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  1. maxxfish

    Should I Do the IE Air Dam?

    I'm at the same sticking point at my build, but my car has fender flares (Zender I believe), but no bumper. I have the Zender air dam that it came with (which needs work to reuse), but when I look at the car with no bumper or air dam, it just looks so damn cool. Maybe just add a Koogleworks? Opinions?
  2. The passenger door window on my '73 won't go up or down. When I crank it, I see the regulator move up and down, but it doesn't move the glass. I just found this little piece in the bottom of the door, about the diameter of a dime. Is it the issue, and what do I need to do to fix? Thanks in advance, Max
  3. maxxfish

    WTB: Roundie Restomod / M2

    I'm working on refreshing a Chamonix over blue restomod, originally built by the race crew chief at Korman. It has an M10 putting out 160HP at the wheels, upgraded brakes F&R, I'm adding Ground Control coilovers, It's a '73 with turbo flares and air dam, has a newer style nose on it from a previous parking lot incident. LMK if you're interested!
  4. I just bought a '73 '02, and it came with a bunch of paperwork and manuals. Stuck in the manual was a service record book for a tii (mine is not a tii). If your chassis number is 2763480, I have a gift for you!
  5. maxxfish

    FS: '75 2002, highly modified

    Anyone At $3750?
  6. maxxfish

    FS: '75 2002, highly modified

    Last year I bought this '75 2002 from my mechanic. He had just performed a ton of upgrades to it, so I knew it was a good one. But before I could get the '02 finished, I found my dream car (E9 CS Coupe). So now the '02 has to go! Here's a list of mods/work. Anything listed as "new" has less than 10 miles (yes, ten). NEW Kazera KZ-U wheels and NEW BFG Sport tires. Early 5-series four-piston front brake calipers. Tii front spindles, control arms, and vented rotors. Bilstein Sport inserts and shocks. Eibach springs. ST swaybars. Braided brake lines. 320i 5-speed gearbox. 320i LSD. Ireland adapters for the CVs. 320i radiator and fan. Hybrid 318/320/2002 cooling system. Crane electronic ignition. NEW weber 38DGAS. (old carb included) NEW Canon intake manifold. (old intake incuded) NEW plugs, wires, cap, rotor, filters, etc... Valve adjustment. NEW strut caps still in packaging Momo steering wheel. Hemp floormats. Dealer-installed AC. Serious stereo, all hidden, and fulling lined-trunk. Former owner was a profesional car audio installer. This one will blow the doors off of any Donk in the 'hood! It even has tweeters hidden in the rear ashtrays! And check out that trunk and wheelwell! The only thing I've done to it was removal of the bumpers, beltline trim, and exterior shiny trim, which is all included. I'll also include an early front bumper.brackets from a Roundie if you want to lose the big bumper. Now the big question: the body. There is a 1" spot showing at the base of the rear window, and a strip on the front cowl below the bumper (but this will be completely covered/cut off anyway if you use an airdam). The only real rust issue is in the front fenders...BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE...a full-price sale will include a BRAND NEW PAIR of OEM NOS BMW front fenders! All this car needs is a little bit of bodywork, paint, and a pair of front seats, and it's a winner. $4500, located in Richmond, VA
  7. maxxfish

    Group 2 flares: GROUP BUY

    I'm still interested in these too, I just couldn't work out the shipping. Anyone want to try again?
  8. I found an N.O.S. complete front clip that's been loosely mounted to an abandoned early Roundie project car. Will it fit on my '75? I know, absolutely disrespectful, but this already a highy modified car, so no harm done. I just want to make sure before I start tearing things apart on both cars. TIA, Max
  9. maxxfish

    Group 2 flares: GROUP BUY

    OK, it looks like it's going to cost about $800 to have 4 sets shipped, and then we're still looking at getting them from me to you (I'm in Richmond, VA). So $200 per set for the overseas part of the shipping, and I'm guessing another $100 within the US. Still interested?
  10. maxxfish

    Group 2 flares: GROUP BUY

    OK, it looks like it's going to cost about $800 to have 4 sets shipped, and then we're still looking at getting them from me to you (I'm in Richmond, VA). So $200 per set for the overseas part of the shipping, and I'm guessing another $100 within the US. Still interested?
  11. maxxfish

    Group 2 flares: GROUP BUY

    I do quite a bit of shipping with my business, particularly overseas. I can't imagine the shipping cost is going to be much higher if we ordered 5 kits vs. 3. There's just the intitial cost based on the size of the boxes, and the weight is insignificant. I would guess anywhere between $100-150 per order.
  12. After doing quite a bit of research on Group 2 flares, I've decided that I don't want to risk fitment issues with the coupeguy parts, and that Cahsel is just too expensive. So I have contacted MD composites, they are the Belgian company that also makes the Group 2 kit. They would be willing to ship if they got a large enough order. Price for the 4 flares plus airdam is approximately US$225, plus shipping, customs, etc. I would have everything shipped to me in Virginia, then ship the individual kits from there. Just gauging interest...please respond to this thread if you are 100% interested. Some threads with info/pics:,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,302254/highlight,gruppe/,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,315672/highlight,/ And yes, I'm brand spanking new to these forums, but you can do a background check on Bimmerforums under my same screen name, Maxxfish. I'm an active club racer, and have bought and sold many cars and parts in the BMW community. Thanks, Max
  13. maxxfish

    Group 2 flares...paging TobyB!

    IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! I emailed Dan Koturov (Coupeguy) about his Group 2 flares. He gave me the specifics (lead time of 3-6 weeks, pricing, etc). BUT...he also offered to sell the molds (all five, flares plus bumper) for $1000 plus shipping. I'm not in the position to take this on as a project, but maybe Dave P or someone else that's already producing parts could? It would be great for the 2K2 community...anyone want to volunteer? If it doesn't happen, I may put together a Cahsel group buy...LMK if you're interested in that, too (the Euro is is the time!) Max
  14. maxxfish

    WTB: Dual Headlight conversion

    I'm looking for a dual headlight conversion for a '74. Thanks! Max maxxfish at g mail dot com
  15. maxxfish

    Group 2 flares...paging TobyB!

    Anybody have a link to the ebay flares? I'll also try Michael Cahsel.