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  1. if you are going to replace battery cables anyway, ditch the battery in the trunk and put a smaller AGM battery under the rear seat.
  2. That is not a cage.... It is a roll bar. Maybe if you told the insurance company what it really was it would make a difference.
  3. Don't use dish soap near a brake fluid system. Contaminates the brake fluid. Just used brake fluid as a lube.
  4. Personally, I would ditch the e21 reservoir and go with 2002 remote. Easier to install, easier to fill.
  5. Seals go in MC first, then reservoir goes into seals. Use no sealant. Just brake fluid.
  6. I just read the rules. Simple.
  7. the rules and explanations are pretty clear. you sound like you have never entered an event before. read the list of what is judged in the bottom right table and enter accordingly. unless you own stock in a Q-tip company, just enter "classic" "clean" and have fun. worry about going further after you have experience the event.
  8. they are on the ofest page...... https://ofest.bmwcca.org/events/main-street-car-show/rules/
  9. tires should be stored in dark sealed garbage bags in a dark temperature controlled space. they should be laying on their sides, not on the tread. the bags seal the tires to minimize off-gassing of the rubber compound. the "dark" minimizes the UV exposure that degrades the rubber. the temp control prevents the compound from freezing or overheating...which also degrades the rubber. mounted or un-mounted makes no difference. if on a car stored, they should be inflated to the max on the sidewall. even better, store the car on jackstands so the tires are off the ground. this prevents a flat spot developing. age? 6-10 years good limit. 10 only if they are cared for by above guidelines. and that time is from the DATE OF MANUFACTURE. NOT the date they were bought. and yes...i have to replace the new looking tires on my E30 M3. still have all the nubs. maybe 500mi on them. the one in the trunk has never been on the ground. BUT the date code on the sides is from the year 2000.....yikes. (car was stored in dark, temp stable garage for last 18 years)
  10. LOL...i am NOT a bilstein guy. just not that impressed, except for my truck... the billy sports for e36 m3 were just crap. heck, even one of the front dampers for my truck exploded after only 10k miles. Koni's rock, and GC's various levels of implementation are great for intended use. I have had 5 complete GC suspension setups on my cars ranging from street/track(e36) to custom(2002/M2) to full race (e30/e36). (not the "weld it yourself stuff") each has been really high quality and had outstanding performance for the designed purpose. plus the team at GC is outstanding and they have done some great custom work for me. customer service is top notch. the "engine mjsic" videos i have posted recently were from my M2 with full custom GC system with DA Koni's up front. i could not be happier with that cars track manners at full tilt. OP - just buy a NEW setup. you won't be sorry.
  11. ok....Ken wants updates...😁 completed all of the above worklist items except the suspension. have a few more things to do on this 39k mile car, but that work is on hold as the M2 track season is in full swing and I gotta prep the E36 M3 for Ofest. current status... and it is now sleeping in the upper bunk bed. i do take it down or a short spin each month.....
  12. +1 one year into retirement....doing nothing but playing with cars and motorcycles....😎
  13. LOL! i should mount a blender on the roof... rock solid at 120 in this car. no real aerodynamic aids. suspension setup is critical. with the 4.44 diff i am usually closer to 130 on the main straight.

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