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  1. Why not just use one AGM battery slightly larger than a pc680 and call if done? Actually just one 680 would work.
  2. In case you didn't do this the first time.....Use grinder to get chrome plating off the lock. Get down to bare metal. THEN weld a nut on it.
  3. In case folks wondering about that... That CT plate was in my family for three generations. The letters were my grandmothers initials. Had the FL version on my 75 02.
  4. That is what I believe. The boosters only differ in their shape. Besides, more "boost" does not mean more braking ability. Car ain't gonna stop better/faster.
  5. winter 1978. Norton, Mass. Riviera '73 with snow tires on the back, CB radio and Boston Bruins sticker. i learned how to drive on that car when it was new. in about '79 the car had the roof flattened down when a large ventilation duct fell off a tall building near the Boston Garden and landed on it. mid 80's the car was totaled in Mystic, CT. graced in picture by then GF, now wife.
  6. your list looks good so far! if you use new bolts and nuts and install/tq properly, the flex disk bolts will NEVER back out by themselves. there are no "bolts" on the rubber e21 trans mount. get new lock nuts. the rubber mount may already come with new lock nuts. when the DS is down, that is the time for shift linkage refresh. check the trans shift input seal and trans output seal. replace all the joints and bushings and the shifter cup in the shift linkage mechanism.
  7. This would be assuming THE TIRE ROD WAS NOT INSTALLED BACKWARDS. but who would do that? 🤣🤣 Hard to see the tire move or remember overhand and which way to grab. Before you twist the adjuster, just look at the rod threads. Ez to see if adjuster is going to pull the wheel in or push it out. Twist accordingly.
  8. because a bunch of S14's that get put in 2002's seem to be done to get bragging rights at the cars and coffee's. the engines never get used where they shine...5k - 7.5k rpm. call me an S14 snob...i am a function over form guy which is probably obvious in most all of my nearly 12,000 posts here. why make performance mods if you aren't actually going to make them perform... 🙂 not shaming anyone....got an S14 powered 02? (or any modified 02) use it! put the dang q-tips away and bring it to the track...i get lonely out there. bah, enough wasted ramblings on a saturday morning. gotta go figure out why the Alpha-N on one of the S14's is running rich...track season is opening back up soon! yeeee ha! regards, Lucy (not a respected member of the FAQ apparently🤣)
  9. LOL...you actually have an M2(according to one definition), not a 2002 with an S14 in it....🙂
  10. the speedo issue was a huge red flag on the build. either... a/ they did such little research that they didn't know there is no gear in the trans for the speedo. (not likely if they read the AardVark manual) this leads to "what else have they screwed up that can't be seen?" b/ they knew it needed a gear, but threw the trans in the car anyway, "faked" up the cable and shoved the cluster in the dash, then soft pedaled the issue in the ad comments. this is just plain intentional deception ...pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! why the heck would you install the trans if you KNEW it had to come out and get torn down to install a speedo drive gear????? wonder what the car would have gone for if: -they had just spent a bit extra effort to finish the car correctly -the seller had acknowledged the issues up front and addressed them. the dealer just seemed to try to white-wash (pun intended) everything. ready to go! my shop said all is fine! just a part and the speedo will work! we measured everything and the tires won't rub! even at the end refusing to answer common questions in the auction. it all just smelled bad. i would not buy a car from that dealer.... but heck, they are laughing all the way to the bank now....
  11. meh. $15k engine stuffed into $30k decent normal 02 restoration = $45k and that is right at where the seller had set the reserve........
  12. yes. building a car like that and not driving it HARD is a colossal waste of an S14. actually most all of the S14's that get dropped into 2002's are colossal wastes of S14's...
  13. buyer paid a lot of money to win a local cars and coffee.... and that is before he pays a lot more money to get this project finished/fixed...
  14. Probably because it was not finished and had issues....
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