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  1. Are they still available? I am interested. Rgds/Bryan
  2. Thanks! I'm thinking maybe there might be some material under the seat or somewhere I could try to patch that drivers door. The card looks straight enough. Altamont's 4 hours from me, since I'm retiring and returning Stateside end of Feb I would come up and see them. This is what they would go in:
  3. Seeking 1972 or 1973 only please (a) Nice original front seats black complete with hardware - I can swap for perfect Euro 1973+ black velours in perfect shape or (b) Complete Navy blue interior, seats, both unmolested door cards and rear seat & panels. These would need to be blue with the correct black upper trim over the mylar strips, in good shape, no screw holes or water damage. (c) A decent & complete tool kit (d) Period correct Blaupunkt Frankfurt or Becker Gran Prix Shipping to 02631 Barnstable Ma.
  4. Watch out carefully for the fuel hoses esp the one to the warm up regulator. My $1500 Atlantic City Chamonix was brought back to life (and ran like stink hitting 80 mph indicated in 2nd still pulling) but that hose split and was peeing all over the engine....
  5. As stated above check the VIN's and that is not the original nose with the "snorkle" for a carburetted car. Also: The bulkhead is notched which is a good thing (subject to the VIN's) and the interior dash shot is covering the space occupied by a clock. You want to check the undersides very carefully indeed. If you are serious there may be people here on this forum willing to look at it for or with you. If you have a paint gauge & know how to use it - check all over to check the paint thickness Get the VIN and check it with BMW Classic. They will email you production date, where shipped to and original color. May be worthwhile running car fax or whatever on it as well. For a quick education in prices vs condition you can also check here : https://bringatrailer.com/bmw/2002/ Good luck!
  6. The front chrome bumper way in the back of the 1st pic - with the Amco bar on it - can I get some clear pics (front/ left / right and the back) please and do you know what year?
  7. 1972 Bumpers with overiders ?? Must be clean no dents.
  8. What a nice survivor this is - no snorkel. You know that BMW had paint failures round about 2 years and that many, but certainly not all owners were able to get Hoffman to pick up the costs, maybe this was one of them. GLWS and for the next buyer if you do the work yourself you will have a great car for far less than it will be worth.
  9. Based on the knobs, I'd say the radio would be pre-72. Interesting shape, what was it taken out of?
  10. Might I enquire what your budget would be for such a vehicle? Car is Polaris. And the car in the picture is not the one I am referring to.
  12. Just a small snotty comment as usual but how exactly do we get a vehicle with bastardized provenance such as this when genuine turbos are in the $50-60k range?
  13. Did someone steal the front bumper? Or is this the rare retractable bumper? As always I give extra points for trap mirrors
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