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  1. mlytle

    2002ti wannabe project begins

    something to do with an extra gear in a transmisson and then a bunch of scope creep...;-)
  2. mlytle

    2002ti wannabe project begins

    yeah! it is running again! and yes, that blue paint is stunning.
  3. you are conflicted. if buying for yourself, then something that affects the value of a car is irrelevant.
  4. mlytle

    No keys

    the two roundies look like the were already parted out. think the riviera one wins the "what car has sunk furthest into the earth" prize. the bottom of that car has to be completely gone with rust.
  5. mlytle

    Temperature gauge problem

    If you swapped gauges and it didn't work, then the issue is in the wire between the cluster and the sensor. Have you done a continuity check on it?
  6. mlytle

    No keys

    whether you take them or not....really look them over closely. look for the rare or odd parts that might be worth something. being outside, the bottom of these cars are most likely completely rusted out and not fixable...but there may be a host of useable parts. guaranttee there are more than $800 worth of parts there if you can get the cars out and have a place to take them apart. takes lots of pics..we are always interested in these finds!
  7. mlytle

    Zigzagging guibo

    looks like it could be poor driveshaft alignment, and yes, that is bad. guibo life will be very short.
  8. mlytle

    WTB: 2002 or 2002 Tii THAT is an original thought.. don't we all...
  9. don't recall saying that... S14 M3 TOB with 245 and JB racing flywheel i don't own any M10's....
  10. and this is what i have in my car. 6-puck version. not very street friendly..
  11. mlytle

    Blunt trunk insulation adhesive

    does amazon not deliver in Canada? 🙂
  12. mlytle

    Rear wheel bearings

    if you compare the real oem parts diagrams side by side, you will see the bearing size is the same. the tii hub is thicker and more robust than the standard 02 part.....and so it costs twice as much.
  13. mlytle

    Blunt trunk insulation adhesive

    when did blunt start selling the squatch pads?
  14. mlytle

    Blunt trunk insulation adhesive

    yup. 77 is just general ahesive use the super 90 stuff. you can get it at any home depot or lowes.
  15. mlytle

    Make a new car look cool?

    more like make a new car look like crap....😲