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  1. Forza


  2. Are there ANY running 2002's out there "with no rust rot" that are going for $8000? You may want to expand your search radius to include time travel....
  3. How much would you want for a vintage Monte Carlo, and what year was it made? What condition is it in?
  4. I'm looking for a somewhat vintage black finish Momo steering wheel in good condition, such as a 80's or 90's prototipo, Momo Jackie Ickx version, a 5C, or even a Porsche Design Momo. I don't need a hub, as I'm simply dissatisfied with the textured leather on my new Prototipo and prefer the look and smooth feel of the older ones. I don't need a horn button, either, unless the wheel comes with a unique sized one (like the Porsche Design Momo, for instance).
  5. Thanks for the feedback. A 1/8th" punch did the trick. Got the new pads installed, without goo, this morning without issue and no squeaking to be heard. The ca is now a go for this weekend's 2002ers mountain drive!
  6. Tomorrow I'll be putting on a new set of brake pads. Looks like a straightforward enough job, but are there any tips to extracting the two support pins--the ones that hold the cross spring and brake pads in place? Since I'll be replacing the pads anyway, can I use some PBBlaster on the pins to ease their extraction and clean the rest up with brake cleaner before reassembly, or is that a no-no? Also, since I'm putting on some PBR deluxe organics, do I need to add some kind of anti-squeek goo to the pads before mounting them?
  7. Turns out it was a loose exhaust manifold stud. The stud was fixed the other day and my '72 is back on the road. Apocalypse averted!
  8. My other '02, a '72 Tii has a tired engine and will need refreshing, etc. in the future. The car also spewed out a bunch of oil recently, which makes me think the end is near. This may be a bit overkill, but is their any advantage to replacing its nonmatching engine with a totally rebuilt one?
  9. Sounds like a great idea; I'll check that forum periodically to keep in the know.
  10. Looks like you guys had a get together just the other week; now that I know there's a local interest in 02s, I'll try to make it to the next informal gathering.
  11. Yeah, definitely haven't seen any garage queens parading down Pearl Street recently. Nice to know there's at least one pristine example nearby for authority's sake, however.
  12. On the spot, I know I could use a better lower steering column trim piece (i.e., the piece that surrounds the ignition lock) as well as the trapezoidal piece that attaches below it, forming a shelf below the ignition lock. My car doesn't even have one of those. If you have a parts car, or just a bunch of parts lying about, I'm always up for a look as it's hard to remember (or even know) what to get without seeing what's available. It's like shopping when you're hungry....
  13. Thanks for the definitive info; looks like my initial "Euro-style" description was well conceived....
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