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  1. Do you have the older style seat belts. I believe they are called the Klippon belts? For front and back seats.
  2. Would you take $60 for the seatbelts?
  3. Are you still interested in the heater valve?  I have one available.

    1. Rich


      Hi jc, well yes I am interested, the one on my car, a 72 is working but a bit sticky so after reading all the threads this past week on the valves I thought I would try and re build one my self, so not a big rush, but what do you have? What condition, what year, and how much? Any pictures please would help, thank you , Richard 

  4. Hi. I would like the a pair of sun visors, windshield washer bottle and black DS arm rest. I live in Perth Amboy, NJ, so I can pick these items up when convenient for you. I can pay you via Paypal.
  5. Please check the post on Craigslist : https://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/cto/d/perth-amboy-beautifully-restored-1973/6787427665.html Please contact me with any additional questions: Jeff Steuber at nine zero eight 216-7041. Thanks.
  6. Still available? I am in NJ. Jeff Steuber
  7. Do you have the signal switch for the directionals which mounts on the right side of the steering wheel?
  8. Do you have a pedal box in somewhat decent condition? I am in NJ.
  9. Here are pics of some parts for sale.
  10. I have a harness kit out of 76 car. It is from NJ.
  11. If you are still looking for the switch, I have one? Do you need six prong or eight prong?
  12. I have the pair available. I don't want to break up the pair.
  13. What are you asking for the pedal box? I am also converting a 1602 to hydraulic braking.
  14. I have a set minus the front hood center piece. From 1 to 10 they are probably 6-7. If that is of interest.
  15. I have a later model rear license plate holder. I have the lights also.

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