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  1. Hi, I saw in one of your post that you may have the reproduction 40cm e9 hub cover and the extended 38cm CSL cover available. Do you stock them now and if so how much? Also shipping cost to the USA? Thank you!



  2. whs.de

    WTB: Petri hub for 2002

    I am sorry, only new covers for the hub......
  3. Hi Mark, if you need parts for a racing gearbox 235/6 or 235/8 you can contact me. You can get the gearwheels new as a complete set. First gearwheel pair and reverse you have to buy at BMW. These are standard parts and in all versions of the 235 the same. Yes I know the first gear differs between stock 3,85:1 or somethin like that and 2,71:1 and 2,33:1 but anyway, the first gear is the same wheelpair. The difference is made by the ratio of the input shaft! Ahh and you need a good mechanic who is able to put the parts together;--) If you do not want a racing gearbox (the car had one) maybe I can help you with used gearwheels for the 235/5 variant. W.
  4. One of my short steerings was manufactured in 1987. These were simple spareparts for racing. All of them were produced here in Schwäbisch Gmünd, around 15km far away. Today you will get no more infos or parts, because ZF Gmünd is Bosch now.
  5. whs.de

    Lauda on three wheels

    For sure, Betzler and your car had that fun;-) Difficult to say if this is one of the Pflanzgarten sections. Maybe the car is not high enough?
  6. whs.de

    Lauda on three wheels

    Yes the Nordschleife "no wheels section" Pflanzgarten I and Pflanzgarten II . It is pure fun, believe me :-)
  7. whs.de

    2002 Turbo style flares

    New set of lightweight turbo flares. EURO 200.- /set plus shipping.
  8. Nice idea, but it will takes around 5seconds and you will have a big penalty in historic racing ln Group A pre88 when you come to the race with a sequenzial 6speed. If I remember correct, the first homologation for M3 Group A of a 6speed gearbox (not sequenzial) was in 89.
  9. Hi, not every Bilstein Upside Down strut has negative camber! Check also the height of the spring plate. Normal height is the rallye variant of the strut, 20mm lowered spring plate is the track variant. Sometimes the shock rate is stamped to the shock absorber, like 300/270.
  10. no no, they do not eat the whole rings, they just nibble a bit ;-) But in fact, I have not that big problems with the sync. In the Trophy we have 325 E30 group A cars with 235 gearsets (2,33-1,0) in the e30 gearbox housing. Works well and much cheaper in these days than a 265 box with 2,33 gearset.
  11. whs.de

    Bellhousing Cover?

    For example, if you want to buy online use Walloth&Nesch -> Schaltgetriebe ->BMW2002 ......then you will find it
  12. whs.de

    Bellhousing Cover?

    Hi! In german, BMW called it "Abdeckblech" - "metal cover", part number 21 11 0 670 050 21 and it is available new for around 7 Euro.
  13. Why not going to the BMW dealer at next corner? These are OEM parts. Do they not sell their own parts in the USA?
  14. In fact ashtray and glovebox is metal, the rest is plastic. I have had a lot of pre 3/71 cars, this is normal standard, we do not have that special US cockpit for the early cars. The plastic pieces are still available at BMW. How long?