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  1. Sure it is, if you have the knowledge and/or resources to get it done. When Korman built my motor we were talking and he said, "I'm surprised I didn't get to build more M10 turbo motors. It is the ideal platform for it." The traditionally preferred S14 swap becomes more difficult just sourcing the motor$. I ran the Garrett at about 8-8.5 # boost on a stock turbo spec motor. 6.9 cr, factory pistons, CR. The head needed some mods. K-fisch tuning was a nightmare, and to be avoided, Ray knows how to drive and when in '05 I went down to NC to pick the car up he took me for my first drive in it. As we exited the hwy on a long sweeping ramp, just about sideways at high speed, Ray casually offered, "Jack I don't know about the new M cars but the M E30's an 36's had best stay clear of you in this thing." it came in at 190 hp and in a 2200# car, that is stimulating. Hell of a ride!
  2. Over on the turbo forum is a description of a turbo motor Preyupy built using a Garrett turbocharger. For those looking for a bit more juice it might be worth a thought.
  3. 300? I recall when I went down to Korman's to pick up my car Ray took me for my first ride in it. We were flying down the hwy when he suddenly took an off ramp, never bothering to slow down. The man can drive. I was looking at the road out the drivers window when Ray casually offered, "Jack, I don't know about the new M3's, but the E30 and 36 M3's had better stay clear of you in this thing." 190 hp in a 2200# car is stimulating. 300? I think Pat Allen's car was in that neighborhood.
  4. Einspritz, let me assure you, at 71, I am out of automotive development. I did a 72 and the Turbo. I loved the cars and the community and learned a great deal but At this point will not expend the resources on another so your specs are safe.😉
  5. " I did not run any additional boost (still 0.5bar) but this new turbo spools up so fast we get 5 psi of boost at 2500 rpm. This thing is a rocket ship! It still runs out of breath above 6200 rpm but that is just fine, it pulls like a truck at 2000 rpm!" I visited this post after "Intercooler." In it I ask in there an M10 turbo crate motor would be a commercial success. Preyupy, based upon your experience with the Garrett mod, do you think that could happen. The S14 is kinda the crown jewel of '02 conversions but they do not drive as well as a turbo motor in my experience. Based upon what you say about this motor you built and my experience with mine I think the achievable mod is the M10, efi, IC, turbo motor. What is your view?
  6. This is how the Garrett looked on mine. More photos at Korman's Resto site.
  7. Thanks, Jim, that was fun. I miss the crowd. Einspritz, I will not disagree as to the way this rolled out, but will offer this. the boost ran at about 8# as I recall, otherwise stock specs and components. My specifications to Korman were to "build a solid driver. Nothing fancy, nothing peaky. Build me a long living solid motor." Once the engine was built and dyno'd the lean issue was found. The k-fisch was pulled and sent to Hans to re-profile the cam, which he felt he could do...four unsuccessful times on and off the dyne. Hans then reached out to one of the long since retired original turbo engineers and was told to forget it, that the k-fisch would not be satisfactory. Corky Bell was consulted and the 5th injector was added solving the problem very nicely from a drivability and performance standpoint. Don't worry about harsh;), We are all friends here. You are correct that it was not an "engineered" from soup to nuts project. Every attempt was made to go stock but the kkk being shot and unavailable and everyone we spoke with touting the ease of adding the Garrett, never having dyno'd one. Well, it is why I said you are screwed not by the questions you ask but by those you don't. I am unable to provide the numbers you desire also as the IC was added a year or so after the car left Korman and I did not have the engine pulled and dyno'd then. It was simply re-tuned. This was a very smooth drive and boost came in below 2000rpm. I also did not have the CR 5sp in the car but did add the OD5 and it was a relaxed powerful highway runner, giving up nothing in the curves. Given that the boost came in so low and smoothly all the CR would have done is have me rowing through the gears for no gain. One of the things that Ray offered when I went down to pick up the car was that he never understood why he didn't, over the years, build more M10 turbo motors as it is really an ideal platform for turbocharging. Of course the hot set-up was the S-14, but as they become more and more rare, I think that a well designed and built turbo replacement motor is the answer for all the '02' & E30's out there looking for more power. I will turn the specification question back on you. What does that motor look like? What are the spec's for a good drop in motor for an '02 owner. How would you do it? What would it cost? I believe there is opportunity there.
  8. Also, this was prior to taking the car to Sports Car Restoration for the body, interior and cosmetics. It was a great experience.
  9. i haven't looked at Korman's site in some time, but took a look today and there are a number of photos of my car on the dyne and this of the IC.
  10. Once things are tacked up you could through drill and draw it up. Use a bit of heat to help things along. If jacking it up you might take a 4x4 or so and cut a shoe to conform to the radius of the rail to support it while jacking.
  11. Korman built the motor originally without the IC. It was dyno'ed in the 190 hp range with stock piston, CR, etc specs. It has a Garrett on it. Prior to going with the Garrett Ray and I spoke with folks from the UK, Germany and Holland. Everyone said it was the hot mod for the Turbo and was a drop in. Once on the dyno, the Garrett's issue stood out right away. Going back to all those who suggested it we found that none of them had dyno'ed them. You get in trouble by not asking the right questions;) Notice the 5th injector. The k-fisch couldn't handle the low rpm and was dangerously lean. Corky bell suggested the 5th injector with an HKS Controller. I drove the car to Lime Rock from NC and then home to MA for the summer. There ended up a few oil leaks, etc and I sent the car back to Ray for the winter, asking him to move the battery to the trunk while there. Ray, being an enterprising guy called and said, "You know, with the space we made with the battery move we could put a nice little IC in there. Corky Bell's "Maximum Boost" was all I had to stay sane through this project and I have always remembered his comment. "Many people think and IC is icing on the cake, when in fact it is more cake." I went for it, but we did not dyno the result so I really cannot detail the numbers. I will say I was more comfortable driving the car with it. Could I tell the difference? Not really. It was damned fast anyway. For a driver, which I built it as, I think it an IC a worthwhile project. For the strict factory original guys not so much. There was a write up on the car in 12/09, Bimmer.
  12. Not a great photo of it, but follow the induction piping to the IC where the battery once resided. turbo mtr Golf.TIF
  13. Back in the mid-90's I bought a seat cushion from Oregon Aero. I was a student pilot at the time and the seats in a 40 yr old Cessna are at least as clapped out as those in an '02. I also used the cushion in the '72. It was excellent. That cushion, now 20+ yrs old is in my '08 Tacoma. It is beat, but still does its thing. They are not inexpensive. I just bought a new one for my short 5-2 daughter and it was $200. Yes, you want your seats done to factory spec but in the mean time with this cushion you can have an excellent seating position while you work it out. I highly recommend them.
  14. ...and the firewall/pedal box. If the corrosion on the FP is internal you will be into the firewall. On the '72 I welded in the floor drain plugs. Given that you would only do this mod after replacing the windshield gasket and heater box rebuild you won't need them;) I had an awful time getting my hand with the sheet metal welds. I'm a pipe fitter/welder by trade but taht was all pipeline, powerhouse and refinery work. Heavy pipe and big heat. One thing that helped me was to pound a piece, I used 1 1/2, of copper pipe flat and use it to back up your welds. Takes some of the heat out and both sped up the job and improved the result.
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