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  1. got a carbon fiber one available. will bump the for sale ad.
  2. LOL! great thread! finally couldn't resist opening to see what was going on... of course, the internet is forever. you cannot delete anything from it. there are organizations that back it up constantly. delete something? just go here https://archive.org/web/ and do a search for the day before you thought is was deleted. wanna see that 911 thread on Pelican? no problem! 🤣
  3. North Hollywood speedometer. Search and you will find many threads on this topic.
  4. Unfortunately looks like all new BMW's are getting the giant grill treatment. Spy shots of the new m3 are downright scary. Count me out of any new BMW...
  5. Just reading the title, I was afraid intent was to put x7 grill on 02.....🤣
  6. yup. quick tack weld to keep it from spinning. gotta wonder why it is spinning though. that is a tight press fit that is probably original to the car.
  7. this is the big one. take subframe off and have DS engine mount reinforced.
  8. are you asking about shop rate? DIY rate? there are some special tools needed to do several of those jobs. is the rusty/dirty? (takes longer) have these parts been apart in the last 40 years? (if not, takes longer) there are also "while you are in there" considerations. time to just do the minimal work list or will improvements/cleaning be done to make the car better while in there? that is a solid weekend's worth of work. a day if everything is clean and loose. a week if everything is 40 years old and you want it to look nice.
  9. pics worked the second time COOP! now you are just making me want to get a track bike more...
  10. seemed perfectly normal to me! more than one ducati has been used as art! although, like cars, they look a heck of a lot better on a track....😁
  11. as we know....burning up gas and tires on ANYTHING is fun! every vehicle i own gets track time..they deserve it! i am only in the intermediate track run groups at bike events, but am trying to resist urge to get a dedicated mid-size track bike. it is just too much fun! your 899 looks awesome! the bias ply tires were new michelin pilot activ's. very impressive tire designed for older sport touring bikes. amazingly sticky. tires weren't the limiting factor on track with that bike...peg clearance was. but yeah, sticky tires rock. K1300S is on Dunlop Q3+.
  12. my bikes are not exactly track bikes (heavy sport touring bikes), but i do several track days a year on them. BMW K1300S. old BMW K75S on bias touring tires....
  13. yes, it was a very (LONG) entertaining movie. just have to ignore all the driving scenes as they were horribly unrealistic/inaccurate. for a great watch on what racing in various disciplines "was", check out the documentary series, "BBC: The Racing Collection". i watched it on amazon prime a while ago. really scary what vehicles were capable of, the lack of safety and the guts of the drivers/riders.

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