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  1. Al, I think we are going to switch to a different aftermarket EFI vendor. I am still an SDS fan, but Le has a different brand he is more accustomed to using and that he has dyno support for ... AEM maybe? there are so many details that I've forgotten or have changed since this project has been idle for like 4 years!
  2. It's at Le Tran's shop in L.A. It will have alpina flares... but body work couldn't continue until the motor was finished because we need to fit the engine to see how far back it can go and how the getrag 265 will fit before making the custom motor and trans mounts. The engine was holding everything up. Ideally I didn't want to cut up the nose supports but push the motor back to run a real puller fan and custom radiator... now that the turbo will hang off the front who knows if this will accomplish anything! I guess we will see...
  3. Good to know you are making it through too Ed. I love that some of my parts trickled down to your Manila via Jordan... and I'm blessed to be able to turn the hard work over to Le as I don't have the time or energy to be anything other than the idea man and major pain in his ass right now!
  4. Wait till you see how long my mullet is getting don!
  5. I just dug up and updated by project blog from the Archives section, but for all you young whipper snappers who wouldn't be caught dead looking in the archives I want to tease some motor pics here and link back to the blog section: We are doing a unique mounting plate on the front of the motor to sit it way back on the frame rails. I also get off on the idea of building a 300+ hp Turbo M10 instead of the usual swaps for horsepower! Here are some teaser shots with more details on page 6 of the blog...
  6. I'll try to keep this short and sweet, and reintroduce where this project is headed... I guess it has been about 4 years since updating, and during that time the car has been parked at 02GarageWerks in California under the care of Le. When I contacted him several years ago, I wanted to rebuild my turbo motor from the bottom up and reengineer the whole package to achieve a reliable weekend car that I could also drive to Brisbane, MidAm02 Fest, or the Vintage without breaking down. Le was totally on board with the vision I had for the car, and the visionary for the engine work was Paul Burke of Imagineering. Unfortunately, my luck (bad luck) persisted, as shortly after contracting for a new soup to nuts motor with Paul, he suffered a heart attack and was forced to close his shop. Still intending to finish the project, Paul was plagued by health problems and with many personal challenges in my own life like moving twice in 3 years, things kept getting pushed to the back burner. I attended MidAmerica02fest in 2017 with the idea that Paul would deliver the motor to the event... well, no show and no motor. I was at a point where I was ready to just be done with the project, let Le scrap the car or sell it off for parts and walk away... While this was all happening, I was distracted by a move to Des Moines, and a move back to Wichita to take care of my ill father and grandmother. Unfortunately we lost my dad last August and my Grandmother (the rock of the family) just last month. Also adding insult to injury, we found out that our office manager of 30+ years has been embezzling from us for probably the whole time... lots of reasons why we should have caught on but she was GOOD at it... and luckily a marriage that somehow keeps surviving (15 years as of May 25th!) Fed up, tired, frustrated I got in touch with Mr. Burke ready to just pick up any and all parts complete or not and see if there was anything salvageable... Turns out Paul had been working hard to get as much accomplished as his health would allow. Today I drove from Wichita to KC and picked up a probably 80% complete motor! All the internals are finished: M10 block, S14 EVO crank, 90mm bore giving something like 2314cc. Compression at something like 9.0 to 1 with Paul's pistons, Carillo rods, Paul's camshaft, IE rockers. The motor also has some serious headwork by Mr. Burke... He told me today it flows better than an S14 head! The front of the engine uses an elephant ear type mounting plate, and you can see a photo of how the press fit bushings will sit right down over the frame rails on both sides, allowing us to push the motor back as far as desired. It's designed so that tabs can be welded directly to the frame rail and a bolt used to mount through the bushing. The motor plate also houses a cut out for the oil filter boss, and the turbocharger. This fixes one of the biggest problems I had with my prior motor eating turbo manifolds due to stress/vibration/thermal expansion and who knows what other bits of bad luck... The turbo will mount at the front horizontally. The exhaust can hopefully dump straight down and out the back under the custom header that will mount from the exhaust flange to the back of the mounting plate. It's a cool setup that will either work like a dream or become a pita... who knows? Still waiting on Paul to finish the head; there's a pic of it before it gets those hand cut "windows" into the aluminum like on the front cover. We will still have to figure out what to do for an intake manifold (open to suggestions) and find a spot to mount an electric driven remote water pump... one port is on the driver side by where the starter will sit and the other will go in the front cover. I want to tuck and hide as much wiring and vacuum lines as possible so that the motor looks like some crazy modular F1 motor stuck in a little old 2002... For the first time in literally years, I have a renewed sense of excitement about actually seeing a project through to completion the way I imagine it in my mind. Good thing I have Le on board as the main Mad Scientist in Charge! I'll keep things updated as they progress, I have lots of small details I want to incorporate to achieve the overall look of the car I see in my head... stay tuned! ...It was a long day, and I'm tired and ready to crash so I'm sure there is still a ton to talk about. Let me know if you have questions and I'll ask the guys who really know! ...and to the 2002 with the VIN 2374222: thanks for the transplant... per Mr. Burke this setup should rev to 7,500 rpm and make over 350 hp on 1 bar of boost!
  7. Well, it’s been an interesting few years and now more than ever I regret selling the 911, but a minor update coming tonight. I wanted to resurrect this old thread to bump it to the top, and I’ll give you the details of the saga soon... ...with pics of course!
