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  1. Better than quick Jack for low ceilings is the MaxJax. Several 02'ers have one. https://www.maxjax.com/?SID=2u3gi7kc6jsa0e28urks8pdpn7
  2. +2 Hella looks like itwas factory, works great, 10min install.
  3. The best Jack stands.... https://www.bendpak.com/car-lifts/two-post-lifts/xpr-9s/
  4. everyone so far has missed the boat on THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL FOR MAJOR WORK ON ANY CAR. A TWO POST LIFT. the utility of all other tools pales in comparison to how much easier and more efficient your life will be with a real lift. don't pooh pooh the cost. if you are going to really work on cars it is totally worth it. not kidding. jacks, jackstands and sliding around on your back on the ground really suck.
  5. home depot "Husky" brand. have that one and the longer 3/8s drive version. yours is a bit prettier than mine is...
  6. if it looks like rubber, replace it. there is a LOT of rubber in there.
  7. this. don't bother will bilstiens...just get Koni's..
  8. just get koni sports and don't look back.
  9. that looks more like ceylon than either inka or colorado.....🤣🤣
  10. Meh...incident not a sad day for the FAQ. it is a normal day on Face Plant. move along...nothing to see here....
  11. off topic! wrong forum....or maybe just no topic at all? 🤣😎🤣
  12. interesting way to unbolt the engine. took three bolts off right side of block instead of the one nut on top of engine mount. the limiter is still there on the subframe. assuming you are replacing the right side engine mount also.....
  13. Would help if you identified whether it was a round or squaretail version. Hangers are different.
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