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  1. Powdercoating is usually done at about 400 degrees, so no, it will not.
  2. Wow, not only do I want to know what wheels those are, I need to know whats going on with that suspension setup! Looks like that hose runs down to the hub.
  3. 205s fit well on a 7" wheel, and still fit under a non flared car, at least on 14" wheels. I am after performance, not looks.
  4. Is anyone running 245s? Or is 225 pretty much the max for turbo flares?
  5. I find I can usually just hit them out with a deadblow.
  6. I don't know, but what I can tell you is that it is absolutely deafening at 105 mph with the windows down.
  7. Tii's came with both mechanical and vacuum advance distributors. Please adjust your valves and do a compression test for us.
  8. Could also be a jetting issue. I would do a valve adjustment, and a compression test.
  9. KD tools 41910 Its a tool that you place on top of the hat, hit it with a hammer, and it compresses the spring, and magnetically grabs the retainers at the same time. As for getting them back on, you're going to have to use a spring compressor of some sort. Maybe you can compress the spring in a vise, and use metal ties to hold a coil together, then put it back in, and cut the tie.
  10. You'll be rubbing, even at -3. I should add, that is, if you are lowered.
  11. Check for more vacuum leaks, manifold AND booster hose. Sounds like an accel. pump probem though. Also, adjust your float. The richness problem might just be the bowl is overfilling.
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