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  1. Bertone Ragno Spider Model
  2. olive


  3. I have a 72tii with sunroof in Polaris that is available. I will message you.
  4. Tested and in working condition. Holds vacuum. $550 shipped
  5. Anybody know of somebody who owns an Alpina A4 2002tii in the Seattle area?
  6. According to the pdf in the first post, on page 9 - USA spec tii's from VIN 2760630 have the pointy front 'bumperettes'. These would be pre 8/72 production cars. I have a 3/72 tii with those exact 'pointy' bumperettes.
  7. I have (2) '72 2002's and have always wondered why they have different bumper overriders. The tii: VIN 27612XX (March, 1972 production) has plastic intake runners and the shorter, pointier ('73) style bumper overriders and early non-reinforced bumper brackets. The regular 02: VIN 25801XX (January, 1972 production) has the taller ('72) style bumper overriders with the same non-reinforced bumper brackets. Both cars are untouched, original, never been hit, never been painted. Sorry this does not answer or resolve your question ... if anything, it complicates it
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