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  1. 7 years now. ZERO issues with the seals that come with the blunt kit. Don't make this harder than it needs to be folks. This is a really simple project.
  2. gradual....depending on how busy the gas station is. really busy they will refill tanks more often and the noticeable change could occcur in between one 2002 fillup. if it is a "Corner Gas" type place, transition could take months.. of course, you don't drain your car's tank either, so there will be mixing for a bit there too. speaking of Corner Gas...that comedy show is a great isolation binge watch...:-)
  3. I assumed it was a polite way of saying "off topic".....;-)
  4. Yes. Find the power wire at the headlights and route it to the relays instead.
  5. i was looking at the underground one also...nice piece. but...so far i have 8k miles of serious track abuse with a modified S14 on 2002 diff and halfshafts. zero issues. so my opinion...for a street 2002 with under 250hp....not worth it. it is a really cool piece of kit though. if i ever blow up all the built 02 diffs i have...i am gonna get the underground one. just because.
  6. guys...both those parts serve the EXACT same function. they bolt to the 02 steering shaft (not the hub) and allow you to put an aftermarket steering wheel on the car. and here is a SPARCO version with the accordian cover. not for a 2002, but same idea... https://www.vividracing.com/-p-150723619.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwguzzBRBiEiwAgU0FT9wshc0mI_XYm5Wjekn95ytvKznhn0NYr_cvegojGppU28URiJzWKxoCFYkQAvD_BwE OP - they all work fine. i have used momo, sparco and NRG. no issues with any of them.
  7. halon works by displacing oxygen in an enclosed space. that is why it was so popular in closed spaces on ships, unmanned datacenters, and underhood in race cars. i can't see how a little bottle like that would be of any use whatsoever in an open fire.....
  8. bluehills and #3 got it right. if your goal is to "save the car", the best FE is none. if you have one you will be tempted to use it without training and endanger yourself. race cars have fire systems for one reason...to give the driver a few seconds to get out of the car before it goes up. they ARE NOT there to save the car. that is what insurance is for.....😎 best way to fight a car fire is to prevent it. refresh fuel lines regularly, check hose clamps, make sure electrical connections are done right, etc.
  9. and cut the trans mount tabs for the 4spd off the tunnel. makes things easier, gives more room, and you ain't ever gonna use them again.
  10. angled to the pass side would be odd. normally 5spds end up jammed all the way to the drivers side of the tunnel to get the DS to align properly. but yes, engine mounts should be known to be good, subframe not cracked, and loosen everything up.
  11. 👍👍👍👍 thanks! Yeah, that does not look good....
  12. Just put it on the door skin. The point of the stuff is to damp the vibrations of metal panels.
  13. it ain't as hard as some are making it out to be... at least drain the oil into a pan and shine light in oil to see the sparkling metal shavings....

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