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  1. four post perfect option for stacking cars. easy to use and they don't need to be bolted to the floor. in fact, they can be moved around as needed.
  2. correct...but if you want the clearance for a real lift in a residential garage, garage doors are changeable. jackshaft openers are required and doors can be rehung. heck, if you are going to be working in your garage, you need to ditch the old, uninsulated garage door anyway for a thicker insulated one. while that is being installed, push the tracks as close to the ceiling as possible and install jackshaft opener. the insulated doors not only make it a warmer/cooler space to work in, but also insulate interior sounds from the neighbors..air tools, grinders, music, loud swearing when the bolt shears off.....you know, the normal shop noises! of note though, jackshaft openers are becoming common in residential builds. quieter, less obtrusive, less visual impact.
  3. As I said, 15 years of no issues with meyle..E30, e36, e46 parts. Including control arms. Heck, the e46 fcab's have lasted over twice as long as the crap original BMW versions. Just my experience.
  4. meyle seemed to have gotten a bad rap many years ago, but i have used a lot of meyle parts in all my bmw's and have never had an issue with any of it. meyle stuff is fine.
  5. yikes! what BIBM5 said. looks like two spacers on front struts...and they were there when someone painted the car. that is adding about an inch to your front ride height. get them out of there! that was a critical piece of information needed in your other thread......
  6. Good to have options! Is the stock Teflon bushing NLA? It actually works really well and does last a long time.
  7. jack point for a lift are the front of the frame rails and the outer ends of the rear subframe. why not just set up the lift alongside your car. put the lift arms where you want them. adjust the location of the lift posts.....then measure the distance you get...
  8. Ain't nothin smoother, or more reliable, than ditching the nubs for a hinge and using a bigger bearing....just saying... Once and done.
  9. Yup. Need the tunnel clearanced on left for clutch cyl. Even with that, every 5spd install I have done/seen the trans is jammed on left side of tunnel.
  10. buy the book "02 restoration guide" by McCartney. read it several times. then go look at your car again and start working. https://www.amazon.com/BMW-02-Restoration-Guide-Guides/dp/1855204517/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=02+restoration+guide&qid=1570467497&sr=8-2
  11. Stating obvious, but drop bar should only be used if it is needed to clear deeper, non-stock oil pan. And then need to be very careful about ground clearance.
  12. extremely happy. the two post lift gets used daily. had them for several years, zero issues with either one of them. my brother just installed a bendpak two post in his shop....so yes, i would buy another!
  13. another bearing option identified halfway down this article.

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