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  1. Bumper is sold, I’ll respond to your other inquiries Monday.

  2. If you have a rear one I have guy who did the work on the front one. Real reasonable.
  3. New jewelry for your ride! Was gonna install on my car but isn’t going to work with my flairs.$700 OBO
  4. I have 3 out of the 4 knobs that are the small ones with the "icons" in the center . I really like the retro look of them even though there not period correct for my 73'. I have the lighter one, the headlight and the wiper one as well. I need another head lite one for the for the fog lite that I'm replacing the defroster one with . Anybody got one ? ? I have a full set of the 73's but I put in a new dash and it has no script over the knobs and there's no icons on the knobs either. some one help me out if you can THANKS ! CDM
  5. Cluster looks great ! Where did you get the chrome trim rings ? CDM
  6. Brand-new " 0" mile Rebuilt Dog leg C/R 5-speed for sale . Ran out of money to complete project must sell $2000 OBO Will send pic's on request. Thanks, CDM
  7. I need door panels . How much ? Thanks, CDM
  8. Hey Sherman , CDM from Atlanta those recaro seat rails you sent me worked PERFECT! seats are in and look awesome ! I'm looking for a driverside front grill that has the "shallow" headlite surround. All I realy need is the surround to be in good shape because if I have to I can graft it to an existing grill I have . Let Me Know, Jeff
  9. When u say "deep" do you mean the headlite surround?
  10. Am interested in early grill if "drivers side", and if headlight bucket is in good shape. Let me know. Thanks, CDM
  11. Is drivers side grill available ? all I need is the headlite bucket Thanks, CDM
  12. Is the drivers side grill in decent shape and available? let me know Thanks, CDM Sorry I Clicked New topic instead of Reply
  13. I'll buy it if the headlight buckets in good shape. if you still have it let me know, a picture would be helpfull Thanks, CDM
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