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  1. @NYNick how do the seals effect how the door closes? Are you experiencing the same issue as others where the URO seals caused the door/window/vent to be misaligned or makes the door hard to close (need to slam shut)?
  2. I have the same seats and to wire it correctly you should run new wires with a relay/fuse. The seat heater pulls a lot of amps and always blew the 10A fuse I originally had it connected to. After rewiring I left the heaters disconnected as I don’t think I’ll ever need them. Let me know if you notice the “off center” feel on long drives. But definitely the adjustable lumbar is great along with all the other adjustments you can do on these to fit like a glove!!
  3. jprocket

    square tail light lens seals

    Ebay has it from URO. Or you can get it from ECS Tuning.
  4. I used the e21 seat adapters. I have the same seats in my 02.
  5. jprocket

    Show me your Blue 2002

    My doveblue 02, paint code L31 from VW
  6. Thanks! It’s actually a single stage VW color - Doveblue (L31) on 50’s buses. It is close to Pastellblau but has a bit more gray.
  7. jprocket

    M20 swap so close to starting

    I converted to using the oil filter only and ditching the cooler by using the same part you found from Turner. Works for now until I can save up for an oil cooler.
  8. When I had my hubs turned, I took them to a shop called The Barnaby Company in Santa Clara. They do motorcycle repair but he has a machine shop. He was able to turn them for me but I suggest you bring the brake rotor so that they can make sure the fit. You may need to have the edges radiused on the hub as there is a radius in the rotor that may prevent you from fitting the hub flush. They get turned pretty close to the wheel studs - just to let you know.
  9. jprocket

    A few M20 electrical questions

    Two connectors near O2 sensor are for ground. I grounded them to one of the strut bolts. The twist connector is the diagnostic port - mine has a cap and I just mounted it in the stock location. For the intake boot, get a new one without that extra port - those boots get cracked over time and can cause air leaks and idle problems. The port on the intake manifold - plug as TobyB says or swap out that cap for one with only one port.
  10. jprocket

    3.91 LSD

  11. jprocket

    3.91 LSD

    Bump for Black Friday - Cyber Monday...
  12. jprocket

    3.91 LSD

  13. jprocket

    3.91 LSD

    LSD with e21 cover, will need new bearings. Bought to rebuild for a project but going another direction. Pick up only.
  14. jprocket

    Gauge of Interest - 5 Lug Conversion

    What would be your solution to a rear hub 5x120 setup and brakes? It would be strange to have 5x120 wheels up front and adapters? for the rear.