.
  3. I have (2) '72 2002's and have always wondered why they have different bumper overriders. The tii: VIN 27612XX (March, 1972 production) has plastic intake runners and the shorter, pointier ('73) style bumper overriders and early non-reinforced bumper brackets. The regular 02: VIN 25801XX (January, 1972 production) has the taller ('72) style bumper overriders with the same non-reinforced bumper brackets. Both cars are untouched, original, never been hit, never been painted. Sorry this does not answer or resolve your question ... if anything, it complicates it
  4. Looking for a nice used/new set of headers. Stahl, Supersprint, etc. Thanks, Schnittle (530)798-8978 [email protected]
  5. Hi, is your trans. still available? Am in Sacramento Thanks, P.
  6. Looking for late model 2002 seats in BLUE only. Am in the Sacramento area and will consider seats with small tears if the overall condition is very good. Thanks, 'Schnittle' [email protected] 530-798-8978
  7. Hi, can you send me a contact # or e-mail address? Thanks, 'Schnittle'
  8. Looking for an original salt and pepper carpet set complete for an early-ish car (1969) will pay premium for a superior example. Am in northern Calif. and will pay for proper shipping ... of course. Thanks [email protected]
  9. Went to Grass Valley on Saturday. Dave Peeler from Sierra Performance Hosted the drive. 5 Baverias (Bavarias), An e36,E30. My 02, An M5, 70s P 911. 1960 Austin Healy (Healey) 3000. Say (Saw) Andres and his stunning Golf Baveria (Bavaria) ... just helping a brother with his spelling
  10. Come on silly Joe, 4-doors are for kids! Kidding
  11. Tom, not sure what parts you're after, but ..... Peyton http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180500887323&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
  12. Mr. Minnesota -- I'm guessing the only thing missing here is ....... you:) Schnittle
  13. Hey Dieter, I'm in the Grass Valley area but float around Auburn quite a bit. There are a quite few 02's around. Yep, let's do some food or coffee or ? You can mail me at -- [email protected] Maybe we can get Chico Joe to show He's the hub in this part of Nor Cal!
  14. Pretty sure it's called 'Petty Blue'. It's a southern thing. Finally talked to the owner ... the original owner! What a piece of AMC metal. You would have liked it. Enough room inside to pimp all of your friends around Kinda odd to be talking on the forum, eh? My day was very long. Am just feeling better now, but still ache in the chest. Think I'll take up drinking or rallying like you! Oh, right, that '02 was great looking at about 100 yards as it was pulling away.

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