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  1. Based on the knobs, I'd say the radio would be pre-72. Interesting shape, what was it taken out of?
  2. Might I enquire what your budget would be for such a vehicle? Car is Polaris. And the car in the picture is not the one I am referring to.
  4. Just a small snotty comment as usual but how exactly do we get a vehicle with bastardized provenance such as this when genuine turbos are in the $50-60k range?
  5. Did someone steal the front bumper? Or is this the rare retractable bumper? As always I give extra points for trap mirrors
  6. http://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/cto/5543157171.html
  7. I'm off I-84 exit 19 in Brewster Has it "sold" to some guy after many texts, call, etc at the ask price - including the Recaro's and a one-hour test drive. - 320 turbines - Recasros - Ansa exhaust - Registered and inspected and runs strong no smoke. The car will need floors and rockers and I have a nice powder coated pedal box to throw in. Shock towers solid and car garaged I'm moving, will only have space for one garaged car which in my '72 tii resto so if no one buys this runner I'll consider selling for parts - you can come and take it apart I have an engine crane and engine stand for sa;e as well
  8. Hello Aallatin / Bryan Would like to discuss refurbishment of a set on my '72 tii. My Email is NYCHART@HOTMAIL.com Thanks/BAB
  9. Very useful. I visited their website and it's all Porshay stuff so do you think they stock stuff for the '72 tii or do you have to have an image and send as you did? Need all the stickers including aircleaner and brake booster
  10. Wow are you guys in the PNW missing a steal!! Why I'd give my eyeteeth for that Alpina with the uber-rare pop-up sun/moonroof!
  11. Beautiful car. ((Well, maybe not exactly "bone stock" - should have trapezoidal mirrors in my opinion)) I did the bra thing on my '73 - back in '73 elastic stretchers and vinyl-coated hooks and whatnot. Dust and grit can get underneath and if you drive long enough the bra can abrade the particles into the paint. It also traps moisture overnight so you need to put it on and take it off which is a lot of fuss. Unless you're in the Concours category I'd go along with the 3M and similar.
  12. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/57191-anyone-have-pix-of-an-02-wagon-or-shooting-brake/
  13. If you can, why not fly out, rent a U-haul and make it a transcon trip the two of you? Did that 40+ years ago when my best friend separated from the USAF in California and we drove 5 days across in his 74 Capri with his dog in January. Storms in front, storms behind and we had good weather a unforgettable memories. Good luck with the 1600. BB
  14. Hello. I am looking the following which need to be in top shape for a 1972 tii which is bone stock (the same as when I had my 1st 2002 in '72 ) - Stock 3-spoke 'bus' wheel - no cracks or gouges and a clean center pad - Nice straight grille set with the clear inset in the corner - Black Rear cards and back seat (both panels) with the correct pebbly panels - no rips and ok if needs restuffing - Bonus if you have good front seats as above but not a killer if not. - correct Owners manual for '72 and the plastic slipcase would be cool if not all hazed out Thanks. email : nychart@hotmail dot com Shipping would be to 06062 Plainville CT Thanks
  15. NOT MINE - NO AFFILIATION ...this Owner should be a FAQ'er... (I can look at it for anyone far away) http://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/cto/3987337718.html "Numbers-matching 1972 BMW 2002tii. Silver Exterior, Blue Vinyl Interior. 100K Miles. Period-correct M striping, custom-mounted (through grille) Hella fogs, Ansa resonator & muffler, new Sony CD changer/stereo, Alpine speakers, runs beautifully, great glossy paint, mechanically sorted, trouble free, owned five years (16k miles). Tail panel, shock towers, and service all done in last month. $14,000 OBO. Call 914-629-6789." Year: 1972 Make: BMW Model: 2002 tii
  16. in addition to the above I'd recommend Marvel Mystery oil through the plug holes and plenty of it and hand crank it s l o w l y Drain the fuel tank and purge the lines with the key on.pump on and the hose from the filter (get a a couple of meters of new fuel hose) refill with fresh hi test and cycle the new fuel into a container, then replace the filter and do it again until what you get out is clear and fresh. Check the whole fuel line from tank to filter it's likely no good If the plugs dont want to come loose let them soak over night in some penetrating oil before trying to muscle them out. Inspect the throttle body and check for acorns, nests etc. Stick a vacuum cleaner in there and see if anything comes out. Use some carb/maf cleaner into the throttle body to remove varnish and oil the butterfly and linkage. Belts, hoses, etc etc. It will probably start right up but if it does not run properly I'd yank the injectors and put them in a marvel mystery oil or other penetrating bath because by now the last fuel turned to varnish and you can brush them on the outside with a bronze bristle brush or take them to an injector service to pop them
  17. The hell you say! No power steering? Every BMW is equipped with power steering by Armstrong.
  18. Josh/Bryan I may have a later surplus single barrel downdraft OE carb year (oval throat if I remember) and condition unknown, if you want contact me at nychart at hotmail dot com and maybe send a pic of what you have. Then I will dig it out and send it to you and you pay USPS flat rate postage only.
  19. Well it's in and sounds great. Yes, can be loud on hard acceleration but at cruise nearly as quiet as OE. Found the right pipe attached to a 76 exhaust mani in my parts stash and hooray. While on the lift found out that I had a worn tie rod (center link) and driver's side and both now replaced and steering is nice and tight again. Most happy!
  20. Please include me in the next one. My car will make everyone's look even better !
  21. Hello everone. on an otherwise stock '76 (center exhaust) am replacing the Ansa with a new Ansa system and went out and purchased from (Stuart here in Brewster) a Borsal downpipe when we found the old one had been welded up by the PO. You can see in the picture that the angle is off by several degrees and also the length is about 2 inches short of making a proper connection (disregard some of the length issues here as that was PO welding. The Ansa intermediate pipe has no up angle to mate with the downpipe, therefore the down pipe has to terminate horizontal (ie parallel with the underbody) Any thoughts or ideas welcome.
  22. Yes this happens quite often, actually within minutes of buying the car several years ago I was gassing up at Sunoco and a dude stopped by and did the nostalgic thing. It's a nice, welcome way to meet people. When they say "I used to own one" I always reply, 'Any why not now?'. Like me and the car, mostly graybeards though, except when my son takes it out and meets his pals at car hangouts where it's a big topic with many people asking if it's for sale (yes).
  23. I've driven the stock Solex, and then swapped the twin sidedrafts off my (long ago gone) 1800ti Lots of sucking sounds emanating from under the hood and a great deal more response but the driveablity suffered as did the MPG (this back in '74 with the gas crisis) and then sadly went back to the downdraft. I was out of 2002's for 30 years and then started my little stable and the car you see in the pic came with a 32/36 which I thought was really well dialed in and worked well until it cracked. I was able to buy off the board here a nearly-new 38/38 and that has really made a difference and yes agree completely it is crying for a cam and pistons. My guess is it has shifted the forque curve to the left because it can pull along nearly from idle in 2nd and I can now stay in 3rd where I used to downshift to 2nd. But the junker '74 tii twin (when it runs) has the goddamnest bestmost incredible response I have ever, ever experienced. It just pulls, pulls, and seems to generate power faster and stays with it longer than the carb'd cars ever did. I refuse to part this car out. Good luck with the car and be safe.
  24. Sounds interesting. What pistons and dizzy did you run ? Sounds interesting. What pistons and dizzy did you run ?
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