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  1. Here is more stuff for sale. 1. Grab handles $30/pair plus shipping 2. Bumper ends $125 plus shipping. They need nothing, no scratches, no dents, no rust 3. Door latches $25 each plus shipping 4. side vent window $35 plus shipping 5. Heater box parts A. Bowden cables $20 each plus shipping B. slide controls $20 each plus shipping C. heater core $25 plus shipping D. wiring harness $20 plus shipping E. 1/2 heater box with wiring and bowden cable for the heater valve $35 plus shipping
  2. Are you still looking for the rear window latches?  I have a pair.  $20/each plus shipping.

  3. How much for the Bosch blue coil and the exhaust system?
  4. JC,  Do you still have this bumper?  I am interested.  BillSmith

    1. jcsteuber1



             Yes.   I still have it. 




  5. Originally purchased from 2002AD. I did not need the rear floor pans for my rebuild. $50 each plus shipping.
  6. All parts listed here are at $20 each plus shipping. I try to keep prices realistic.
  7. I am in Woodbridge, NJ. I am interested in the parts. Please reach out or call me to make arrangements to pick up the parts. 908-216-7041. Thanks. Jeff Steuber
  8. Side lights are $40/pair. Gear shifter is $20. Earlier style knobs $50 for the set.
  9. Here a compilation of parts for your heater box. Some of the bowden cables are new. There is wiring and clips and hardware to put it back together. There is no motor. I purchased a new one from PRDesignsf.com. They have everything else that you may need. Also the bracket for the heater valve is a smart move to buy from them. I rebuilt two units for previous projects that I did. There are boxes plus the assorted parts. Shipping is not included.
  10. i responded to you in the want ad section about

    coming to get the glass. please contact me.


    1. jcsteuber1


      Sorry for the tardiness about my response.  Where are you coming from?

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