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  1. Camshaft sprocket locator pin?
  2. Wow, amazing timing, we just unearthed some old photos cleaning in the garage this weekend. The first two of my 72 tii (my 3rd 02) are at a BMW CCA track day at Lime Rock park, probably in 1976, The one with my wife's R5 LeCar (license plate LeBonz) and my tii (T EYE I) is from December 78 in Redondo Beach, Calif. good times, good times.
  3. If Matt doesn’t take them, I will. -David S.
  4. Thanks so much DC - I appreciate your kindness ... Blunt actually had the full set of them, (Yay BlunTech!)...so I've got it handled.
  5. Can't seem to find these at any of the regular parts dealers- everyone is saying they have to order from Germany 2-3 weeks. Any leads appreciated. Thanks in advance. -David
  6. can we see what picture you want to change?
  7. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY GORGEOUS CAR! Somebody snap this up quickly before he comes to his senses and ups the price 10k. P.S. Mark, can I buy it and make $500 monthly payments for the next 12 years!?!
  8. They are from the earlier style steel wheels. I'm 99.9% sure they will not fit those wheels, they might sit on them, but they won't stay on, the mechanism that holds them on is for a different shape. -David
  9. I'll buy this if, Flunder is not already buying it. Thanks
  10. CSl looks right to me...did you see the picture above of mu current set-up?
  11. Hi Chris, - (I'm guessing you meant this for me and not VintageDavid) Yes, thanks, I know. John Pantel had kindly pointed out to me that I have a CSL Wheel and (4-rib) hub after i bought a standard cover from him and discovered it to be about 12mm too short. Some previous owner of the wheel/hub must have drilled it to accept the 2002 horn spring, so it's been on my car and functioning for a while.
  12. I might be interested in buying one of the CSL covers. Any idea of cost shipped to Los Angeles, CA USA ? thanks!
  13. I'd love to buy the hub cover!!! Please email me [email protected], and tell me how you want to get paid. thanks!!!!!
  14. Note canister/cartridge style oil filter! Those went away in USA in late 68/69, I believe.
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