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  1. Hi, I have it new in stock. Price is Euro 250.- plus shipping and fees. Regards W.
  2. Ok, I,will keep it in mind if I realize it. -W
  3. Hi, I didn't get a PM but I think the problem is solved. Anyway, I have no hub covers for the Turbo steering wheel, sorry. But maybe a good idea to produce them.
  4. Hi John, now I have a problem to reply your last message,.....I will try it tomorrow again.
  5. Hi, I accept messages. And yes 02 covers are still available. E9 variants are sold out. W.
  6. .......I will have a look what I have in stock...... w.
  7. S5-18 is a great box. I used it many years in my rallye car.
  8. Set of original 2002Turbo trailing arms (Left and right) with 30mm Turbo shafts. Price is EURO 1600,- plus shipping. If someone needs more pics, please ask.
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