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  1. cool setup! and interesting findings. DLS Portland is the only place i have got DS's from. E46, E30, and 2002. zero issues. of course the 02 one has been abused the most. 7500 rpm engine and overdrive transmission makes for 8k DS rpm at end of straights in 5th gear.
  2. These lower pans are the ticket if you really, ah.... Use.... Your s14 or m10. Keep in mind that these are LOWER oil pans, not a complete solution. Among other items you also need an S14 upper oil pan and need to modify it.
  3. Lol.."turn key" and "side drafts" used in same sentence!
  4. The last thing you changed was the wheels. Put the old ones back on, or at least rotate the new ones front to back.
  5. your whole list is not needed to daily the car. first, make sure all the normal maint is up to date. in particular safety items like all parts of stock brake system, all the suspension bushings, all the fuel hoses and seat belts. second, add a CHMSL. center high mounted brake light. up at the top of the window where it can be seen and is away from the tail lights. NOT ON THE BUMPER. third, spyder's #4. fourth, just drive it!
  6. that is actually how it is supposed to be done. pumping the gas pedal once causes the pump jet to shoot a tiny bit of gas into the carb. that, turning it over to get the fuel pump working, pulling the choke(if there is one) and pushing gas pedal down a little should start a car.
  7. so if turning the car over with the starter will not pump gas into the carb with a mechanical pump.......sure seems like the best way to prime the carb would be.....get rid of the mechanical pump and use a more effective electric one....no muss, no fuss, no pouring raw gas down the carb throat, no explosions....
  8. What ein and toby said. And lesson #1.... Don't ever pour any fuel down the carb to start a car. That is what the carb jets and fuel pump do for you in a much more controlled manner.
  9. LOL! try this link. info now on page 38. starts halfway down the page or so and continues to bottom.
  10. koni sports are single rebound adjustable only. all of them for normal 02's are. i do have some koni sports that are double adjustable on the front of my 02, but they are not an 02 application and required modification of the struts to operate. strtstrtstrt...lol...worst dampers ever. had them on an e46. just awful. too soft and a couple of them did the "full soft adjustment" and rusted out in very short order. junk. not all koni sports are gas charged. billys are high pressure gas pressurized. koni's for 02's not so much....that is why they are so easy to compress by hand. turn them upside down and work them the gas gets in the valving making it feel like they failed. turn them right side up and cycle a bunch of times the oil returns to the valving and they operate correctly again. just what i have seen...and read.
  11. keep in mind.... the adjustment for these koni's is for REBOUND ONLY. not compression. you can adjust them all you want, but you will not feel any difference when you are COMPRESSING the damper. you will feel a difference when you are trying to extend the damper. konis are not gas charged like billys. you must keep them upright when adjusting, storing or "testing" by hand.
  12. What Dave said, except... You probably have the kind that are not top adjustable. Taking them apart to adjust is a pain. For street only use, set them at soft. For more aggressive street use, put them on the middle of the three settings.
  13. I use a fiberglass blanket under whatever I am welding to keep the sparks off the floor.
  14. i would never put racedeck or any of those tile floors in a shop, unless the floor was just for show. anything you spill goes through to the floor. impossible to clean up without taking the floor apart. i do have some racedeck stuff, but only use it under motorcycles in small sections to prevent center/kick stands from marring the floor. PITA when one of the MC's drips something and have to take a 10ft square section of the racedeck apart to clean it up. not recommended. either seal the bare concrete or lay down a good two part epoxy covering. i have a commercial epoxy on mine. 5 years of hard use so far with no issues. easy to clean up spills and does not chip when you drop stuff. laying down that poly/rubber sheet flooring is a good idea, home depot sells it in 10ft wide rolls so you can do a whole bay in one shot. if it gets dirty just drag it outside and hose it off. if you get the kind with ridges it actually also helps contain fluid spills.
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