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  1. ....then the hub is 02. the steereing wheel with 380mm diameter could be both, 02 or CSL. but the hub for CSL is longer. I produce the hub covers. Here a pic to see the different lengths. From left to right 02, E9 and CSL
  2. ...ahh no....the hub is not CSL....anyway check the lenght of the hub cover...
  3. Hi How long is the hub cover and/or the hub? I would say it is a CSL wheel. Regards Wolfgang
  4. Bilstein Upside Down are racecar specific parts. But Alpina and a few others used them also for street cars, but not with unibal. The rear Bilstein Upside Down you can buy new at every dealer (in germany, I do not know in the US). The front shocks you can also buy new at Bilstein Motorsport, but you also need the special strut. In my opinion, repairing Upside Down parts makes only sense if they have 11mm rods and not the old 10,5mm.
  5. different variants of Petri steering wheel hub covers. NEW. I have for all hubs the correct cover. Please ask. Price EURO 70.- /each plus shipping
  6. Alpina A4 inlet manifold. New. Price EURO 450.- plus shipping.
  7. Thanks Mark for my answer :-) There is not much more to say! Except.... a big advantage of this method is, you need not much putty and the danger of cracking is low.
  8. I found only a few pics of my last project installing the extra wide pig cheeks to a fiends car after a crash. I glue the pig cheeks to the chassis with sikaflex 240 or similar stuff and then there are a few steps laminating the cheek to the chassis. I do it this way since years and this is perfect.
  9. My rally car around 20years ago......
  10. Pair of new side window defroster vents for the 3 piece dashboard. 80.- EURO / PAIR plus shipping. New production, new more flexible material, exact structure, perfect fitment, cheaper than first batch. PM if interested, please.
  11. Hi guys, on my racecar I have to use 13" because of the rules. The problem is not the diameter, the problem is the design of the inside of the rim. If you want to use an original chassis (no fender flares) with a 5,5x13 asphalt cutting disc 😉 then maybe you could have a problem. For example, I cannot use my 8x13 ATS without spacer, because the gap between rim and brake caliper is too small, better said there is no gap. Doesn't matter, the car is wide enough. But if you have a car without flares and no Touring (much wider at the rear fenders as the Limo) and you need a little spacer to get enough gap between rim and caliper, you could have a problem. I did a test yesterday for you. But I have only original Alpina 5,5x13 ET18 and no other rims in this size. But the good news, they fit to the caliper without spacer. So if you have such rims, you can use the combination with a non flared Limo. Check your rims inside what you plan to use. And let us talk again. I took also a few pictures, not good quality but had no other chance yesterday. I am sure this will help you for the first step. I am not 100% sure but the Alpina TII Touring shown at BaT has spacers, I bet you cannot use this combination at a Limo without fender flares.
  12. DO you race FIA appendix K? Then these are the right ones. Let me see what I can do.
  13. It was not my plan to sell such brackets, but give me a bit time. And yes you can simply add 914 calipers and disks I use are E30...I have the number somwhere....
  14. Hi Steve, not 914/6 GT but 914/4 calipers and a not vented disk, as shown in homologation pre 71. -W

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