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  1. Great writeup. Thanks. Just helped a friend remove his entire shock tower assembly since he is replacing shocks and bearings. We spent most of the time on “original” riveted on ball joint 😳 What a bear to get those out. But after trying various things on first rivet we found that drilling straight through from bottom to top of rivet was best. He used a good titanium bit about the size of the bolt... and drill as straight as you can Randy
  2. I found a square “OEM” one on net for about $30 but the pump did not attach to bottom like round one so had to mount to firewall I’d go will others suggestions unless originality is key. PM me if you want me to dig up my source Randy
  3. Raj - this is your mother/conscience speaking.. I hope you have jack stands under you car and not just the brick pile and wobbly scissor jacks !! Also agree, assembly looks very pretty!! Randy
  4. I screenshot it... but willing to pay royalties!! Very cool. Randy
  5. Finally ready to post my "ugly" Toyo's I understand the passion for tire choices but in my mind, there is no "ugly" baby and when it is your baby (my car) I see beauty in whatever I choose, regardless of what might be proper. So without further ado... I think they look pretty decent and they road wonderfully. But maybe since it has been on stands for 4 months, I was just frickin' happy to drive her again!!
  6. Down to my final task. Filled 4 spd with 1 qt MTL and inserted plug. Can’t get torque wrench in there but wrenched until it feels like it is giving a bit too much resistance. Don’t want to crack tranny Looks like about 2/3rd threads inserted. I know the answer is “Check if it leaks” but I’d rather get a “That’s fine” from one of the FAQ brainiacs 😁
  7. Possibly a useful tip. Was trying to torque down copper 12mm exhaust manifold (to head) nuts and even high quality 12 wrench was sloppy. No room for sockets I cut a strip of thin brass sheet I had and placed between wrench and nut. No more slop and I got a decent 30 degree tighten on each Rebuilt motor with 2k break in miles and I found most hose clamps and nuts accepted a little snugging up 😊 Had a little exhaust blowby on lower portion of ex mani so hope the snuggin be buggin’. Yo! Happy Mem Day weekend. Lots of our men and women in service in shithole places on this earth when some certainly would rather be turning wrenches at home!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Randy
  8. Update. Tranny plug finally relinquished and was able to drain. Also looking fwd to new hex head plugs vs old hex hole plugs Also I did let drip, drip, drip instead of trying to heat up. Got here a week later and surprised that the drip content is not insignificant Small amount is diff and larger amount is oil pan
  9. Product called Vinylex (blue bottle) is great for cleaning and conditioning rubber/vinyl bits.. I wipe down all my “black” items twice a year to keep nice Refurbing shafts? Are you popping can lids and regreasing CV joints??? Randy
  10. Hah hah! You were exercising and I just sat down to a beer. You are more righteous! My educated guess is that the grommets in the isolator block give the pump a little movement. They certainly align the pump since the block holes are bigger as I recall Without them I suspect the pump might be a bit off center and might cause issues with the plunger... but I am just makin’ shit up now 😁
  11. Each hole in insulator block has a bushing. Less than $2 each to replace
  12. I have binders full of notes and printed doc and also an old laptop with a BMW directory and subdirectories for categories, like carb, head, exhaust, etc. Each time I found a good link or doc or FAQ post I would capture it into its directory. Crude but a wealth of info after 10 years I also started a Shutterfly account 10 years ago with “monthly” directories and I squirrelled away each months work pix there Very amateur resto but for a look: www.rwwbmw2002.shutterfly.com Have fun - Randy
  13. Good job!! But hah... wait till you have to get those bastards back on. Even worse! A friend with extra hands to push, pull and wiggle things is a plus I also just did two cars and found not all hangars are made equal. Some were sooooo stiff I tossed them back on my parts pile and ordered genuine BMW. Seemed to be more pliable Randy
  14. Nothing glamorous... but conquered the 3 fluids! Drained diff, tranny and oil... letting them drip over the weekend Tranny was biggest fear. When I put project back together last year I (stupidly!?) used blue sealant on threads thinking to prevent leaks. Worked but a bitch to unscrew! So I bought two new plugs, bolt head type to replace concave hex head style, and was wondering if any anti leak measures are needed? Maybe teflon tape like plumbing or just leave ‘em alone and torque to spec Thanks - Randy
  15. Tell us about the rad and water pump. Original? 😂😂 Randy
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