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  1. those are useless. not only do they bend the shock bolt when used as tiedown points, but the emergency vehicle can't get to it when the car is in a gravel trap.
  2. not to mention that any tow hook that protrudes could actually get impaled in the nose of the car that hits you and you both can get taken out of the race. BTDT. best tow points are soft ones like Toby's cable idea or a soft strap. safety doesn't have a "vintage" look. or, if you had a squaretail, you could do the more subtle functional hard tow hook i did. details on page 48 of my build thread.
  3. mlytle

    Carbon Fiber Hood

  4. mlytle

    Carbon Fiber Hood

    bump for east coast CF hood.....vintage is coming soon! $500
  5. mlytle

    Post your E30 BBS

    ah! another enlightened soul! 😀 bmw makes center cap stickers in a bunch of sizes. i got some for my Rota RB wheel caps.
  6. mlytle

    Post your E30 BBS

    spit up my morning coffee reading that! LOL! 🤣🤣 yes..those were not on my car for long. as soon as they needed cleaning i sold them to an E30 guy!
  7. Have you fit that to an m10 in a 2002? Pretty sure the upper pan will not clear the 02 subframe on the left side. Iirc.
  8. mlytle

    mlytle's M2 madness

    After about 5k track miles, gearbox is doing great. Zero issues.
  9. welcome to many decades before the 80's....ITB's originated as one carb throat per cylinder...has anyone ever put dual sidedrafts on a an M10? LOL!
  10. what gets asked every time.. -can this car be made street legal? (usually asked about a tube frame race car...) -can i drive it to xxxxxx (fill in the blank with country on other side of the world) -will it pass california emissions?
  11. mlytle

    Who’s yer daddy??

    Yep. WHEC719.
  12. standard Motive Products part rebranded by Turner Motorsports. EXTREMELY handy!!!
  13. mlytle

    Carbon Fiber Hood FIRE SALE - price reduced

    i know this is an old ad, but just a thought ( I am selling one of these too on the East Coast). did you ever try to mount it to a car? AIR had HORRIBLE quality control back then. It may prevent issues with a buyer later if you can show that the hood actually fits and all the stock mounting points are in the right place, the center catch is correct and holes are tapped for the correct size bolts. 2 out of 3 AIR hoods i got were very wrong. they looked fine until installation was tried. if this one actually fits correctly and is still available, it is a good deal! heck, even if it does not fit, it could still work with a hood pin style installation.
  14. mlytle

    Carbon Fiber Hood

    bump... free delivery to the Vintage in Ashville with payment!