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  1. Looking good, I'm doing something similar on mine, what did you use for the spot welds, they look good. I used plug welds, but they are a bit of a pain to grind back down.
  2. Hey mate, good luck with the project, Kmac seems them and other bushes, suspension parts for our 02s. Check k-mac.com.au
  3. Hi Tim, as a fellow Aussie, can you tell me are you using the standard rhd master cylinder? Thanks, Richard
  4. More info on booster removal please!!! Glad to hear some good work going on
  5. Firstly hello poolnoodle, welcome, I am in Sydney. I have got most of my parts from OS as they generally seem to be cheaper (including freight) and they have what i need, there are not many aftermarket parts in OZ, I do have King springs though. Just ensure you keep the cost including freight below $1000, otherwise you will have to pay GST and any import duty... As for linkages to master cylinders, there are none. The brake and clutch cylinders are attached to the pedal box, the boosters are remotely located.
  6. Hi in my experience you cannot do this, as the spline on the flanges are different and they are not interchangeable. I am going to have the 320 flanges re-drilled to suit the 2002 CV joints. HTH
  7. Hi, I'm in the process of restoring my trailing arms, sandblasting then with POR15, and was planning on boxing them in for strength, just wondering then what is the best way to ensure they don't rust, as i won't then be able to POR the inside once they are boxed, and if i POR first i think the POR will burn off in some area when i weld. Thanks
  8. Looking Good, What's the go with the strut bar? Is it from an E21 320? Thanks for the pics of the rear brake light, will look great when finished.
  9. Great looking resto. It's really coming together nicely, the interior is going to look sweet. Can you post a pic of the rear of the car, I'd like to see the brake light you've got mounted centre behind the rear window.
  10. I thought you needed a puller to remove the hub, cause it is supposed to be on real tight.... Sounds to me you have some worn parts there, so i would thoroughly inspect everything, and would replace the bearings anyway while you have it apart, as they are probably ancient anyway!!
  11. Hey Nick, Do you know what master cylinder they use with this setup, being in OZ i already have the remote booster, and want to remove them, but need to ensure the brakes will still work...
  12. They are an awesome sound I even love how they cough and splutter in the cold mornings. I just wonder how you are keeping fuel supplied to them with the mechanical fuel pump????? I had to replace mine with an efi one...
  13. I haven't seen a forum as such, but there is various BMW clubs across Australia, most of these trade parts etc. Check out the NSW BMW car club on a google search, they have a parts for sale, including a 2002 section. HTH.
  14. Have you adjusted it? Mine had some major play too, went away when i adjusted the box. You may also need to replace the steering column to box coupling, these deteriate with age, but are a bugger to remove I have found.
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