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  1. Hi all, I finally have time to work on my car again and really need some help with my 38/38. I got the redline rebuild kit and the rebuild went fine. I also replaced the float (brass). I thought I had copied CDs jetting recommendations for the 38/38, and ordered and installed jets that would get me into the ballpark, but after reading this entire thread I think the numbers I wrote down all those years ago are incorrect. The issue is that the car runs rich (based on smell and plug color only), otherwise it is great. The old jets were: Main 185 air correction 142 idle 45 The new jets: Main 125 air correction 175 idle 50 The old idle jet on the drivers side seems to be a larger outer diameter so I kept it in. It is still running way rich at idle, and I think it is leaning out (very,very slight stumble) at 3200 RPM at constant speed. As soon as the pedal is pressed the stumble disappears. Problem is that 3200 is freeway speed here. It also has a little less power at WOT, which isn't a concern so long as it isn't getting too lean. The car is plenty quick as is. Any recommendations to get the ilde to lean way out (followed the redline lean idle instructions) and get rid of the stumble greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has converted to injection from the 38/38 I'd like to hear how the two compare. I have a lot of the conversion hardware (intake, fuel rail, throttle body, more 318 stuff) stashed away. That being said, I'd really prefer to keep the carb. Thanks! John
  2. I also had the Sumitomo 205/60/13s on mine. No issues at all. Good luck with yours, they are beautiful.
  3. New wheels are on. Here are the rim stamps to help increase data on these wheels. Two are CMR 70 and the other two look to be JJ 69 and 68. Thanks again for helping me out on these.
  4. Thanks all, this is exactly the info I was in need of. As soon as I get the new wheels on and the Borannis cleaned up, I will put them up for sale. With those new old Pirelli Centurato tires they would be great for someone.
  5. HI all, I've decided to replace my alpina/borrani wheels with Rota r20s. These wheels have been greatly enjoyed but I feel it's time for someone else to enjoy them. I have been swapping back and forth between these wheels and e21 turbines for years now and and I like the brightness of the turbines better against the colorado and I wanted to "upgrade" to a 15 inch wheel. So I bought the rotas and plan to sell the borrani and e21 wheels. Can anyone let me know what a fair price range would be for both the seller and myself for these alpina borrani wheels with center caps? They are in good,but not excellent, shape, and I will post detailed photos when they are in the for sale section. Thanks for any ideas. John
  6. Thanks for the replies. It's the odd line that comes off the end of the bottom of the master. I think it runs to the porportioning valve. I wondered if it is possible to cut and patch, thanks for the tip mlytle.
  7. Hi all, Trying to replace the brake master which has been leaking into the brake booster. Using a flare wrench the first 3 lines came off with no problem, one was tight but still loosened farily easily, seemed like this was going to be an easy job. The line connected to the hex nut (runs to the poportioning valve I think) was/is completely stripped. What are my options here, vice grips, cut the line and run a new one (no idea how difficult/possible this might be), other ideas?? Thanks!
  8. Great thanks, I will check the FLAPS and see what they got, the line on there now is exactly as described, except it's crusty....
  9. Hello all, I'm changing out my MC tomorrow, the lines form the reservoir to the master are nasty and need to be replaced. Is this a special type of line or can I just go into autozone and buy line with a correct ID? Thanks!

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