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  1. Agree with your thought process. It's likely a win-win excursion. Ad didn't even provide VIN for verification of true tii status though. Good luck to the seller.
  2. I really like the second car, 73tii in Friday Harbor. I suspect he/she would have more interest if the ad addressed more of the common buyer interests - engine/interior photos, documented history, etc. Rust would be a concern in the PNW as well. Atlantik is a great color on 2002s. Good luck with your search.
  3. iinca, Engine markings match all other vin tags. Engine received top end rebuild (1400 miles since) and the transmission was replaced with low mile 4spd that shifts buttery smooth through all gears. Believe diff to be original. Underside received all new brake and suspension components. Clock works, but runs a little slow. I try and forget about time when cruising, but I understand cleaning clock innards to be fairly simple and documented here on FAQ.
  4. Recently listed my 73tii on BaT - can be viewed here. Like many of you, BaT has consumed hours upon hours of my free time so I figured I'd give their method a shot as a seller. Family and upcoming work changes are motivating the sale. Previous owner was active on FAQ during his time with the car and I've enjoyed the almost unlimited wealth of knowledge in articles and FAQ discussions. I picked up this 2002tii as an unfinished project and have enjoyed crossing things off the to-do list during my ownership. It currently has under 1500 miles since major refurbishment of almost all mechanical components. Any questions, please fire away and I'll do my best to answer them. Happy motoring. . . . I'll most assuredly be back to join you at some point in the future.
  5. I'd like to say same location, but childish kids driving cars like idiots have gotten the show booted from venues before. This one has been in place first Saturday of the month since March or April. Lookup "Lafayette Cars and Coffee" on Facebook for future details. Happy driving!
  6. Yes, 7-10am. Flatirons Church 355 W South Boulder Rd, Lafayette, Colorado 80026 I'll be there on the early side.
  7. Anyone planning to bring their 02 up for the Sept 2nd C&C in Lafayette? I'm hoping to get up there myself - thought we could try for a contingent.
  8. Sorry I missed this. Didn't check FAQ earlier this week. I enjoyed watching it from above Golden on South Table Mtn.
  9. Bidding @ 92k with time on the clock. Quality and attention to detail pays. . .
  10. Started tii this morning after a month-long period of sitting. While backing out of garage, I noticed a fluid puddle and trail of fluid on driveway. Fuel leaking at union of metal line to rubber line in engine bay near alternator. Tightened hose clamp and leak propagated to other end of rubber line which goes into engine-bay fuel filter. Tightened that fitting and fuel leak moved to other fuel line input to kugelfisher pump. Upon further investigation, fuel lines that previous owner installed are Autozone brand low pressure lines. These lines should be rated for high pressure applications. I've ordered the correct BMW high pressure 8x13mm hose and new fuel line clamps. Car is coming out of major restoration, mostly by previous owner. I've put 1500-2000 miles on it, so I'm surprised this issue didn't spring up earlier. Guess we're still in the "working out the kinks" shakedown period. Moral of story - lines into and out of fuel filter on tii must be rated for high pressure fuel applications. My car has upgraded 5-series fuel pump also. . . possibly compounded issue. Better to notice this in driveway with a cold engine than on the highway at high temp. Crisis averted.
  11. My first car ride was in my dad's 75 2002, when I was 2 days old. That was 1982. I have no plans to put my 2-year old son in my 2002 anytime soon. To me, it's just not worth the risk. Perhaps when he's in a booster, and only if I've installed 3-pt belts in the rear. Even then, secondary roads and not at highway speeds. I've done all I can do to make this car safe for me. Completely new brake system. LED 3rd brake light. My issue is the numerous distracted drivers I see today playing with phones in the car and driving with no appreciation for the laws of physics.
  12. Eric, I've got a prior family commitment - won't be able to make it up tomorrow. Should be a great day for a loop in the canyon. Hope you get a decent turnout and have an enjoyable drive. Next time! - Christian
  13. That's it, but it's a placeholder on Roger's website. Not in stock there or elsewhere.
  14. tii specific heat shield with 4 bolt locations to manifold. thank you.
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