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  1. What a sweetie! Love that Riviera. It's just right.
  2. Here's my original condition '70 Atlantikblau. Here being judged by Ludwig Willitsch, (middle), President of BMW N.A. and with Bobby Rahal. Bobby lived in Cincinnati and I lived in Louisville. We talked about how we'd suck the muscle cars into the roller coaster hills of Kentucky and leave them behind.
  3. Dead stock on XAS 13"s. I think the car looks best with a little bit of a California rake. file:///Users/tschmidt/Desktop/HHI%20.jpg
  4. APRIL Sunday 26 April : Fuel Fed's Coffee and Classics in Winnetka MAY Saturday-Sunday 2-3 May: New Glarus Hillclimb. Come out and watch. Sunday 3 - Group Drive - Lake Mills Cars and Coffee, Wis. Saturday 16 - Group Event, with Windy City; Car Show at Autobahn in Joliet Sunday 17 Rise and Drive Sunday 31 Fuel Fed's Coffee & Classics, Winnetka JUNE Sunday 21 - Rise & Drive Tuesday 23, Evening Group Drive - Brew City Cruise "German" Night, Mequon, WI Sunday 28 Fuel Fed's Coffee and Classics, Winnetka JULY Group Meeting TBA Sunday 12 Group Drive - 2nd Annual LSD Rise & Drive, Calumet Fisheries Lunch. Sunday 26 Fuel Fed's Coffee and Classics, Winnetka AUGUST Sunday 2 Rise & Drive - To Soldier Field? Tuesday 11 Evening Group Drive - Brew City Cruise BMW Night, Mequon, WI Sunday 30 Fuel Fed's Coffee & Classics, Winnetka September Rise & Drive, TBA Saturday 12, Ben Thongsai's Secret Policemen's Ball, Westchester, IL Sunday 13, Windy City's BMW Vintage Fest, Vernon Hills, IL Sunday 27 Fuel Fed's Coffee & Classics, Winnetka, IL October Group Meeting TBA Sunday 4 Group Drive, Get Your Kicks On Route 66, Joliet to Pontiac to Starved Rock, - Peter Rise & Drive, TBA Sunday 25 - Fuel Fed's Coffee & Classics
  5. Sure, you can paint over a Picasso, if you want. Go ahead. It's yours, right? However, if you think these '02's have intrinsic value because of when, where, why and how they were produced, marketed, driven, and that they have had a far reaching implication for motorsports and BMW and the automobile industry in general...then...I would suggest you leave these cars stock. They're only original once. And they're becoming collectable which is to say their worth rises concomitantly. The majority of the 02s have been modded out. Its the rare car that is now stock.
  6. Eventually, with time and scarcity, the 2002 will be valued for it's intrinsic value as a breakthrough automobile and as the savior of the BMW marque. Until that day comes, (and come it will), people will be hot rodding and modding out 2002's for their personal edification. Those cars will be worth considerably less than original models, except to the one specific buyer who appreciates an idiosyncratically modified car.
  7. January 24th at 9am, the Chicago '02 Group will be holding a tech session at the Werk Shop in Libertyville. Address: 729 East Park Avenue, Libertyville, IL 60048 (847) 295-3200. Learn what the pro's know about your '02. http://www.thewerkshop.com/
  8. Back in the day I did the knee moulding "upgrade" on my '70. This after I had a body shop take out a mass of door dings. The knee-moulding was necessary back then because the doors on the American cars weighed a ton, came off their hinges when opened and were virtually uncontrollable, thereafter.
  9. file:///Users/tschmidt/Desktop/L1006563.JPG
  10. Puh-lease! I've got a 135i which is essentially the 2 Series. I had a Dinan remap of the ECU so it produces around 345 hp. Add some OZ Allegretta's, some Cool Carbon pads and some Michelin SS's and I chase Porsche Carreras all around the track. My 135i is light, fast, responsive, comfortable, and toss able. It's just about the perfect DE car. Like the '02 she's not beautiful, but beauty's only skin deep. It's my favorite drive over my F10 M5, my 997.1 Porsche GT3, but not over my '70 2002. BTW you can get a manual in the new 2-Series, though I prefer the double clutch for the track. Take a Euro delivery and put it on the 'Ring. It's a blast.
  11. Chicago '02 Group, the Rivertown Gearbusters and anyone else who wants to drive an 2002 to Lafayette, Indiana for some pizza an conversation about our beloved 2002's will be welcome on June 7, 2014. We'll up date this when we know more about the time and place. Your Gonzo.
  12. I had a pair of original, 43 year old XAS's on original rims that I used for shows on my very original '02. These tires were hard as nails and after a flat in July, caused by a steel shiv, I replaced the old XAS's with new ones from Coker. Normally, if I'm not set up for a show, I run a set of Kuhmo's on aluminum Mini-lites, but changing the unsprung weight on this car changes it's handling characteristics. This might be good for some, but like I said, this car is original right down to the break in sticker on the windshield. Frankly, I love the way the car handles now with the XAS's and the original rims. This is how I remember the 02 handling...skidding around corners and not mushy like the Kuhmo's.
  13. Gonzo

    Baby Blau

    A few pictures of my all original condition '70 Atlantik.
  14. It was big fun. Here are some pictures of the event. To be honest, the Porsche 356 Registry look like pro's compared to us. Their cars are either super Outlaws or brought back to concours perfection. We '02'ers have a long march ahead of us.
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