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  1. Hello Looking for a rear fog light switch. Screw in type with chrome circle on face. Thank you
  2. I use a V4 sized battery in my 73 tii. Small, readily available (use the auto store discounts coupons as they are a bit pricey), three year warranty, has the B13 tabs which fit in the OEM battery box and use the OEM battery tie down. They're also smaller than 26R, making it much more manageable to work (e.g. oil change, take off air filter nozzle - while battery is in place).
  3. Hello could not seem to find anything in depth about best Sachs kit for a 235/5 mounted to a 73tii. So it’s a 228 as that was in there prior. Tried the recommended Sachs kf138-01 kit and ran to bit of clutch spring rub on the flywheel bolts (yes it was mounted correctly). Any recommendations? thanks
  4. Hello all, For a tii, consider a Mercedes starter battery: its size V4. Why? Fits into the stock battery fittings (foot fittings), small, not too tall (clears air filter) and readily available.
  5. Similar he sent me an email today, telling me he only takes money-gram! This is a photo he sent me of the lid for a ZF steering box.... I smelt a rat in his initial email.
  6. Hello as title indicates, looking for a steering box cover. Do not need anything else, so if you have a fried box would be grateful for the cover. Thank you
  7. Wow, very sorry to read this. Knew his stuff from days in Germany
  8. Nick, Good luck, I dealt with Marty, his son. The acorn does not fall far from the oak. We'll have to catch up in the spring, as I am putting cars away for the winter, actaully still looking for space for one, if you have any leads? Michael
  9. Just sent 4 to be tested, cleaned and serviced to H&R on Long Island (Bohemia). Quick turn around and reasonable, they know Kugelfishcer's.
  10. Perhaps this site can shed light: http://www.elsie.com.ua/eng/mark.html 1 and 2 are in fact Germany and France respectively. The numbers below the country: E1, for example; which is designated for Germany, refers to the specific Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal German Motor Authority) number assigned for this particular approval ( a windshield in the case of this Euro 2002). Or in E2: which is France, I suspect the same French approval documents can be found with the French auto regulator (who I do not know which one in the 1970s that would be).
  11. Relating to the E stickers: The "E" means that the glass has been approved for road use in Europe on European member licensed automobiles by the Economic Committee of Europe (ECE). The number next to the "E" indicates the country which approved the item. The numbers are as follows: 1 - Germany; 2 - France; 3 - Italy; 4 - Netherlands; 5 - Sweden; 6 - Belgium; 7 - Hungary; 8 - Czech Republic; 9 - Spain; 10 - Yugoslavia; 11 - United Kingdom; 12 - Austria; 13 - Luxembourg; 14 - Switzerland; 15 - (vacant); 16 - Norway; 17 - Finland; 18 - Denmark; 19- Romania; 20 - Poland; 21 - Portugal; 22 - Russian Federation;23 - Greece; 24 - (vacant); 25 - (vacant); and 26 - Slovenia.
  12. In an identical quest. Spotted and purchased the IE, alas, the bolt holes did not match the existing euro plate openings, which are spread further apart than the IE bolt pattern.
  13. Please add me to the list and advise as to payment when you are ready.
  14. buckweber, Was there or what was the solution to the tii stumble/ails, as I am in the midst of something similar?
  15. VAC Motorsports 215-462-4666 2501 Snyder Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19145
  16. Ok will take, just let me confirm after photos. Thank you.
  17. Might I ask for a photo of the front and a price please? Ship to 10520 NY. Thank you, michael
  18. Do you have a 8 pin hazard switch?
  19. Don't know what size Braille battery you are using. Perhaps check a V4 battery size, which has the requisite B13 hold down so that the existing battery hold down and existing tangs residing in the tray are accepted. I've used the V4 in my tii and non tii.
  20. Looking for a set of retaining rings. They are the highlighted items in the photo below. Thank you, Michael [email protected]
  21. Thank you Steve. Thought I found them on Rogers TII, but they appear out, after striking out in RealOEM. Will keep looking. Regards, Michael
  22. Thanks John, already thought of that, but was looking for possibility to retro fit something off the shelf: e.g. a Dorman "help" piece or from a Jeep, etc... Any leads would be appreciated.
  23. Thought this one would have been covered somewhere, did not find anything on search though. Looking for black colored retaining rings for US buckets with 7 inch headlights. Anyone have a source or can point me in the correct direction? Regards

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