  8. I should start by saying that my 02 has been awaiting a full resto and engine rebuild for the past 3+ years so let this be a cautionary tale of sorts with regard to getting in over your head on the resto mod goal... But I have owned my car for 10 years and started with a stock M10. I added a 5 speed, reliable ignition system, suspension and wheels and really enjoyed the car for a few years. I have driven and ridden in several higher horsepower modified 02s including Ray_ 's S14 stroker (big grin...). One of the things that attracted me to the 2002 was its underdog status. It was the giant killer and marketed by BMW as such at the time... I have always wondered why the Porsche 911 guys (think R-Gruppe) have the German hot rod thing going and the 2002 had lagged behind. My goal was to keep the M10, after all, BMW used these blocks to form the foundation of their insane 1000+ hp Formula 1 race cars. I like that heritage and history and link to something that takes the pedestrian to the insane... ...So I added EFI and a more modern turbo to my 02. My initial installation ran about 7-8psi on a stock M10 and made about 115 rwhp on the dyno. I drove it that way off and on for about 3 years fixing a constant stream of failures that kept snowballing. A well sorted and engineered turbo M10 it turns out isn't as easy as just bolting the parts on and turning the key. In the end I was running 15 psi of boost and making about 200 hp in my estimation (didn't get new dyno numbers). I loved the performance and feel that it suited the car and its history. In an effort to get to that R-Gruppe level, I took the car off the road to undertake a turbo specific M10 build that would incorporate some special touches that I thought could get the car to a place that I could do a full resto and consider it a "finished project". It had always felt like a modded 02 and not a finished car in that regard. A series of bad luck and life changes has stalled things, but are looking somewhat better now... I'm hoping to have the engine work done in the next few months and then off to finish the restoration on body and paint. I want to see this project finished... and even sold my '78 911 to fund the project (... in retrospect that may have been an idiotic move). I want to get the vision I have in my head to completion. I want my 2002 to look like it came from the brain of some mad scientist who works in a little shack in rural germany and showed up at the big car show to blow everyone's mind... I want it to reinterpret the idea of german hot rod and yet look like a completed project and not a turbo thrown on a motor. ...That said, after 3 years without a car I'd love to have a stock one to be driving again but I don't regret trying to push this car toward something a little different. Why should the Porsche guys have all the fun?! I have a recurring dream of a chance encounter with Magnus Walker on the early morning streets of LA in my 02 and blowing his doors off! ...Sorry, VERY long rant that probably doesn't help you at all other than to say that I get where you are coming from. Do what makes you happy and fits your vision. I think Ray K has a point, the modded car and the near stock are both enjoyable in different ways... An S14 hot rod and more stock car to tickle both fancies! Just don't tell Ray I think he is right!
  9. Can you post a pic of the underside for reference? I bought some louvered panels to graft into my hood. I like how you kept the front of the louvers angled in a similar line to the angle of the front of the hood... Now if I can only get the engine finished I might actually have my car finished sometime before I'm too old to drive!
  10. Just a suggestion, but I would make an inventory of the Porsche parts and make an introductory post describing the situation on pelican parts Porsche forum. Then you can get an idea of their value to the Porsche community and get both a fair deal for you and for the Porsche guys... I'm an ER doc, and I see bad shit happen to good people every day. Let me be the first to say that given your recent tragedy, I'm glad to witness some of the balance being restored to offset your run of bad luck! Best wishes on what I hope funds your BMW resurrection! ...and I'll wait patiently for my commission after the Pelican Parts sell off! ...I think someone is trying to tell you your next 02 should have an S14 in it!
  11. Sounds like you have a good handle on what you want and lucky for you are in the right place! California is heaven for sure for plentiful 2002s... I like your plan of attack too... Good luck on the hunt and keep us posted on how things go! I doubt I'll see that 02 in Iowa but I think you'll find the 2002 community to be one of the great selling points of 2002 ownership! Have you let some of the big/reputable SoCal shops like la jolla independent and 2002 garage Werks know what you are looking for? I suggest calling Le Tran at 2002 Garage Werks... If he can't find what you want he can certainly build it! ( full disclosure my car is in his shop now... )
  12. Welcome Mark! I guess I'm unsure exactly what you are looking for?... Are you looking you find and buy this exact car or build something similar? Where are you located? I'll give you some thoughts and observations that are based on my opinion... and that isn't probably worth much. These are just MY opinion and in no way am I wanting to offend you or anyone else... You mention your Porsche and that it is kept all original... I'm guessing you are looking for a 2002 that would be more of a fun driver since this one is far from stock? Overall I think it certainly looks well done... Wheels look like BBS RS copies... maybe it is just the photos. I would want real multi piece BBS wheels for my premium dollar. Beltline trim delete Dogleg 5 speed is a rare piece and desirable Metric Mechanic - I'll let you google and search the FAQ on your own, but my opinion is that I wouldn't spend my money with MM. They used to have a good reputation, but I think quality has declined and I never bought into the whole "surface turbulence" theory. Seats are Recaros look nice. I don't like the gold decal on the side... but without it the car is black on black. A little to dark for my taste. I'd rather see no gold decals and instead recover the recaro seats with houndstooth inserts. Beltline trim delete... not my taste but I think sometimes it can work. Nice and not over the top stereo install. Again, let us know what you are looking for. I think there are plenty of shops that could replicate that car or use it as inspiration to build your own. Granted, if you were starting from scratch you would probably spend more but more info is needed! Welcome!
  13. Lebowski


    NOW I know the reason you are such a proponent of EFI systems on your cars Jim!
  14. If your budget will allow for fabrication of custom seats your backside will be much happier... I HATED the way my E21 recaros pinched and lacked lumbar support... I had custom seats made by classiccarseats.com and couldn't be happier. The owner Stefan can tell you which models will allow them to be widened by a couple of inches which makes a world of difference. See post #12 in the following link to see my pics... http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/69009-anyone-running-seats-from-gts-classics/?hl=seats
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