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  1. the current BAT ad specifically says the buyer lost his fee and was banned from BAT.....
  2. ah...the memories of skiing on my "long" 210 Ohlin Mark IIIS's and "short" 200 Ohlin Mark IV Comp mogul skiis. stopped skiing a while ago, but a few years ago drug out the Dynastar 200 mogul skiis and tried a day locally. couldn't ski the bumps...not just because i am old and broken....because the mogul fields were all cut up for the new little bitty skiis. oh well. you couldn't find a 2002 in a ski area parking lot nowadays....would be lost in a sea of massive SUV's.
  3. do not tighten "extra tight". use loctite blue and tighten to spec. overtightening fasteners either damages threads or overstretches the fastener...causing failure. the prescribed TQ spec for them is perfect.
  4. love the poly on track (except for trailing arms). on the street, all the poly makes my car unusable for more than 30min at a time. NVH is really bad. gotta use earplugs. new stock rubber is awesome on the street. plenty stiff for fun, but SO much more liveable NVH level. both of JimG's 02 are done that way and they are wonderful to drive in a sporting manner on the street!
  5. for mostly street use, DO NOT use poly bushings anywhere in the suspension/subframe/diff except the sway bars. use new stock rubber. 22/22 sway bars will be ok for street, just adjust them to maximum SOFT.
  6. you didn't say if it was an open or LS diff......it makes a difference. mobil 1 syn gear oil work for either and is readily available an most parts stores. redline 75w90 for LSD redline NS75w90 for open
  7. use it. on track. as much as possible.
  8. whew! was afraid this off topic thread was in the wrong forum. good save......
  9. the vred sprint classic? the one dave posted the link to? it is NOT a four season tire. it is a summer only, don't drive it in the cold tire. it is also a 220, not 400 UTQG. great option for 02's! because, who drives the cars in the snow anyway and all season tires just suck. read the description, summer only tire. good stuff!
  10. OP - you should double your price and advertise them on R3vlimited.com or S14.net. not kidding.
  11. if i lived in socal, i would have already stopped by to pick these up. would be perfect in my Henna M3.
  12. he said "N20", not "M20"......;-) but there are a bunch of threads talking about "N20". search on "N20" https://www.bmw2002faq.com/search/?q=n20
  13. looking forward to on track video!!!!!
  14. not just crazy money. stupid money. engines are available for a lot less...rebuilt. the real question is will the sale actually go through? the high bidder was new, zero prior bids or history. sham? so many of the BaT auction end with high bidder backing out.
  15. i had a pump in the trunk when i had an M10. never heard it. now i have two pumps in the trunk with S14. never hear them.

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