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  1. Don’t use poly engine mounts on a road car. I used them and the vibration transfer to frame and cabin is horrible My biggest regret in an otherwise almost perfect rebuild experience And yes I know they are fairly easy to replace but just got things together 😊 Will redo in fall maybe Randy
  2. Regarding the picture for the “4 door” model, I made a similar mistake. I asked for 2 and did not realize they were being sold in sets of 2 for the price But now I have a gift to pay fwd to a friend Can’t wait to install in coming weeks
  3. Thanks all!! I will review my receipts to see what parts I used.
  4. .....or have I waited too long 😳 Rebuilt motor about 3000 miles ago and had a todo to re-torque the head bolts. I have conflicting notes. One says after 600 miles and other said 5000. Opinions? Should I do it ASAP or wait that extra 2000? Regardless my notes say 1/4 turn to loosen in proper pattern and re-torque with proper pattern Thanks - Randy
  5. Hi I was a newbie and rebuilt mine a bit back Read and reread the Haynes book Study the BMW factory service guide. A wealth of info especially pointing out the special steps PM me and I will send my parts spreadsheet and a set of articles specifically on the step by step of breaking down and rebuilding this motor. These are an absolute must to read Good luck - Randy
  6. Went for spirited drive after adding new skill to my kit. Did a toe alignment using nice Longacre plates. Could have gone to tire shop for same price but wanted the experience I knew toe was out but got a 3/4” number. Wow! But even more surprised that single rotation of sleeve brought it to neutral Road nicely and my new tires I am sure appreciate it 😊
  7. Bibm5 To me, this picture just tells it all! A 2002 in every garage on stands in the fall, leaves blowing all into the garage Love it!!!!
  8. Small thing but finally installed a proper “ceiling” mounted rear view mirror. When got car on road after rebuild just glued cheap mirror to windshield. Fell off in recent hot spell After getting courage to cut headliner I added proper mirror!! Kudos to local pal Brett Cooper (Mr strut bearing 3D print cover) for helping with install!! Now back to my 86 XJ6 project... traitor!! 😂😂 Randy in Raleigh
  9. Made history with my fav t-shirt! Final US tour date for a band I saw in ‘77 and probably the last time they will tour US ever again Amongst the thousands of Queen shirts being worn, mine got several comments walking the show
  10. Looking for rear view mirror in decent shape. The temporary glue-on one just fell off the window driving in this bloody 100 degree heat Thanks - Randy
  11. If still available please let me know.
  12. Friend just ordered Bilsteins from Walloth Nesch last month. Seems US supply is non existent?
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