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  1. Have one of Lee’s kits (Massive Brakes) for sale for the 2002 uses two cylinders, one for rear and one for front (not included) Better pedal pressure for a delete system $225plus actual shipping Hope this is ok - added a photo from Lee’s site showing the kit mounted to a 2002 brake tower
  2. Mlytle Did not realize, will revise to remove the 2002reference Dennnis
  3. Have the following cast aluminum and steel oil pan set $225 plus actual shipping. pls note scrape on steel pan
  4. Billet rear differential cover designed for 2002 - not cast aluminum. Extra oil capacity. $450 plus actual shipping As noted on this forum Billet Aluminum Differential Cover Group Buy By kinarcy, February 24, 2013
  5. Greyhound is in the $150-$200 range to WI may have to build a plywood box to protect the corners- not sure how gently Greyhound handles stuff so it may increase weight/ some material $ Dennis
  6. Mlytle have not tried on my car, good idea might give it a try. Right now with other commitments that may be a while though. wonder if there would be any interest at $500? still don't want to ship though Dennis
  7. If you still have this - would like to buy it Dennis
  8. Finally got some pictures - noted is a small chip in one corner and "stretch marks" near the logo mount in the gel coat
  9. If you have interest in the hood please PM me with an offer!! Dennis
  10. Have a ceramic coated Ireland shorty Hedder. It has been trial fitted but not run. Appearance - very good, does have about a 1/16" spot where the ceramic was chipped off Will ship.........will need zip to do a UPS shipping estimate Dennis
  11. The man'f is American International Racing This is from their response to me, more accurate weight in a bit the carbon hoods weigh between 18-23 lbs shipping the hood to you would run $170.00 the carbon fibre hoods are in black or white gel coat, NOT CLEAR CARBON! Weighed .......24.0 lbs
  12. Have an unused fiberglass turbo air dam/spoiler Does have very minor gel-coat chip in the upper corner. Accurate mold from the factory air dam Pick-up only, will not ship Dennis Need this gone best offer at/over $125............
  13. Picked up this hood 3 years ago and it has never been mounted - just sitting in my garage, time to let it go. Unpainted, black. This is the hood that takes standard mounting hardware. $800 obo Turbo air dam plus this hood $900 pick-up only, will not ship Dennis pics in the next couple days, one on the bay now for $1300+ (But they do ship 🙁) Need this gone .....best offer at/over $675!!!!!!

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