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  1. whs.de

    WTB - Petri 2002 steering wheel hub

    I think CSL is the right one. The CSL cover lenght over all is 102mm. Check it.
  2. whs.de

    WTB - Petri 2002 steering wheel hub

    See pic for the difference between the covers. L to R 02-E9-CSL
  3. whs.de

    FOUND WTB- M10 Alpina Valve Cover for a True Alpina car.

    Hi, a true alpina valve cover has only black wrinkle paint without any Alpina letters. W.
  4. whs.de

    early Alpina carbs

    Perhaps, but I believe not. There is no evidence (maybe someone have something) that there were any changes in the A1 reports till 1974. The A1 report with Webers was not unvalidated in October 71. But in 1974 they had to react to the rules from October 1971 (this is my interpretation). This is why they changed to Solex. But to know all this, we have to study all these years of the "Bundesgesetzblatt" But this is not my speciality, so If someone have more detailed infos, this is a perfect time ;-)
  5. whs.de

    early Alpina carbs

    puhhhh, also ja war 26. Juni 70. Aber die beziehen sich im Gutachten aber auf den Passus Messung Typ 1 - Abgase bei verschiedenen Betriebszuständen - das gilt für Neuwagen ab 1.Oktober 71. Fragt sich nur, wie sich das auf die Webervergaser ausgewirkt hat, da wohl das geänderte Gutachten erst 74 kam. Kann man hier nachlesen: Bundesgesetzblatt
  6. whs.de

    early Alpina carbs

    As I said by PM, first they used Webers, later Solex because of the emission rules in germany. The TÜV report for Alpina A1 released in 1974 is clear. There you will find a section.....the old alpina A1 report released 11. MAI 1971 ....Weber 40DCOE Typ19....now replaced to Solex 40 DDH. The new emission rules are valid for new cars from 1. October 1971.
  7. whs.de

    Alpina Spoiler help

    Hi Danny, could this be helpful? In my opinion the only alternative to the 1971 Nürburgring 24h Spoiler which is available at the moment. It is a set with 2 flared frontwings plus spoiler. Not 100% correct, because the style is more like the 1972 variant but it is allowed for FIA appendix K racing in pre 71 class here in germany. W.
  8. whs.de

    WTB - Petri 2002 steering wheel hub

    I can help with Petri wheel hub covers. I have 2002, E3/E9 covers and new the extra long CSL cover.
  9. whs.de

    1600ti intake manifolds or similar

    Maybe an alternative to OEM. New reproduction. PM if interested. W.
  10. Hi@ all, some ideas. W.
  11. whs.de

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch? - January 14, 2019

    Jepp, das hab ich im Fernsehen schon gesehen. Ähnlich wie bei mir daheim:-) W.
  12. Yes, that was my plan. I will make a 3d sample picture in the next weeks maybe months, to show how it will look like and to check the type of letters we will use.
  13. If we would going to produce them, historacing will have them again. The cover is a replica of my own Heidegger racecar valvecover, we made the first reproduction for M.M. well known Heidegger Le Mans Replica car which used a 2 valve engine instead of the 16V because of the costs. But I am not interested in producing these parts at the moment. Maybe we make them with only "2002" letters or so, just a fantasy product because most people do not know Heidegger ( Formula2 engine specialist in the seventies and Alpina car importeur to swizerland) . The last few of the covers we produced without any letters. So, customers can machine their own letters in it. W.
  14. whs.de

    WTB: Heidegger valve cover for M10

    Hi, i am sorry my Heidegger replica covers are sold out. If there are enough orders, maybe i will make a second batch of them. Regards Wolfgang
  15. whs.de

    WTB: Petri hub for 2002

    I am sorry, only new covers for the hub......