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  1. I am a big fan of ST bars for street fun use. The design flaw in the IE bars is the end links. It is actually the design flaw in all 2002 bars, but IE could have fixed it with their product. I use modified IE bars front and rear on my track ME.
  2. It is this car https://www.dragzine.com/news/broke-my-wallet-bimmer-blown-sbc-in-a-2002/
  3. there are no wheel bearing tests you can do WITHOUT jacking the car up...... jack it up. brake pads changed recently? or need changing? pads dragging from clogged old brake line? again...jack it up.
  4. I have been following BaT also. And am active in some other collector car forums. Most failed deal closures don't relist. And since bat does not follow up beyond the hammer down, there is no data on the failed rate. Unfortunately bat does not pre-clear bidders beyond a credit card number ... Unlike traditional auction houses. They need to up their game at bat. Credit check bidders and escrow the transactions.
  5. be careful with BaT. just because the buyer automatically pays the commission DOES NOT mean the sale goes through. there are many examples of winning bidders walking away from purchases after auction is over. winning bidders ARE sometimes just fooling around. BaT does not follow up on the sales. they just charge the commission and close the auction. it is a seller/buyer problem to complete the sale.
  6. yup. just bend the DS one down. then just pull the body panel out a touch for more clearance. ez.
  7. That....is scary. Yikes.
  8. it is clearly due to the "Ridiculous Pricing for Parts". supply and demand economics....demand there, supply short. easier to steal the parts than pay the high prices these rare cars are drawing.... 🤑 😎
  9. Hit the links I posted. They both have been offering these options for a long time. "Has been available" Of course it is good to have more players in the market.
  10. What is missing is A LOT more pictures of key concern areas like underside, rockers, shock towers, frame rails, A pillars, subframe mounts under back seat, floor pans, pedal box, etc. Need to fully assess the rust situation before bothering with anything mechanical or declaring good deal.
  11. not sure how long IE has been doing this, but it is far from a new idea/concept. places like Korman and Metric Mechanic have been selling engines like this for decades..... examples http://metricmechanic.com/4-cylinder-m10-engines/ http://www.kormanautoworks.com/2002.htm
  12. curious......why? having driven a lot of miles on race tracks with M10's, S14's, M20's, M50's, S52's, and more...i have never needed additional venting beyond the stock port.
  13. why not use the stock opening in the valve cover for this purpose?
  14. Do you ever REALLY use the windshield washer? It even looks empty. Delete it and use the mount for the breather bottle. That is what I did.
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